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  1. Anyone know what music they play inside Madame Tussauds London, only the music in the A-list room is awesome
  2. Something that is definitely lacking at the moment is music from past chessington rides. Something I have been searching for for ages is the soundtrack or a portion of Terror Tomb/Forbidden Tomb. Also it'd be good if someone could compile a list of music from Rattlesnake area etc.
  3. I remember all those things, Thorpe Farm and yes of course Mr Rabbit's Tropical Travels, who could forget it. Wish had more memorabilia, sadly alas I haven't
  4. Does anyone remember anything about old rangers and the rangers showcase. I have many memories and wondered if anyone ever filmed or had any audio from the old ranger showcase. As an old child I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great at Fright nights 2010 in the terror zone to see loads of old memorabilia including some of the rangers, flying fish signs,thorpe farm signs and loads of theming. Discuss all this here and if anyone has any audio of Showcase let me know please!
  5. I think the opening times are much better than last year. Also prefer the fact it does not drag into November unnecessarily
  6. Does anyone know where it is possible to get hold of high quality legoland audio? Seems hard to find
  7. I think it's good that it opens later and shuts earlier!
  8. I think it is a sensible idea, as will avoid major build ups at signals, but the charge is quite frankly unnecessary. But if Alton and Thorpe are doing it, I guess why not Chessington.
  9. some of the rattlesnake songs are very difficult to name or find because there are no lyrics! I really want to build a playlist, feeling all mexican now! Anyone know any others?
  10. yes end of this season that bubbleworks imperial leather contract runs out
  11. I agree that the fountain final scene is nowhere near as good as it used to be the strobe lighting used to be much more dominant and the lights flashed very regularly with very few/none static, now there is 1 strobe light which does virtually nothing and the rest of lights are static. The area is much brighter than before as the room was much darker making the lighting fair more exciting. All the enchantment of the finale was lost with the retheme. Let's be honest what is the point of going under coloured fountains. The original idea was that the colours were of the fruit juice for the pop. Pr
  12. really want the wild asia music wish it was in full
  13. According to the website Vampire is currently available again
  14. According to the website Vampire is unavailable once again!
  15. Outfit, trust you to say that, I agree to an extent. I think they should knock it down in sections and start all over again!
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