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  1. Yeah, thought so. I think we're going to head to Nemesis Inferno first, (tradition for 3 years ) and then The Swarm. After that we'll wing it until 1/2 o'clock, but then I'm splitting up to fast track Stealth, Colossus and others. (depending on queue times, of course) Thanks! c:
  2. Hi, any idea how busy it will be on Friday? Going on a school trip and I would guess a lot of other schools will be too, so probably busy. Still, any estimations would be helpful as how many fast tracks to get. Thanks.
  3. Just aired the report, anticlimactic to be honest; just repeated what we already know. But hey, good advertising! Also apparently The Smiler will open tomorrow 11am! (Found out on the Internet, not watchdog)
  4. It's a shame the effects can't stay like that forever.
  5. Would any of you guys know how busy it will be on the 6th of July? My school is taking us there, thanks.
  6. I'll defernately get pictures of the Jumbos, but I'll have to see on the day if I get spare time to view the Madagascar Live show.
  7. Just asking, have any fire effects been put in yet?
  8. Hey, I'm going Chessington tomorrow with my family, is there anything you'd like me to look out for/take pictures off?
  9. Excellent report, however school break up is the only time I'll be able to go, I can't miss any school time at the moment, even for THE SWARM.
  10. You have to have special permission, don't want a Final Destination 2 happening, do we?
  11. I don't think we should worry about fire yet. It's still earlie days.However, if it's not in by late April/May then it will not be looking good, but I have full faith in Thorpe that they will install it by then.
  12. Found it on YouTube!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdHDuMaU__UAmazing! <3
  13. Tonight. 10:20 on channel 4 in the uk the full advert plays. Must keep a little memo so I don't forget! ^^
  14. Alls hoping they will be ready by the time of my visit in a few weeks.
  15. I personally feel that RobD is was being a bit picky when he posted that. However, I have yet to ride it, so I'm just going to have to wait till I get a personal opinion for myself.
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