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  1. Did anything take this rides place???
  2. Rush (4)Stealth (6)Rush +1Stealth -1
  3. Canada Creek Railway (5)Colossus (5)Detonator (5)Flying Fish (3)Loggers Leap (5)Nemesis Inferno (5)Quantum (4)Rocky Express (4)Rush (6)Samurai (6)Slammer (5)Stealth (8)Storm in a teacup (5)Tidal Wave(5)Quantum +1 Rocky -1
  4. Canada Creek Railway (5)Colossus (5)Detonator (5)Flying Fish (4)Loggers Leap (5)Nemesis Inferno (5)Quantum (5)Rocky Express (5)Rush (6)Samurai (6)Slammer (5)Stealth (7)Storm in a teacup (3)Tidal Wave(4)Quantum +1Storm -1
  5. Film and game sponsers are basicly what RUN the six flags parks! hellooo??? terminator salvation the ride for example??? and the whole place has been raped by looney tunes to!
  6. That ride looks well good them rocket coasters seem to be hot atm! it seems quiet long for a coster like that tho dont you think!?
  7. Canada Creek Railway (5)Chief Rangers Carousel (3)Colossus (6)Detonator (5)Flying Fish (5)Loggers Leap (5)Mr Monkeys Banana Ride (4)Nemesis Inferno (5)Quantum (5)Rocky Express (5)Rumba Rapids (5)Rush (7)Samurai (6)Saw The Ride (4)Slammer (5)Stealth (5)Storm in a teacup (5)Tidal Wave (5)Vortex (5)X:\ No Way Out (5)Zodiac (5)Samurai +1Chief Ranger -1
  8. My mate just uploded this and I think its prety sick!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVdqOk_A6sk
  9. Like what do u think the biggest que will be in november compaired to fright night dates?
  10. Will the november dates be any less busier?
  11. Which will be the least busiest day in half term?
  12. So do they say you cant come in if there are too many people!!!???
  13. I'm goin on 22nd october so I wont go to the sunday one too!I was just wondering, one of my freinds is gonna be on cruches on the day, do we get priority bording passes so she dont have to hang around in the queues?
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