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    Well i go kayaking most of the year round although sometimeso n satuday mornings i just can't be bothered to get up for it and in winter i chose not to freeze myself to death doing it. I go skiing once or twice a year in the season, usually in the French alps. I spend most of my free time with friends doing whatever, I like to go out and meet girls, i barely leave Thorpe park without a fit girl around my age's number, all good fun as you learn to take oppertunities and take risks. I love going to Thorpe park and i plan on getting an annual pass next year, i don't want to go too much otherwise it'll get boring but i do want t make good use of the £64. I enjoy free-running and i want to get decent at it but at the moment i'm content with my jumping about trying not to hurt myself too much.<br /><br />

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    Thorpe Park
  1. Elliot


    Oh yea I definitely agree on that, staff are really helpful and seem more enthusiastic about the job. Alfonso fan club on facebook .
  2. Thorpe park are doing great, still reaching full capacity very often and nobody seems less enthusiastic to spend their money on the stalls. Don't go to any other parks so I can't put across an opinion on the others.
  3. Elliot


    They seem to be doing right by Thorpe park so far so I like them, tuassards only did a half arsed job but Merlin have done far better so far.
  4. Elliot

    SAW: The Ride

    Seriously? Those schools must suck, our teachers generally thought they looked cool, a couple weren't too impressed when people were pretending to shoot up in lessons but they wouldn't ban them.Thought it would be best to mention here, I had some chavs behind us queuing for saw, they were noisy gits, they were like 13 smoking, trying to start on us until I pushed one back and he tripped over his friend (they shut up then and just grunted a bit) but they were staring at these girls infront of us who were like 12 or 13, I'm 15 so I noticed their pretty faces and 'potential' but they were perverted little *****s. The tallest one who was about 15 as well I think, hadn't hit puberty so that was funny as well but no word of a lie, they actually spat at the people in the fast track queue, we were so close to turning round and beating the scrawny little ****s up.
  5. Elliot


    It's nicer looking down but on the other side, looking across at stealth and nemesis looks brilliant.
  6. Elliot

    Nemesis Inferno

    I lost my phone on nemesis today I had my own little blue shirt search team in there looking for it at about 8 today but there was no luck so it was home with a lost property form for me.
  7. Elliot

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    First time I haven't been straight in and first on saw but the rides we got in:Nemesis inferno x4 (small queues and we needed to look for my phone I lost on ride after as well so we got 2 rides in just before 7, didn't find my phone though )Colossus x2Saw x1Stealth x2Detonater x1Vortex x1Samurai x1Slammer x2Rush x2Tidal wave x1
  8. Elliot

    Nemesis Inferno

    Nemesis and Inferno are two VERY similar B&M inverters.It's great that Merlin are putting a lot of effort into Thorpe, effects on Nemesis: Inferno being renewed, speeding up Nemesis and I think other rides (Nemesis feels great now with the extra push). Saw is a big hit and I've heard (not sure how reliable the source is) that Colossus could be in store for a repainting, the theming and coaster itself has definitely seen better days and the rust and wear on the paint doesn't look nearly as good as it did back in '02.
  9. Elliot

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    I couldn't be bothered before but on sundayride countSaw - 3Stealth - 2Nemesis Inferno - 1Colossus - 2Rush - 1Samurai - 1Zodiac - 1 (mate thought it looked cool, I had a minute long sleep on it)Tidal wave - 1Detonater - 1Rumba rapids - 1Loggers leap - 1Coasters averaged about an hourTidal wave was like 40 mins even though the stupid Q said 75 minsFlats were around 30-40 mins at worst, we went when they were about 20, 10 for Detonater
  10. Elliot


    Day after I go it's back up, how lovely , hope it's still working friday
  11. Elliot

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    Went today, queues weren't too bad
  12. Elliot


    I honestly think storm in a tea cup is more fun.
  13. Ahh right coz we were playing a lot of music at the enterance to the park but I couldnt remeber if we were playing it at SAW lol.

  14. No I read your 'My Content' lol

  15. Cool, were we playing music? |I cannot remeber lol.