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  1. wow, lots of people continue to have the wrong opinion about this ride. some of you just can't stop hating a ride designed by a gay man, hmm wonder why? sucks that the demon isn't around hope they bring him back
  2. haters and losers continue to dump on this ride but refuse to acknowledge the cold hard fact that it’s done more for the anti fracking movement than any green party politician living or dead
  3. Haven't made much in the way of proper progress recently, I've been pretty stuck on the steampunk area and yesterday I decided to completely rework the area. I redid the facade of the Spinning Coasters building, I think it looks far more cohesive that it did before, I much prefer it. I also made a Baron 1898 inspired theming element that doubles as support for the lift hill, I built it using the Intamin Giga Coaster track and a variety of different scenery objects, I'm really pleased with how its turned out. I also redid the Spinning Coaster's layout and removed the restaur
  4. rise of the demon is so so good, I loved the original but rise is just such an improvement, the politicians were a laugh as well, even if they killed the mood a little..
  5. hey guys, been working on my park a bunch over the last few weeks, a lot of that time was spent deciding which direction to take the park in. I spent around a week making a new area with a wing coaster and I ended up scrapping it and going waaaaaay back to what I had prior. on my second try I feel like I made something pretty good, so this is the new area I've been working on; it's a steampunk themed area, it contains a screaming swing, spinning coaster, a carousel (none of these rides have names) and my first restaurant (I'm not too proud of the interior so I wont be posting
  6. booted up planet coaster today with the intention of just messing around with a roller coaster that interacts with a rapids ride, ended up wasting my entire day pretty much starting a new park and half finishing the first area. this area is themed to germany, an the big rollercoaster that runs through the area is going to have a horror theme when it's finished. I really like the idea of mixing horror elements into an area that isn't entirely horror themed (basically just transylvania at chessington). the roller coaster - specter - is inspired by mack mega coasters
  7. Cornflakes

    Dank Memes

    this is the worst topic on the forum.
  8. it had a crap name and logo, now it has a different crap name and logo, nothing of value was lost and nothing of value was gained.
  9. I've only just read this topic today and I'm genuinely amazed to see even some appreciation for post 2005 Bubbleworks, even if you didn't go on the original its easy to see that it's just soulless, corporate crap. How anyone can feel like they have any sort of emotional connection to the ride in it's post 2005 state is beyond me, thank god it's finally gone.
  10. Got 2 rides on Ghost Train yesterday, each time I'm going on it I'm enjoying it more, however that 2nd VR section is still bollocks. Operations towards the end of the day were incredibly poor, our group was held up in the area between the pre show and the ride for about 10 minutes, and by the time we got in the train so many people were put in in one go that the operators struggled to find everyone a seat, it was a bit of a mess. One old guy attempted to sit on the floor as a form of protest but the operators were having none of it as there was definitely a free seat so
  11. at least it means I dont have to look at the awful logo for skin snatchers anymore.
  12. well golly gee I'm sure glad I got on this attraction before its close
  13. if thorpe produce something thats as good as trick or treat wood then they're onto a winner
  14. Interesting that they seem to be suggesting it'll be open next week, they must have some confidence in that if they're putting it on the website.
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