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  1. Warner Bros Tour is in Watford and will be a 1 hour car journey away from thorpe
  2. Simply no park is perfect
  3. Dbgt opening day is still TBC.
  4. How rough any coaster is
  5. The video is now private
  6. Does epic make-up
  7. Is a YouTuber
  8. Any sort of politics has multiple flaws. Democracy can allow previously unpopular leaders to be victorious in elections during times of fear. As much as I think trump is awful, he was better than Clinton. Back to the protests, they will achieve very little
  9. From me?
  10. Yes and today I heard that it is Hong Kong Disneyworld
  11. The wildest thing in the world
  12. Dbgt gives you headaches and mental illnesses...
  13. I really dislike flucht De demon sound track. It feels very messy. Even Galactica isn't the best. I feel the best theme comes from Disney (soarin theme is perfect) or European parks like gardaland. If you hear Fuga Da Gardaland soundtrack, it has multiple pieces with similarities of where it plays (for instance you hear a sort of happy, heroic soundtrack in the tunnel after the first drop). It creates a fantastic atmosphere!
  14. Dbgt theme is fantastic