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  1. Just saw it on E4+1 again! This is a super amazing advert! The song just works so, so, well!
  2. Well, I think I may be the first to see it (who has posted) on here! Don't know where this 10.20pm Channel 4 thing has come from, but it has JUST been on Sky 1 (9.20). I actually came on here to say how AMAZING it is! The usual of people looking up, people running, shadows of the swarm everywhere. People on bikes cycling away from it. Camera panning in-between wrecks of buildings and some awesome shots of the ride! All the time the YMAS song playing, and it works really, really well!
  3. Maybe I am being blind, but I still can't see a helicopter!? haha! Anyone care to point it out a bit more?! haha!
  4. Hate to say it, but I doubt they will. I mean, it would be great for you if they did, but I honestly don't think they will, for the main reason... cost.
  5. Okay, not that it is directly related to this topic, what happened to the member Ricky? He was on here all the time, and now he has just disappeared!
  6. Harry.D.C

    SAW: Alive

    Thats awful! I hope he reported that to guest services! Something really should be done about that, that is something that the park really needs to be made aware of!I for one, if that happened to me, would be making sure that something got done about it. I mean that borderlines on harassment, maybe I'm over reacting, but I'm sure the press would love this!
  7. Heya everyone, I will be getting my annual pass next year, as I am getting a car in January. They journeys are a pain in the ass on the train, so I will be going enough to justify a pass. My question is does anyone know if Thorpe are running the BOGOF this year. I know they did last year, just before and over the closed season, and was wondering if they are this year, maybe it is an annual thing over the closed season?Thanks for anyones replies!
  8. Harry.D.C

    Lady GaGa

    Yea, there were adverts. TBH there seemed to be a hell of a lot of them as well!
  9. Yes you can buy it there and use it the same day. I wouldn't say there is any real advantage from buying it online. Have fun with it! hahaha
  10. Hello! Planning a trip at the moment for the 27th of May (Friday)Was just wondering what the park should be like. Also, are the schools broken up by then? I know is gloucestershire they are still in on that date, just wondering about a bit closer to London!Thanks for any replies!
  11. Same question as above, but this Saturday (September 25th) Thanks!
  12. In June, I had my best ride ever on it, twas amazing!
  13. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, but if you are going with someone who is not going to be riding any rides, you may want to conciser an ultimate fastrack? £60 for unlimited fastrack all day. That Is what I would do if I was in your shoes, granted that you have the money that is...
  14. Saw did have single rider, but it was removed.
  15. I don't personaly go to Chessington, I am more of a Thorpe boy, but I saw this voucher and thought it would come in handy for someone 2 for 1 and 25% off in the park, sounds good too me :huh:http://www.moneysupermarket.com/vouchers/deals/2-for-1-entry-and-25-off-inside-/53883/
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