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    Theme Parks(rides in general), Climbing & Kayaking
    And Paramore Fan!
  1. Decode or Misery Business I guess.

  2. Hey, see your fan of paramore :D What's your favorite song?

  3. Manta, definitely but Hulk a close second.
  4. I cant see Vampire getting new trains soon as I'm guessing it wouldn't just be a case of swapping trains you'd have to rework the station and lift hill. I personally wouldn't want to see 4 across seating as if your stuck in the middle you wont get as much swing, but thats just my opinion.
  5. Alot of the normal Sea Life's have rides and attractions not just the fishies so probably not but I still think the zoo days are worth a visit.
  6. Sebastian96


    The speculation is that the worlds first element will be some sort of drop which would explain the gaps in the metalwork following each other down.
  7. Sorry It's slightly off topic but where can you get them for £75 I've looked at both the Official annual pass website and the Thorpe Park website and It's saying they cost £120 on both. Thanks
  8. Sebastian96

    This Or That

    UPPixar or Disney Classics?
  9. In our school which is no way relaxed at all if you "forget" your homework most the teachers just say to bring it in next lesson so I guess I'm kinda lucky. Rant-While at the cinema the other day watching Up(great movie highly recommended) there were these arrogant kids, around 14, who wouldn't stop talking throughout the film and really annoyed me!
  10. Sebastian96

    This Or That

    1 hour in the Day Thorpe Park or Disney(any)?
  11. thankyou, seb, I feel very welcome ;)

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