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  1. Thorpe park hates tall people with a passion.
  2. Paulton's have Peppa Pig that's all they need.
  3. Recently I have been enjoying films in 4DX, does anyone know when Angry Birds cinema will be upgraded?
  4. Got one of those discovery passes anyone know if I can pay to get in?
  5. That's the issue, it seems like we have gone from sponsored and fun stunt show esk events to enhance the visitors day into events for the sake of having a full time ents team dance around the park and sell as much branded merchandise as possible. Also why do we keep taking away from Fright nights, lets keep that as one event in October, last thing I want is summer and scares. Thorpe has got really boring recently.
  6. But it gives the actors a chance not to do something cringe and boring in the summer and helps the eComm team to hit basket value and upsell targets.
  7. Events bar say the October Halloween run are just another reason to sell more merch / food, guess you can't complain though as technically they are free and add more to do to the park.
  8. Perhaps leaning more towards the &Roamers part.... Would be interesting to know how these awards are decided though is it based on voting or a panel.
  9. Also just want to say thank you to the teams of meets past. The days whereby you could get tours of rollercoasters and ERT sessions for the big old price of £0! some great memories
  10. Yay remove one of the best mazes for a maze where they will probably just shock you as a gimic. Thorpe did that like 12 years ago now mate. How's the Wordle going by the way M8te?
  11. How has Thorpe been this year so far?
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