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  1. Give the Man a break, he's been dealt with enough ****e already. I'm sure any parent would have done the same given the situation, just because this Guy is a public figure, doesn't give people the right to poke their nose into his life. Seems like there is a lot of incorrect reports being given to the Media. Do what you feel best under the current guidance that is issued, if you choose to go out meeting people, hugging and kissing everyone you see, that's your choice, but as long as you know you could be infecting yourself or others and you have to live with that. I had been furloughed and only go shopping when I need to, usually once a week, or even longer if I can help it. Since the first ease of lockdown I've met up with 1 person at a time from a distance 4 times. I've been out for a few walks on my own and out with the Parents and Dog a fair few times. Also, if Social Media and online news articles did not exist, I'm pretty sure the world today would be a much different place, people won't be too quick to judge, jumping to conclusions about what others may/may not have done. The need to self moderate is non existent between most users online and once someone says something, everyone else picks up on it and it just loses control. That said, for the same reasons, Social Media can be a bloody good resource, it's a shame it's used inappropriately. Tom. EDITED PS, Yes I did re read edit, self moderate and all that nonsense and now have second thoughts, what's the bloody point in posted this, no one important is going to see it, it's just another pointless opinion being aired.
  2. Bleeding heck! You don't have to have a degree in mechanical engineering to see that the main arm on that ride isn't going to last long. Just surprised it lasted as long as it did. Tom.
  3. Long story, but I've not been to a park for years...yes, I know. Anyway, I think it's an utter p1ss take that parks think it's acceptable to charge for parking, it's not as if the car parks are close enough to town centres to be used by randomers going to town shopping. Blackpool is different because it's part of the town and parking is limited anyway, but why should you have to pay to park your car in the middle of a forest, especially when they're asking £56 to get into the place. Tom.
  4. So the reason why children are starving in Africa is because the parents have children they cannot afford to feed. The reason they cannot afford to feed them could be because they did not plan to have the child in the first place (lack of education maybe..?) In this country if a girl who cannot afford to feed and look after themself, let alone a child, was to get pregnant and continue to have the child, they would eventually get help with looking after the child financially. If all of this support was suddenly taken away, then eventually we would have a situation like Africa where children starve. To make you think. But back on topic. I am not religious in the slightest. Religion causes arguments which can turn into war. I can't see the point in believing in something that has not been proven to exist. In this World and this country there are enough rules to abide by without living life by even more restrictions. Tom.
  5. I've always been on a Friday at varying times. Mornings/early afternoon it is really quiet, you can sit on a ride for a few mins while they wait for other riders to send it off, sometimes they send it off right away. Last year they sent just me and a friend on Top Spin, this was later afternoon/early evening. You get good length ride cycles whatever you're on. In the evenings from say 7-9 is packed, you expect to queue quite a while for some rides, but again you still get the same good length ride cycles. Yes it is expensive, from what I remember, most bigger rides start at £6/7. Overall I'd say yes it is not cheap but it's a great atmosphere, there's lots going on and the rides and the cycles they operate provide good value. Tom. Edit: If you've never experience the big German fun houses and that, then give them a go, they're good fun.
  6. I was looking forward to this meet, it was going to be my first one but it falls on the same day as my works xmas do...Again! I am probably gunna end up going to London on the Friday 16th instead, but have a good one people and if anyone is interested in a mini crimbo meet on a different date I'll try and do that one instead. Tom.
