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    If they change the trains, maybe they could sell them to people like us, I could make quite a cool chair out of one of them carts.
  2. According to Wikipedia: "Disneyland Paris encompasses 4,800 acres" HTH Tom.
  3. I agree with the above comments but surely when you read the following: ...It will make you think, "Oh un-alerted Spoiler coming up I'll stop reading now"?? Tom.
  4. Heard about this on the radio:
  5. Not sure if you've seen this: http://hungeree.com/design/animal-buddy-usb-hubs/ "As the concept creator, please go to http://www.officechums.com and leave your details we will be launching the pig version in the coming months glad you like it!"
  6. Monster Energy, the standard one then 2nd would be Pepsi, drink a fair bit of both.
  7. Funny that, Tussauds/Merlin like worlds first and other records aye.
  8. I used to be a big Theme Park fan but just haven't been bothered to go to any really, Thorpe was about 4years ago, Alton twice in pat couple years but this is my opinion. 1: Air (Yes I did vote for it): It's fairly smooth and a unique experience, I enjoy it and the harness is comfy. 2: Oblivion: The drop is great nuff said. 3: Nemesis Inferno: Less harsh than Nemesis, that's all. 4: Nemesis: I easily get a headache on coasters nowadays and Nemesis is worse for that because it's not so smooth. 5: Swarm: Not ridden it simple as. Tom.
  9. I've only been a few times, and all were with the ECC on their Trip, it's a great weekend, really lovely park. I was on Bounce once and it broke down, that was...Interesting, kind of like an emergency stop procedure, it's a great ride though, much better than any other Tower, other than Power Tower 2. It would be nice for the Park to add more attractions but I'm not sure I'd make the long drive back down there again just for the day, although I'd toyed with the idea because of Vertigo, absolutely love it and on a side note, if I could afford it & had enough space I'd buy the one at Blackpool they want rid of. Tom.
  10. That Duck is so cute, thanks. To keep to the thread here's a really cool looking chair I want, it called the Gravity Balans.
  11. I've said this a few times on here before, it's the same as a Zamperla Windshear or a KMG Discovery. Tom.
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    Aha thanks. I did start reading a couple threads and one guy had a strong opinion which I can relate to. It wont happen here though, you're a great bunch. Tom. EDIT: Found the Announcement viewable on the site.
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    I'm thinking about signing up just so I can read the: "important announcement from the TowersTimes team" Care to share what's gone on for us at the back? Tom.
  14. I see where you're coming from but when sat in and the seats rotated to your right then it'll be the same sort of seating position as a KMG XLR8...Would it not? Tom.
  15. UnderItAll


    I know someone who's going soon and I did some research on it, £139. http://www.zedevents.co.uk/the-mall/ Tom.
  16. Thanks, for the past couple days I've been wondering what the date June 22nd means to me, couldn't find it anywhere, but just remembered it's when the Tower is due to open(ahead of schedule) http://news.dorsetforyou.com/2012blog/2012/05/weymouth-sea-life-tower-opening-june-22/ I shall pay a visit some time as I only live over Portland. Tom.
  17. French Air Traffic Control (Strike action 2/3 April) Cancelled flight, stuck in a part of Spain I didn't want to stay in and lost out on two days pay.
  18. No, but a Zamperla Windshear instead, like I've said before. Tom.
  19. Just a quick opinion/theory, I've not ridden it and don't intend on going any time soon.In the past few years we've seen a massive increase of the use of the internet and social networking sights to promote new things, maybe it got over promoted and hyped up and people just expect too much from it because of this?It'll probably be the same for other new rides/attractions from now on, over hyped, expect too much of s standard ride. Although The Swarm is quite opposite to this from what I've read it's great.Tom.
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    What is that "k", a weird kind of font?
  21. I'm not an expert, but maybe it's to discharge the gas to the sides and create more of a ball of flame, rather than a vertical discharge.Tom.
  22. UnderItAll


    Did you see that BBC Documentary ages ago, it was repeated too, called something like "The box that changed the world"?Was really good, you'd probably love it!Tom.
  23. Good luck!I really wanted to work at TP when I was 16/17 and went along to one of their recruitment days after filling out an online app, sat down for a lil chat with one of the guys there. My plan was to live in a Caravan at a nearby site, but it wasn't to be :(5/6 years on I now look through this thread and think I'd like to work there again but I wouldn't be able to run my car and rent somewhere, ah well life goes on.Tom.
  24. Oh god I feel rather stupid now!I was going to say, "Am I supposed to recognise the grey haired guy with the beard and glasses, not the KFC dude but the one sat down"Thanks.
  25. That is quite Random, but what's the reason behind taking that pic, is the guy famous?Tom.
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