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  1. a flyer was another option given at the focus group. the majority voted for the wood idea
  2. one of the rides is more of an experience. and the woody would be around a Darren Brown theme.
  3. the wooden coaster would contain a European first
  4. Cant say much more, Focus Groups are happening to do with the new ride
  5. I can tell you that there are 6 ideas for the new ride at Thorpe park, One of them is a Wooden roller coaster
  6. yes I went tonight and I saw a few people in chairs going into curse so yes you probley can !
  7. Is This True ?????????/Also, did anyone know that part of the reasoning behind a delay in the testing of the ride was the ride had infact stalled after the first drop during testing and sat at the bottom of that drop for weeks, the ride car covered in green tarpaulin.
  8. I was at the park on wednesday and made this pov its good showing the whole final drop
  9. I was there yestuday and did not notice any of that as soon as we got there let us in early 2 at 9:21 we went to nemi but dete was closed at this point we then went to slammer which was fine 3 times then loggers leap did not even notice :L
  10. no near the end of day around 4 30 then it was only 5-10 mins nemi and stealth wow so short y was it so empty ?
  11. omg the que went down to 5 mins at one point around 4 ish
  12. stealth was 5 mins que al day today
  13. omg I was there today he was soo safe he did break it the que after 4 was 5 mins it was sooo cool cant wait for next week
  14. I went on it today 2 times it was giving good rides we where upside down for like 10 seconds it was so gd worth 1 hour but we qued for 2 now thats not worth it
  15. it was on london news coz its in surry
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