  7. So I properly started vaping just before Xmas. I bought a couple smaller devices to test the "smoke" output for a model experiment and soon found out that I needed something a little bigger so got a rta and hooked it up to a 65w box mod, I did experiment with vaping myself, but thought it was just a waste of time. The model smoke experiments continued and worked pretty well and produced the effect I was after, but since I have given up on it. Fast forward to Xmas and I bought myself a cheap rda to go on top of my box mod and have been hooked since. To make a point, I've never smoked (Other than 2 cigars) and only Vape as I like the taste, feel and action of doing so, only problem now though is I like it too much.* I broke the rda glass so bought a sub ohm tank and it makes Vaping on my nigh on hour long commute in the car so much more enjoyable and easier. (Don't drip and drive people!) Until late January I never vaped in Public, as had an image that some vapers are attention seeking, now I don't give two hoots what people think, I enjoy it and I can afford to spend money on juice and gear, but I try not to exhale in front of people and what not, or vape in enclosed spaces. Now I am currently vaping at around 40 watts and 0.2ohm, mixture of flavours. Now the "Rant" part of my message. *So I went to a local vape store that I bought my 2nd box mod from and asked what Nicotine free juice they do, "This this this this and this". 'Okay, what's this?' "Have a try if you want?" In a tank running at 70 watts it tasted amazing and instantly gave me a bloody good but kinda weird feeling. So I bought a bottle. Later in the car I was vaping a fair bit and felt the same euphoric feeling, a few days later I worked out he sold me 11mg strength juice and my friend 18mg (I've not been back to the store since). Problem is now I think I'm getting addicted to the flavour/nicotine, it's bloody lush and I enjoy the "High". The bottle has almost run out and I'm not sure what to do...I know I should not buy another but it's a tasty flavour and I like the feeling. The guy is a bar steward for selling it to me though, knowing I asked for Nicotine free. Tom.
  8. Bloody hell, wasn't expecting that at all (Didn't read the comment), bloody surprising and thankful that he survived, but how/why did he just step out in front of it?
  9. I think it's a Northener thing, "Three year ago I were sitt'n in this 'ere big tree" kinda thing, like you know.
  10. Strong Whisky is good, I used to just hold it in that area of my mouth, it can hurt like hell straight away, burns a bit, but keep it in there as it does wear off and to me feels like it numbs the pain, at least for a while anyway.
  11. *Thread Resurrection* Bring back the arena! Seriously redeveloping the Arena site with a new show played more often maybe up to 4 times a day would be great and overall in comparison to building a coaster a lot cheaper; with the added bonus that it doesn't cost as much to redo it again to form a different show. I'm thinking something along the lines of Universals Waterworld or Disneys Indiana Jones, big action shows. Costs involved of a show would be diesel, petrol, kerosene maybe and electric, bit of maintenance, along with wages and the developing of the show. Compared to cost of a big flat ride or coaster possibly many millions and then more electric, much higher maintenance, staff wages and the fact to change the whole ride experience would cost a lot more than a show. I think when the costs are stacked side by side over a few years you'll get more for your money with an arena show, that with a high capacity could eat queues at certain times of the day. Just an idea, Tom.
  12. Read some of the Space Mountain ones, hardly accidents are they! Me and my Dad were on the water ride Niagra at Mirabilandia (Same style as Tidal Wave), only buggers with our arms up, boat slowed down in the water much faster than other water rides, both got winded and when we got home Dad turned out to have bruised ribs. Accident? No just stupid for not following the pictured/written instructions to hold on. Tom.
  13. Sounds fun! Keeping driving related, I've wanted to drive trucks for years so early this year I had a medical, got my provisional license, passed my multi choice theory test with 97/100, the CPC case studies 47/50 and my hazard perception 2nd time round with 77/100, not so good that one. Then I just couldn't save up for the training until a few weeks back, last week I did the training and passed my Cat C (Rigid) test with 5 minors. So I can now drive any rigid vehicle going, but until I do my CPC demonstration test I can't do it for a living. Back 6 months ago I thought I'd never be at the stage I am now, so pretty happy. Tom. And great idea for a thread too pluk.
  14. UnderItAll


    I like Banksy's work, would love to be able to come up with some of his ideas and do them places but not keen on getting done for graffiti/criminal damage. I did this last year in chalk, didn't quite have the right colours but you kinda get the idea, inset is the mock up I used to base it on, the rings are too big as well and overlapped but I'm not an artist and it looks pretty good anyway: I also did another one about a week later, can still see the other underneath which isn't great then the triangles aren't quite straight, the eye in the centre one is supposed to be the Illuminati all seeing eye and the text in the yellow triangle is supposed to be Zion in the London 2012 font, didn't quite go well, it was dark too which didn't help but it was fun. Thanks, Tom.
  15. Probably not.. Anyway Drayton Manor have done great considering they're not owned by a company with millions of pounds at their disposal and only have around £11m company net worth compared to £100's million net worth for a company like Merlin.
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