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  1. Well, just got back - sadly didn't get to interviews - the people that did deserved it completely! I'm going to wait until next year until I think about applying again, don't want to become a thorn in the side.
  2. Thanks so much, that has helped massively! I understand the competition is tough and even though I'll give it my all and would love to work there, I won't be too gutted if I don't get it - this will be my first ever job assessment/interview and going to the centre is itself going to be a fantastic experience - many thanks once again!
  3. Hello there. I applied for my first job last week, a Guest Experience Assistant Weekend role at SEA LIFE. Was very pleased to receive an email today saying I've been invited to the assessment centre. Does anyone have any idea what sort of things they will ask in the interview? I'm pretty confident with the team working exercises, just not too sure how to prepare for the interview as it'll be the first I've ever had. Any help people could give would be greatly appriciated.
  4. Lordcutter6


    Some nast individuals are being pure racist,.. There were a mere 40 muslims out of london muslim population of 607000+ who burned the poppy yesterday, and now they all have to come under attack? It makes me sick reading these groups on facebook about us burning muslims for what they done - IT IS RACISM!
  5. Absoloutely terrible this year, yobs and gangs all on the streets throwing fireworks in every direction, including into the road where cars were driving by. My safer neighbourhood team was in a van patrolling up and down the street where I was standing, but I still felt threatened especially as they through a huge bang firework onto the pavement when the police were up the road stopping some youths. There were at least 3 gangs, at one point about 20 of em ran onto the bus without paying - what can the driver do!? In my opinion fireworks should be banned period for Halloween/Bonfire night, and don't get me started, that's going to be even worse! I've never felt so scared in my own area - just this afternoon my nearby newsagent was robbed by armed men. Halloween should just screw off back to America!
  6. With me and my mates, we prefer non really skinny girls so I wouldn't worry if your not as skinny as your friend, you've got an advantage
  7. I want to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. Why? Because I love the wonders of the medicine/surgery, the skeletal system (yes I'm weird) and hands on work. Not only that, but come on, what's better then replacing for example someone's hip/knee so that they can walk again, or fixing the shattered bones of a trauma patient after they've been in a car crash and allowing them live? Nothing in my opinion
  8. I just found out one of my mate's mum put their hamster in the garage to die when it got ill and wouldn't take their cat to the vet when it got an eye infection and now it's blind - sick bitch, and I thought she was nice
  9. You cannot for one second excuse Raoul and Derrick's actions since they were refused "help". Raoul hated the police for locking him up, when after what he did he completely deserved. Shooting his girlfriend and vowing to kill police just because for doing their jobs and attempting to stop crime is un acceptable. As with Derrick, he said he had bank problems and was scared he couldn't pay it back. Yeah, lots of people now days have bank problems with the recession etc, does that mean they have the right to go around shooting 37 people, killing 12 of them including a mother who was walking back from her shopping trip and will never see her children again? It's the way he did it as well, calling some over to the car acting all normal and then shooting at point blank range - can it really all be blamed on mental health?
  10. Granted, but you'll hit planes as Thorpe have taken away the heigh limit I wish I could get out of going to hospital for these last 2 weeks
  11. I have ALL the symptoms of Bowel Obstruction, but what does my Dad say when I tell him we should go to A&E? "The doctors have already said you are constipated and you have to give the medicine (laxatives) time to work" .... Right, if I was having just some stomach cramps, I would accept that, but when chest pain, neasea, vomiting and severe pain all around in my abdomen that doesn't let me sleep, I'm thinking this is something bigger. I received an email from a 22 year registered nurse who told me I should get to A&E straight away, but no, as long as my dad thinks I'm fine... FFS!
  12. Scan today showed no cysts/kidney stones, and yet the pain goes on. Pain killers aren't helping and now my heart and stomach hurt on top of the kidney pains - ever since the antibiotics it's gotten worse. Off to bloody hospital again in a minute ;s FML
  13. So, it seems the bladder infection I had is resistant to more than 8 different types of antibiotics (after taking useless antibiotics for the last week). The stupid Doctor who I first saw prescribed some random AB and couldn't care less, then see A&E doctor when passed blood who gave me penicillin. So while I think it's getting better, a few days later I start feeling pains in my back and found out yesterday that the infection has risen up to my kidneys. I've spent the last 2 days in hospital having needles put inside me and medicine pumped into my body. It took the doctor 3 tries to vind the right vein to put the tube in for IV treatment, no painkillers/icespray whatsoever. So much is hell - painkillers arn't working for kidney/arm pain, IV needle came out so had painful process today of having it put back in and a blood test (which included them using the way of *****ing 5 of my fingers to squeeze out blood, then to find that they wouldn't get enough and having to use a needle). Grr, so much to rant about with all this pain. Doctor seeing me tomorrow and if this pain hasn't gone away it turns to further examinations. I've already missed my half of the year's summer camp this week, hoping to go with other half next week but not looking good. The experience has been somewhat, very weirdly "interesting" as I want to be a surgeon one day but my god, would I be sympathetic to my patients after going through I have these last 2 weeks
  14. Lordcutter6

    Doctor Who

    I have some crazy theory that River Song is infact Lucy Saxon. She said she killed the best man she ever knew (Could be the Master?) and that someone else taught her to fly the tardis due to the Doctor being busy. Well, he was imprisoned on the ship by The Master and was "busy". The master could of taught her how to fly the tardis. I havn't really worked out how River could have Lucy's mind, but that's one theory I have as well as The Rani and Romana ones. I bet Stephen Moffat will give us an unpredictable storyline however
  15. Thanks so much for that info, probably doesn't help I've been drinking Diet Coke Congratulations and good luck with your job by the way
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