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  1. I know too much about this.The other end of Monk's walk starts under the M3 bridge. Out of the park gates, turn right and keep going. Just before the bridge over the motorway on the left is a footpath with a sign. Follow it down and under the bridge, and keep going. You'll go through some overgrown wasteland, over a couple more bridges over the lake, and end up by the CCR shed. Keep following and you'll come out where shown above. Turn right again there and you can go full circle round the park.
  2. Ha, I'm not furiouspanda, but he forgot to log himself out of my computer last time he was round. :DStealth was open today, for a very short amount of time.It opened about 3, and by 4 was shut down again for the rest of the day.It opened, and managed a few trips round with people on it before rolling back. Then it was launched again around a half hour later, but before it had even got up to full capacity it had broken again.Staff got it working again, for a couple of half train fulls of people, before it broke AGAIN!Finally, when trying to lauch it for a test it experienced a failed launch, and upon seeing this we knew it wouldn't be back up for a lonnnggg time! The ride host actually said it was experiencing a "NUMBER" of technical difficulties!We left the queue having wasted a fair old bit of time.Lets be honest, it's reliability is utterly appalling! You can go to Thorpe Park and say "I bet stealth wont be working for most the day" and be pretty safe with that bet. I know its a complicated ride and what-not, but wasn't the reason why Thorpe decided not to have Thrill Chill to make sure everything was up and running properly come the main season? Have been there 3 times this season and didn't even see it working the first two, and still didn't manage more than a few trains today!So to those who are wondering whether it'll be up tomorrow, I honestly doubt it, but you might get lucky in the afternoon.A very lazy John Smith, who can't be bothered to log out, and log back in as me again. :DDoes that suggest me and my friend are quite sad, that we actually come on the forums whilst round each others' house?
  3. There's always a little part of me that gets a kick from helping someone undo their belt on Nemesis, or knowing from a glance how long a queue is. I have found I have to conciously keep track of myself when others are talking about the park - otherwise I'm likely to butt in with the ACTUAL speed of stealth, or the correct name for an inversion. People tend to think I'm a little weird otherwise. So yeah, I would say I'm a little obsessed, but there's always a little quiver of joy, which can't be a bad thing!
  4. Was digging around in my photo archives and found this that I quite like. Took it on the CCR.Any news on removing that jolt yet? (Apologies in advance if it's been posted somewhere else).
  5. You have a pic of the smiley Rush valves!! Legend! :D

  6. Was open all day today, bar about an hour of torrential rain. Oh, and it was e-stopped because some morons tried to jump the fence into the top hat area to get (what appeared to be) a phone.And the smoke works again!
  7. For every branch of the old oak tree that fell, a member of the Earl's family would DIE...
  8. The thing I noticed about Hex is that it's one of the very few rides that actually smells like it's supposed to. The octagon room smells of castle, and the bit behind the bookcase smells of secret passage, unlike a lot of other indoor rides that smell mostly of vomit. I presume that this is because it's actually in the castle, rather than a mock up, but it's still pretty cool that it's lasted.
  9. furiouspanda


    Your move.Also, when did they remove the score from the official ride photos?
  10. At £4 a fastrack (I think?) that's 17,250 riders through fastrack alone. Thats a LOT of people.
  11. If it was possibly to stop once rollbacks once and for all, they would have done this from the start and not bought a huge number of moving brake fins.
  12. On the one hand, that is an awesome idea - it must have taken a bit of forward planning - knowing about the UV lighting inside, buying the pen etc etc.Then they ruined it by writing naughty words. .
  13. You know the best bit of the Rush extended queue? These happy levers. Always smiling away, without a care in the world...
  14. It is not far at all!! A couple of miles at the most! And the walk takes you past some awesome stuff, like Subway, a park, the Hungry Horse, the amazing burger van at car craft, the dead fox, AND you get some good views of the park from the motorway bridge. What's not to love?! It certainly beats a packed bus any day.
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