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  1. My major issue with their audio is the unique sounds. For the smiler and helix, they work but they sound rather samey and worse than using orchestras for music.
  2. Same
  3. I find the soundtrack far too magical for the park. I would prefer a more nautical soundtrack
  4. I... log to see it open again soon!
  5. It as a 2 hour queue...
  6. I don't find the fence. When it weathers and erodes it will look a lot more timber and old town
  7. So only entrance and rumba have new tracks?
  8. I quite like the spacing because adventure is longer than river ride combined so it looks better having different gap sizes
  9. I like it but the ride is completely based on timings so if something goes wrong, the ride becomes awful
  10. I actually really like the music because it is calm and relaxing, yet gets you into a wild adventure mood. Also legoland music is very good!
  11. That sound was awful... Also did it ever go upside down?
  12. Not exactly strange when the press event is in the morning. Part of the Gruffalo competition prize was riding at this point
  13. SW8

    That link doesn't even work
  14. Warner Bros Tour is in Watford and will be a 1 hour car journey away from thorpe