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  1. Please tell me its not going to be called 'X' 😂 OK so X is also 10, or Ten in roman numerals. Ten and time travel/clocks? The only hypothesis I have on a name so far is TENET. Maybe with an IP maybe without. TENET with trains that have both forward facing seats and maybe a few rows of reward facing seats? We know there may be a spinning seat similar to ENZO on Icon. Just some brainstorming, I have no idea really.
  2. They do have a new mini wing style coaster called the Big Dipper train. Would definitely be more family friendly.
  3. I don't believe its actually confirmed to be a B&M just yet? We are only going on the station layout and the track design that on the plans which does looks a little B&M like. Personally I think this will be a Mack, as we know Merlin like multi ride manufacturer deals and with Thorpe potentially seeing a Mack in 2024, this makes more sense to me. It would be the first B&M shuttle coaster and would need to be some kind of new family wing design to accommodate the smaller/shorter guest. So I really don't think it makes sense for this to be a B&M.
  4. I've finally worked it out! This isn't a riddle! This person is using google translate to post on the forum from Cantonese into English. 🤣
  5. Oh God, please tell me its not being called Big Ben. 😅
  6. I mentioned a few weeks back a Time Traveller / Ride to Happiness style ride would work so well at Thorpe. I’m trying to figure out if the height of this ride would be too intense for a next gen Mac Spinner. But the track elements would work, and there are hints at a Time Machine theme, maybe with a Western/Steam Punk area. I’m just speculating.
  7. Ok, definitely not a dive machine 🤣 I like the look of this. Yes it’s a little short, but this thing is going to carry some serious speed. Let’s pray for lap bars, as that first drop looks insane, as does that last airtime hill!
  8. I didn’t realise there was a detailed layout already! Excited to see it. I was just speculating. A coaster that high with such a short layout as described by those that attended the consultation, is rather unusual to say they least. I haven’t seen it myself.
  9. Very Tall, Compact Layout, Splashdown……sounds like a B&M Dive Machine to me.
  10. I’m not great with riddles, but you are referring to a big clock, possibly Big Ben? What does this have to do with this new ride? Time Traveller is a Mack Spinning coaster, which are becoming popular. Ride to Happiness is the launched version at Plopsiland. I’ve heard it’s incredible. Would be a good fit for Thorpe, bridging the thrill/family ride gap.
  11. Winds in the East? I'm on the B&M hype train with this one. Makes sense given Chessie have got a B&M Wing incoming, and we know Merlin often does a multi purchase deal with coaster manufacturers. Just to highlight, 'Monsoon' is a wind in the east. Oriental theme? Sorry too soon 🤣
  12. sorry if anyone has posted anything interesting on the last few pages, as I have had to swipe past pretty much all of the uninteresting posts of certain people moaning. Has as anyone seen any unofficial reviews from the staff yet? That BBC documentary has got me hyped at the amount of detail and time they appear to have taken on the story line and special effects!
  13. They must be fairly confident about it being ready in a couple of weeks if they have released this advert. Signs in the park are one thing, but a full advertising campaign is a pretty good certainty.
  14. What is going to be strange is that we will be in a group wearing these VR headsets, but effectively seem like we are on our own. If we are sat on a train with other people, you won't be able to interact with them or see them with the VR headset on!
  15. The train outside on rails looks like themeing to me. I don't think it will move. Its going to look fantastic though! It certainly looks and feels like a railway station. Right I am now off to have a lie down. That video has given me motion sickness. (Only joking thanks for the effort lads)
  16. Unless of course your drone is autonomous. They don't yet have any laws regarding a drone that is technically not flown or controlled by an individual! A problem in my line of work as I am a commercial pilot!
  17. Don't forget we are enthusiasts and as such have been bombarded with the Derren Brown thing. The general public will just see the sign or advertising and the thing that stands out is 'Ghost Train', so I think that is what most people will be calling it.
  18. I like the fact that the ride is simply called 'Ghost Train'. Simple, sinister, sums up what we believe is in the building. The fact they have tagged on Derren Brown, (and I say tagged as his name is in smaller non bold font) suggest this is more of a promotion for the ride. A bit like Madam Tussauds 'Wax Works' back in the day. I think the ride will be known more commonly as 'Ghost Train' to the general public, with Derren mentioned in and around the conversation.
  19. Call me old fashioned, but I love a traditional Ghost Train a la 'The Haunted House'. There is something exciting about being whisked off in a rickety old train into the darkness not knowing what awaits. The point is, it is fun as well as scary and the shared experience with friends and family is what makes it a joy. What worries me about this, is the notion of having an individual experience. Part of what makes a theme park fun is shared experiences. Am I making any sense here?! PS I'm not putting it down as we have no idea what it is yet, but it just worries me a little.
  20. I noticed on the Dynamic Attractions contract award pages all of the awards state the location of the attraction except one. "Dynamic Structures business unit has been awarded a contract from a global customer to design, engineer and manufacture the mechanical and structural systems of a media based attraction.­" It was a $30 million dollar contract awarded in 2012. Now it does say to be delivered over 2 years, but judging how many delays we see in this industry. Just adds a bit more clout to the Dynamic Attractions theory. Link below: http://www.dynamicattractions.com/empire-industries-announces-30-million-global-attractions-contract/
  21. Blimey! I was hopeful we may see an attraction using robot arms at Thorpe or AT at some point in the future, but I've always remained pessimistic! Keeping everything crossed. It seems right now somehow.
  22. It's a little early for the critics! They will most probably apply after effects to the outside to age it and theme it! I remember when CATCF when up at Alton Towers. The moaners where out in force as soon as the initial facade went up, but once the imagineers had finished with it, it looked fab and they found the inside to moan about. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Probably likely it will be simply called 'The Tube'. A terrifying experience of breakdowns, stabbings and strikes.
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