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  1. What will the new map be like? Obviously SAW: The Ride will be on it... ect....ect.If you get a hold of one, post it here!
  2. Online Ticket Prices at WWW.THORPEPARK.COM: Adult: £24.00 Child: £16.00 Family of 4: £72.00 Family of 5: £88.00 Senior: £20.00 Disabled / Helper: £16.00 Child under 1 metre: FREE On-the-day Ticket Prices:Adult : £35.00Child : £21.00Family of 4: £92.00Family of 5: £115.00Senior: £24.00Disabled / Helper: £20.00Child under 1 metre: FREE
  3. barley142007


    Ok, so ALTON AND THORPE are all owned by Merlin, but hasn't anyone noticed that stealth at THORPE PARK (a launching coaster) and then Rita: Queen of Speed came along (a launching coaster) or the other way around.MERLIN should seperate - have something original for both parks. But no sealife is in ALTON TOWERS hopefully there wont be on in THORPE PARK.Isnt it a bit of copycat?
  4. I love the sound that rush does.......and the sound of Tidal Wave when it goes down the track (thudding noise)
  5. Hopefully, TP will give Colossus a paint.GET THE THEMING SORTED!And improve vistor "excitment"Put more thrilling rides in.....and stuff like that!
  6. As TPM has said THORPE PARK has closed and removed Miss Hippos Fungle Safari.So what do you think is going to be there?Another Ride?Eating Area?I reckon THORPE PARK should put something like the tower of terror (paris) or something like the men and black ride.;)
  7. barley142007


    I love X! I think they should change the track or make the acual pyramid more atmospheric! lighting ect
  8. many people have said that THORPE PARK should put something else in - instead of lapbars, as many people dont go on it as they dont feel secure!
  9. I think the whole "amity" tidal wave theme is awsome - however ever since stealth has been there THORPE PARK have taken the effects out like the fire from the ball. They should put it back in to increase customer experience. tidal wave is awsome!
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