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  1. James

    2020 Season

    Not good at all; certainly not a nice thing for everyone to have to witness the aftermath so publically either. I'm sure I'm not the only questioning the effectiveness of Thorpe's security this evening, I can't say I've ever thought their searching was particularly stringent but its not for us to speculate on the circumstances. Wishing whoever's been injured a full and speedy recovery.
  2. Would be nice if they could do something with its down time to make it a ride actually worth its existence but alas.
  3. What are they meant to be playing? I just assumed it was anything goes these days!
  4. We the children are in control, we promise not to play with mind and soul. Our souls belong to our haunted past and with us you will learn promises never last. I think? The mind and soul bit might be wrong. Campaign to have it reinstated? Ohh yus!
  5. Stealth sounded better than I've heard it in years, it was the first time I've been since they fixed the pitch! There were still some dead speakers around the queue line but that wasn't a massive issue. Saying that I nearly died when I saw the queue line TV's actually working?!
  6. James

    Strong wind

    It's a shame Colossus was closed for most of the day, it's what I was hoping to get on the most really. (I'm not mad, I just haven't been on it for years!) My experience with the bad weather guarantee wasn't great unfortunately. We only became aware of this by chance when I was scrolling through Twitter on the way out. I was fully prepared to be told no (I'm a MAP holder) but we thought we'd try anyway so off we went to the ticket portacabin in the car park. We were told no as expected but in a not so expected manner - "well people who have paid to come in have had their day ruined
  7. Today was my first visit to Thorpe since the IMA Score audio was introduced. I have to say, having heard it on the CD I'm actually quite disappointed with how it sounded at the park. A lot of the equipment around the park sounded worse for wear but whether or not that's faulty amplifiers or cabling rather than phsyical speakers I don't know. The quality and coverage is all over the place. The Nemesis Inferno station track (which I hadn't heard until today) sounded absolutely fantastic and that was what I was most impressed with. What has happened to all the sound syste
  8. I can't help but feel like the CD is a bit of a con / rip-off then. Doesn't particularly fill me with hope for if they ever get round to an Alton Towers CD then seeing as most of their tracks appear to be somewhere between 30 and 70 minutes long.
  9. I've seen on Facebook and Twitter today that people who pre-ordered the IMA CD have received them now. What do people think of it? Is it worth buying? (Asking as someone who's yet to actually hear the tracks on park!)
  10. Have you got a link? I can't see it.
  11. Very pleased to see Stealth is now flying the American flag rather than a Union Jack. Only small detail but nice to see it back the way it should be!
  12. What was the point in Stealth having 3 trains if they're running it 1 when there's a problem with one?
  13. Ah yes, the Beetlejuice theme. I'm sure it was like that most of last season too but I'm rather keen on it so no complaints!
  14. It was playing on Saturday though it was significantly quieter than last year, and was continually being interrupted by the standard Merlin procedure of 'make inaudible live announcements with the microphone in your mouth instead of the perfectly good pre-recorded ones'
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