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  1. Park Music

    What is that soundtrack for? I can't tell what it is for
  2. Portaventura Summer 2017

    I am planning to visit portaventura this summer. Which sites are best and are safe for booking tickets? Also, any parks tips?
  3. Colossus

    Colossus ending feels like someone in the boardroom said "Let's turn our riders upside down twice during barrel rolls at the end of the coaster". Then someone said that's not enough do three, then another said do four is better and finally a person someone said do five because it should be a useless gimmick to make people think it is cool.
  4. Rant

    Why r u like that? I hate it 2
  5. Slammer

    If slammer was replaced next season, I wouldn't mind the closure but if it is left abandoned, it will be a huge shame. That area of the park alongside Canada creek are just bland, and lack any sort of life. Really sad this is the case for here and rumba rapids now
  6. Idiots break in to Thorpe Park

    I guess it must have been worth it for the youths. A lifelong ban on the premise must have made their day
  7. Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon

    It really shouldn't be so unreliable when I visit. August last year- opened at 5:00. August bank holiday last year- #unavailable all day. Easter holidays- 12:30. I sort of get the impression the ride isn't really the future of theme parks...
  8. Park Music

    If only rumba rapids had less bland music, not played very quietly, I wouldn't have felt so depressed after riding
  9. Bolliger and Mabillard

    All the B&Ms I have done are not bad coasters, but don't have much force. Galactica especially was a disappointment because it was forceless and didn't even make me feel like I was flying.
  10. Bolliger and Mabillard

    If anything, just launch yourself in with Colossus as going upside down is really not at all amazing. I used to be really scared of going upside down but it is just alright (vertical loops are probably my worse inversion). Swarm is a bit rattley nearer the back so try to do front row (the scariest part is the drop as it actually has some force). Inferno is enjoyable and I enjoyed it most in the front row because it is a fun coaster. I'm quite weird because I did ride Stealth 2 years before any other major coaster at the park, yet I was too scared to ride dragon's fury or air the year later. Saw is a fun coaster as long as you put your head back and has a lot more force than any other Thorpe coaster. Colossus you need to ride front row and is certainly an enjoyable experience. Overall, just make yourself ride upside down coasters (best if you go with friends so you feel more relaxed)!
  11. Sea World

    Video for Infinity Falls
  12. Liseberg

    It looks good but it's how good a dive coaster can ever be
  13. Rumba Rapids

    There are how probably just 3 places where you get soaking and the rest you get barely any water on you so it just makes 1 person very wet but the rest are fairly dry
  14. Rumba Rapids

    The ride since the upgrade is just dull and bland. It was probably made worse without the happy theme music with the new music being a bit boring and far too quiet.