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  1. Just a quick question: I've never used ERT before as usually use BOGOF so not entirely sure how the system works. I have won a competition and have Alton towers tickets. Would I be able to have ERT with these tickets as surely I can just enter the park as I already have the tickets or are there specific ERT tickets you need to be entitled?
  2. Mohs

    The Swarm

    Not very good today. Went to Thorpe Park today to ride The Swarm for the first time and didn't get a ride. Queued the first time and we were next to get on, and then there was a 'technical delay', so were given priority passes to come back later. They got the ride working again so we came back about 45 minutes before the park closed and used our passes, everything was fine until we nearly got on again there was another technical delay and the ride didn't open again for the rest of the day and we were told we had to leave the queue. I came from the other side of the country especially to ride The Swarm, and didn't get a ride. Unlikely to come back anytime soon, really disappointed.
  3. Mohs

    Storm Surge

    Yep, It's called Rio Dorado and is much more similar to Storm Surge than that Oxygenarium ride at Park Asterix which people brought up many times when speculating what Storm Surge would be like.Here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtdq3JVJWmc
  4. Hmmm that is interesting, it seems to be spread over a much larger area than other spinning coasters. I think I should plan to go to Chessington sometime soon, as when I did go I never did try out the larger rides. So I have never ridden Vampire! I thoroughly enjoy going to theme parks but only ever seem to go to 1 or 2 every year (except 2006, when I had an Annual Pass). I haven't even been to Thorpe Park since 2008, but I will be going on the opening weekend. It's all been about Alton Towers for the last three years. Okay, that's enough talking about me....
  5. I've never been to Thorpe Park in March before so have completely no idea to how long the average queue times would be. I am going on March 28th, so any idea? What do you reckon the maximum queue times would be for Saw: The Ride and Stealth in particular?
  6. I'm quite surprised to see Dragon's Fury in many top 10s, but not Sonic Spinball. The last time I went to Chessington is before Dragon's Fury opened, so I haven't ridden it. In which ways is it far better than Sonic Spinball?
  7. Great, thanks Cannot wait to meet you all. By the way, love the new forum format.
  8. Oh okay then :/ I guess that makes senseHow about if he just passes on the ERT bit?
  9. I'm sorry I haven't been around much due to so much work =/ I will be able to attend Is it okay if I bring one mate with me? Thanks.
  10. Mohs


    I'm Year 10 though and have to start AS English at the end of this year
  11. Mohs


    SAME! We've had huge ones like EVERY day
  12. Mohs


    I have double physics, double chemistry AND double biology. I chose Geography, History and Law. I am in year 10 at the moment though and chose options in year 9 as doing many GSCEs a year early. I didn't pick triple Science but was chose to do it And I HAVE to do French. I am going to have 65% Geography completed by end of Year 10, 50% Law, 50% Chemistry, Physics and Biology and 100% English Lit and English Language as I have to do AS English in Year 11 :@My GCSEs are:English LitEnglish LanguageMathsChemistryBiologyPhysicsFrenchICTEthics and PhilosopyHistoryGeographyLawGOD, YEAR 10 IS GOING TO BE CRAP
  13. Mohs


    Everyone I know out of school seems to hate him. His dancing is annoying though
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