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  1. Can you see a similarity:
  2. -Casually puts some 3D glasses on and looks at pic
  3. NEW CLUE: Fright Nights fever? Clue number 2 is right here. Can you see what is there, or will this be yet another cross for you to bear...?
  4. Wow who thinks Thorpe Park need to look like this
  5. Ive got to ask... What about Fright Nights was the interview for?
  6. During my visit to thorpe park yesterday I took many pics of Game and Nintendo signs around the park (these are below)! Also all the queue lines were playing Nintendo adverts! In the Lake View Marque they had a projector with the Nintendo logo on and around the walls were at least 40 3DS... I forgot to say the doors were shut... this is what I could see from outside! I also done some research online and Game are doing a offer: ''Want to have even more fun with your gaming? Well for every order of £50 or more*, we'll give you a 2-for-1 Thorpe Park Voucher! The 'Nation's Thrill Capital' is home to Nemesis Inferno, Colossus, SAW: The Ride and more - the perfect outdoor activity for gamers of all kinds! So check out our games, consoles and accessories, top up your basket to £50 or more and get ready for a great day out at Thorpe'' To check out the full offer: http://www.game.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HubArticleView?hubId=183256&articleId=183257&catalogId=10201&langId=44&storeId=10151 What are your thoughts about this??? All photos taken by myself... To see full collection: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=452159441495238&set=a.452159371495245.105073.328454217199095&type=3&theater Enjoy!
  7. But there are no news reports.... just a 5 min cycle of adverts
  8. Advertisements have taken over the swarm TV's already.... Disgusting
  9. I was also there Mah Boi the fire effect was scary
  10. You have given both The Swarm and Stealth 10/10 have you got a over all favourite?
  11. Wow this is the best and most costly addition that Thorpe Park have added to there new ride 'THE SWARM' I am happy to announce: THE WING HAS A NEW LIGHT! OH EM GEE! Heres a pic: Compared to before ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  12. They have not revealed the date it is being announced but it shall be definitely announced this week! Hope this helps
  13. Ummm have you heard of this maze called The Asylum?
  14. #What even is the pic on the left? Plus link to the full magazine here: http://www.merlinvip...autumn12/page/1 3rd post in a row.... not good but heres another page:
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