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  1. Looking at Twitter looks like chessingtons send off for this ride was a joke! Just glad I got to ride the original....
  2. Agreed. I probably won't actually use them. Interesting that even today nemesis fast track queue was nearly as long as main queue when I was there!
  3. I had a great day....and everyone got 5 priority passes to use next visit I think, so all good!
  4. That's what I thought but they confusingly said the park would be open selected Saturdays from beginning 2016
  5. Just noticed a tweet from TP tonight Saying they will be open selected Saturdays from early 2016, not sure if they meant just the annual pass building or the actual park? Assume very limited rides would be open if it were the park
  6. James39


    Assuming my mind wasn't being manipulated by Derren Brown I saw it operating and swiftly rode it just in case it broke down again! Still operating now according to queue times website.
  7. James39


    30 minute queue currently
  8. James39


    Slammer is currently operating!
  9. If you time things right you should easily manage it all in two days. Last hour before close generally a bit quieter and always get in a queue just before close at 10. Half term week very busy though!
  10. Also noticed last couple of nights the police have been on site, walking around with security? Seems to be a general presence rather than responding to an incident
  11. Noticed queue for big top spilling out of entrance towards storm surge around 6.30 this evening. Advertised as up to 120 mins. Bit of a problem with flooding between tents 2 and 3 after a downpour, staff desperately trying to sweep water away with brooms as part of maze underwater. Guess that's what can happen if you put the maze on a swimming pool!
  12. One of the other poster characters is Cherry Pie. There's also a lion tamer, knife thrower and two twins on other posters, need to look more closely next time! I went through Big Top at closing on Sunday and agree it was superb! By far the best of my 3 goes so far
  13. Was good to ride samurai last night again though sloooow operations doubled a 15 minute q Big top looking better, were all those hanging punch bag things in the third tent fun house before? The little booth with the man In that was outside between tents 2 and 3 is now in tent 2. We were rushed through and caught up with another group which spoilt it due to a previous estop and then it being past closing so they were rushing everyone through. No chainsaw at end!!!! Hope that's a one off! Last scene the clown dressing room had a great clowns silhouette which was a dead ring for professor burp, have they nicked a prop from bubble works? Lol
  14. Could be, but the actors were interacting really well with us on the bridge between maze groups until staff told us to move along. They have a member of staff there all the time to prevent you stopping in the bridge.
  15. The height of the stilettos on some of the females was amazing, they could barely walk without risk of a broken ankle!
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