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    Logger's Leap

    I would think neither - they still aren't sure what to do with it and there are probably various reasons why they wouldn't send photos as it isn't the norm, even photos of other rides in the complex during close season. It would be like asking them to show photos of the Bubbleworks redevelopment. I guess the only way to tell for sure would be to go up Monks Walk - can it be seen from there?
  2. It was only a matter of time.... It's a shame nobody is able to take pictures of the old posters which have presumably been uncovered in the queue, one final time before they are gone forever.
  3. Was good to see Dragon Falls open for the whole day today! Although slight incident where a guest (who obviously knew the staff on duty) hit the emergency stop button in the station. The staff and the guest were in fits of laughter, not sure it was actually that funny. I did, however notice 2 operators going above the 'norm' today. On Dragon's Fury we heard "attention all riders in the station and queue line it's 'XXXX's birthday today, we are all going to sing happy birthday to him. Fair play to the op as he got everybody in the queue line, station and ride singing happy birthday with a smile on their faces. I thought this was a guest who's parents or friends had told the staff it was their birthday. It turns out it was actually a member of staff (as the girl on the batch gate told us). Either way, it was nice to get everybody joining in regardless. Similarly on Dragon Falls, the operator was having a full conversation with the platformer. She kept booming over the speakers 'Hey, XXXX what do you prefer Mario or Luigi?', then 1 minute later 'Peanut butter or marmite?' and the guy responded. However, the whole station was shouting back their favourite option, which again was making people laugh and smile as they joined in. I know there's probably an unwritten (or maybe written) rule somewhere that states you shouldn't use the PA unless absolutely necessary or you shouldn't use it for your own personal use, however it seemed to entertain people and it was nice to see somebody not just sitting there twirling a pen and watching the monitors.
  4. It's official ! - the organist is moving again! He jolts up and down (almost like he's going to fall off his seat) for about 30 seconds, then stops for two minutes then does it again. To put the music volume into perspective... The sound of air being compressed (or however it moves) from the animatronic was actually louder than the music itself. Batching is awful in there still. We had queued for over 90mins, finally got into the station and I asked the batcher if we could queue for the front, to which she turned round and said "no, I have to fill these rows". That's fair enough I guess but I again said I'd happily queue longer to which she responded "somebody else has already asked to queue for the front". Eventually she asked for another 2, hastily letting us go to the front. This annoyed me (and I may totally be in the wrong) but having queued for so long and paid £££ to get into the park, should I not be able to queue for the front if I wish? There were no signs saying I couldn't? I know the batchers job is to fill rows ASAP and I could fully understand if it were a 3 train operation and there was seconds between each train to sort people out. However, trains continued to stack for up to one minute and most of the staff in the station were standing around chatting and generally being very slow. Again, maybe I'm in the wrong for wanting to go to the front but unless it's specified before going into the station that you are 'put where you are put' I don't think it's an unreasonable request!
  5. Interesting selection of items. It's unfortunate that none of the original posters will be in the auction (station or the ones from his 'office') but as I said before, I assume these were painted onto the actual walls, so I doubt they come off (unless the panels can come off from the wall). They will be covered over again I assume. I am still unsure as to why the frames aren't included though? I guess, although drastically modified, the 'bubbleheads' will hold some sentimental value - to know they were in the ride before the refurbishment and weren't just brought in like the ducks were is at least, for some people, something. Others, (like myself) will think actually they are nothing like they were intended to be or look like and have been painted over so whats the point? I do, however find it interesting that many of the larger props/scenery aren't up for grabs. For example, the old beaufart scale, the jacuzzi, big bubblehead, the cow, bottles from the conveyor belt before the lift, the giant 'scary' bubble, the cylinders from the gas room. Although quite substantial in size, a few of the items in the auction are quite big. I am wondering whether some of these will indeed be retained from the old ride to put in the new one. Either that or they will throw them in a skip but surely there are other items that *could* have gone in the auction rather than simply throwing them away - although, come to think of it... that's what the park does best - throwing away.
  6. Those posters were so great. I too would love to own one. However, I *believe* they were painted onto the wall so can't be taken down (I may be wrong though) so they will as he says probably perish in the refurb and not be up for grabs in this auction. It's strange with the park keep mentioning prof burp that they haven't taken the new posters off to reveal the old ones for its last month in operation! (Now that would be lovely to see). Does anyone know what is actually going to be sold off in the auction? Rubber ducks? I can't see them selling things like the cow or 'feet' but I might be wrong...
