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  1. Prediction - 10 Halloween attractions altogether. 1. Living Nightmare 2. Saw: Alive 3. Platform 15 4. Containment 5. 4D show in angry birds cinema 6. Sanctum as a scare zone in big top site 7. Walking Dead: the Ride Extreme 8. Swarm Scare zone 9. Blair Witch 10. Late night experience
  2. Or just a reference to the safe zone in walking dead X. I predict the main new thing is a scarier walking dead the ride.
  3. Got GCSEs back today and got 5 9s, 4 8s, a 7 and A^. Quite happy with the result
  4. Please just force yourself to ride and enter the queue. It's never easy but you will be the one who gets annoyed with yourself afterwards if you don't ride. I had the same thing and remember rides that look scary tend not to be too bad as you imagine.
  5. Are there any changes to the maze?
  6. What is that soundtrack for? I can't tell what it is for
  7. I am planning to visit portaventura this summer. Which sites are best and are safe for booking tickets? Also, any parks tips?
  8. Colossus ending feels like someone in the boardroom said "Let's turn our riders upside down twice during barrel rolls at the end of the coaster". Then someone said that's not enough do three, then another said do four is better and finally a person someone said do five because it should be a useless gimmick to make people think it is cool.
  9. Why r u like that? I hate it 2
  10. If slammer was replaced next season, I wouldn't mind the closure but if it is left abandoned, it will be a huge shame. That area of the park alongside Canada creek are just bland, and lack any sort of life. Really sad this is the case for here and rumba rapids now
  11. I guess it must have been worth it for the youths. A lifelong ban on the premise must have made their day
  12. It really shouldn't be so unreliable when I visit. August last year- opened at 5:00. August bank holiday last year- #unavailable all day. Easter holidays- 12:30. I sort of get the impression the ride isn't really the future of theme parks...
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