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  1. Ah thanks a lot, and cheers
  2. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I haven't been on here in a very very long time. Does anyone happen to have the full plaza theme music for saw the ride? Thanks
  3. VEry good, and yes I am! I have been twice already!

  4. sorry for late reply, I do lurve new tpm, are u going fn's??

  5. HEY! dont you jsut LURVE the new tpm ;)

  6. I don't really see the point in this, have people lost the way of talking and saying hello my name is ____. We need badges to tell people our names. I had to do that in nursery.
  7. exactly! most people prefer my hair straight to curly, I rarely get the occasional snigger when I tell people I straighten my hair but I basically tell them to f**k off. I dont see whats wrong in it, also curly hair annoys me alot so I straighten it basically every day.
  8. I dont like stretch skinny jeans, I tried bright purple stretch skinny jeans on as a laugh and I personally thought they looked really bad. This is slightly off topic but does anyone here straighten their hair? cos it seems to be quite rare for boys to do it.
  9. usyally on days I wear some skinny jeans or slim jeans, converses, maybe a retro print top or chequered top or something like that. My fave shop is topman but also like river island, h&m, new look men, next, fred perry etc.
  10. Calum


    I now hate you.
  11. Calum


    Jake C do you support West Ham??
  12. Calum


    Take Me To The Hospital - The ProdigyBlood Sugar - PendulumPretty Visitors - Arctic MonkeysCrying Lightning - Arctic MonkeysTeenagers - MCR
  13. Calum


    And Yet Another
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