  7. Queued up twice for this today. Not only is there somebody on the batching gate to stop people going through to the station and somebody on the platform on each side but there is also now somebody standing at the top of the stairs to stop people going down to the platform. Essentially, you have to bypass 3 different members of staff before getting on the ride - is there a reason for this 3rd person at the top of the stairs? H&S? not allowed to have guests standing on the stairs? Possibly answered my own question but this seems like a very recent thing/change.
  8. This was painful with a capital P today. The 'adult on either end of a row' rule remains. After 10mins we were still sitting waiting for the bars to lower. There were 2 staff on this too and even the op putting out PA announcements about it didn't seem to help. People were furious they had to move apart from their family/group and sit with strangers just to be on the end of a row. The op told the queue "it makes it really hard for us to try and move people about on the boat, the reason the queue is 60mins (it wasn't even up to the tunnel as a perspective) is because we have to keep moving people around - you should know this before you queue any further". It was ridiculous and the staff are definitely feeling it as people continually argued with them.
  9. Went on Vampire for the first time in a few years today. Operations weren't *too* bad and it seemed relatively quick inside the station - still a lot of staff standing around chatting as opposed to being ready to help people who have trouble releasing their bars. Pre recorded announcements remain but are far louder than the music which is hardly audible. I know it's been referenced above but whilst standing in the station it really sank in on how much it has changed over the years. Thankfully, the dark dimly-lit corridors remain (but I wonder how long it will be before those LED lights are installed due to somebody tripping or H&S reasons. Not only have the chandeliers been taken out of the ceiling, but a few had been taken off the walls too. The organist has definitely seen better days. I realise it's a 26 year old animatronic but it looks much older than that. It wasn't moving at all today and his clothes were falling off in addition to his wig actually scraped back into a ponytail which makes him (as somebody said a few pages back) far, far less scary. Oh how times have changed...
  10. Thanks for the link. Definitely agree - can't say its a surprise but I'm sure there were things they could have done to prolong its lifespan…. but didn't.
  11. Just found this on the Chessington website: Safari Skyway Safari Skyway has been a firm favourite for many years and in fact was one of the original rides at Chessington Resort as it opened as a Theme Park back in 1987. As a result of ongoing maintenance issues, the decision has been made to retire Safari Skyway from the Chessington ride offering. This was a difficult decision to make as we know the ride has been a firm favourite amongst our Adventurers over the years however with exciting new shows and attractions planned for the 2016 season and beyond, we’re committed to ensuring the continued development of the Resort. Bye Skyway! 1986-2015. Can't paste the link, but if you search 'Safari Skyway' on their website, you'll see the article….
  12. About a week ago, I emailed Chessington regarding the rides closure in 2016 and received the following: "our Safari skyway ride is still currently closed due to ongoing maintenance. We can assure you our maintenance team are working very hard to ensure the ride is available as soon as possible. Please continue to keep an eye out on our website for further updates and information regarding our 2016 season. Thank you." I know it's a standard reply thats sent out by the social media team but I would have hoped they would have said more if it was going….
  13. I'd be interested to know the actual reason behind it. The ride is 30 years old next year. They had to cut some of the track away refurbing Black Buccaneer a few years ago and then weld it back together again. Although the trains….. less said the better perhaps. Either way, it would be a shame for the park not to have a monorail of some kind and it could be a great addition if it was extended!
  14. I reckon this is the last we've seen of Safari Skyway. It would seem pointless for them to plough money into a ride which works for half a season and doesn't deliver. Although this is Chessington….
  15. I would guess (if this is permanent) that they are using the advisory section solely for rides that are CURRENTLY unavailable rather than long term closures (like Safari Skyway and Rattlesnake). Seems pointless to me as these rides are still advisory issues as they are still closed. As somebody said above though it could be they want to play down their closures… anybody who is not familiar with their website and just takes a quick glance at the ride status will go 'oh, it's just Peeking that's not available at the moment'… leaving people to believe ALL other rides are fine. I saw nothing wrong with the old system personally, when they are grouped together at least people know what's available and what isn't!
  16. So, it's been down for over a week now. I was positive it was going to be staying for a bit longer as I know they did lots of work on it at the tail end of last season and over the close season (I believe it went down for the rest of the season this time last year and didn't open again). I'm wondering how much longer it's going to be there for…. it's 30 years old next year, so surely age is an issue with it at the moment.
  17. Yes, sorry folks. It was an old picture. I was reminiscing of the 'good times' and operations, sadly no more…..
  18. Is the old Flying Jumbos music (when it was located in Toytown) available anywhere? Oh, it was so whimsical!
  19. Incredibly busy day on park today (I know, I know, it's the school holidays!). Didn't help that both Dragon's Fury and Dragon Falls were down (Falls I believe has something to do with the conveyor belts as there was a specialist conveyor belt company van on the park plus the belt on lift 2 had been released and was coiled up at the bottom of the 2nd hill. There were also engineers at the top of lift 2). Everything else was 60mins (apart from the smaller 'LOTD attractions & Buccaneer). Vampire didn't come down from 100mins all day (I also read they weren't accepting fast track on it today). Absolutely everything had queues, Mexican Cantina was out the door, queuing for male and female toilets and all the kiosk outlets. Very frustrating that none of their drinks vending machines were working. Are they trying to do away with these, as literally all of them were broken or had labels saying they were broken. Wouldn't surprise me, so you actually HAD to queue up in the shops just to buy a drink. I personally think the park struggled with the queues today, A LOT.
  20. It is! That's why they are quick to close it in wet weather conditions.
  21. Yes. I actually think its relatively reliable. The only reason it opened later this year was because they had to take some of the track away to allow building machinery to enter the park. The only time its down is due to wet weather and if you've been on it when the tracks wet it literally slides down the track by Sealife, the wheels are almost redundant.
  22. I think it was closed on Tuesday/Wednesday due to the wet weather all day. When the track gets wet, the trains tend to skid (especially down by the Sealife centre). Although what you mention about it going backwards with the doors open doesn't seem good. Although, when the ride is stopped, sometimes they slowly drift backwards before coming to a natural stop, and the doors on some of the trains don't completely shut:
  23. Interesting day at Chessington today. Having bought a premium pass, we thought we'd visit Chessington first. We didn't arrive until about 12:30pm and the queues were already rather long. Started by going on the Bubbleworks. Queued for around 45 mins, I'm liking the new colours and they have got rid of the large ride logo just before you enter the ride. Inside, the station music was nice and loud, however THIS (below) is the absolute height of laziness to cover up the old sponsorship. You can already see the tipex/paint has begun to be chipped off, so it won't be long before IL returns!: The ride itself was good and most effects working, apart from no music where the floating cow is and the fountain finale was minus the fountains (again). Apparently they were working yesterday, yet last week they weren't. They seem rather temperamental at the moment. Nethertheless, the music was nice and loud and the room looked nice, bright and colourful. Went on to Dragon Falls next (30min queue), the boat had a nice hole in the front of it, so water came gushing in after each drop. I'm a fan of the colourful painting at the top of the 2nd hill. It's also the first ever time in 16 years that I've seen the elephant's trunk at the end of the ride move around properly (not just up and down) like a real elephants trunk. Nice to see! Skyway was still closed, although checks were being done. However, at closer inspection many of the trains still have their seats up so I'm guessing it may still be a while. We headed for Zufari next which was a 70min queue. Was glad we didn't HAVE to have our picture taken and I'm glad the pre-show has changed since my last visit, so you literally walk straight through that room. After Zufari we headed for another ride on the Bubbleworks, followed by a 120 minute (more or less) wait for 'The Vampire'. The trains were being dispatched so slowly, I actually thought there was only one train being used. Once inside the station (haven't visited for almost a year) they are doing a new batch system. So instead of deciding where to sit, you are told where to sit. This meant there was hardly anybody in the station at any one time. Was rather annoyed as we had queued for 2 hours, especially to sit at the front but because it wasn't clearly labelled and the batcher seemed in such a rush to get people through, we didn't ask if we could go to the front. I think maybe an extra queue (similar to Nemesis Inferno) would be good (in my opinion), at least it would be clearer for people like me who have witnessed the new system for the first time, wasn't sure if we could ask etc. So we ended up sitting right in the middle after queueing for so long. The lighting inside looks great and the organist is lit in a nice way, however, it doesn't look as if much has been done to the upkeep of the organist as you could clearly see the metal that he was made of as his clothes weren't fixed properly! (ruins the effect slightly I guess). Don't even get me started on the model from Terror Tomb thats in the queue, or the gravestones which have just been tossed aside, upside down, leaning on fences, not much effort. About 2/8 of the queue have been painted black and the rest is purple, which was another observation. The actual music playing in the station has changed too, it's not the 'internet' version without the laughs and that. Not sure why it was changed, maybe it's to do with the pre-recorded announcements, which again I loved, but you couldn't really hear them properly as the music was so loud and they were quieter than the music. I would have hoped the music would have lowered while the announcement played or something along those lines. The park was open until 7pm as it was such lovely weather. The staff overall were really lovely, positive and interacted well with guests, only did 5 rides but this was expected because of the Easter holiday. All in all a good day, looking forward to visit number 2.
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