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  1. Ah yes the life of an enthusiast, complains when a ride gets delayed and complains when the ride is not 100% finished.
  2. Do you not think the park have health and safety teams?
  3. And they do, but do you really think its sustainable to have a health and safety executive sit by the tunnel after every run through and deem it safe or unsafe. This argument getting stupid. If its annoyed you that much, go to Thorpe and get them to sort it.
  4. But every day at every park someone somewhere is highly likely to get injured and need a trip to first aid, hence why the parks have medical teams. I would suggest if the unreported nail was such a big problem for your day, that you go to Guest services and report it they may even give you as a gift as a thankyou. Rest assured Merlin's number 1 priority is the health and safety of guests. If you don't think a Merlin themepark is a safe environment and would rather moan about it online than going to report it I would recommend not going. Perhaps next year we won't be able to go in a maze without first putting on a suit of cushions.
  5. I think the idea was to have a small skit every 20mins
  6. Is the drop tower not a real investment. Looks heavily themed to me and perfect for Chessington bar capacity issues. Just because Chessington isn't getting an RMC anytime soon doesn't mean that they arn't going for a REAL investment.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7578819/Waitress-21-flung-15-feet-fairground-ride.html A jaw break and a lost tooth guess the ride will be back open next week.
  8. People just always love o complain. Perhaps tie your shoelace next time with a double knot.
  9. https://blooloop.com/features/roland-mack-70th-birthday-europa-park/ A great article on the Mack family, containing some interesting points as well: Themeparks are moving evermore into resorts with the opening of second gate attractions, if Rulantica works well expect more theme parks to follow Liseberg is going to build a hotel and a second park within the next few years. I assume a waterpark? “One ride I think would be a really perfect fit for us is the Time Traveler [Xtreme Spinning Coaster], which we sold to Silver Dollar City. It’s a fast ride, but I think it’s still a family ride. It has wonderful cars and a perfect track layout. In general, I would really like to have a ride like this in our park, but the waterpark was a big investment.” - Next rollercoaster for Europe perhaps or an update to Blue fire? Depending on the success of Rulantica which I'm sure will be fine. A direct train to the park at some point in the future.
  10. Glitch


    Was good on Thursday night. Never done so many intense flips.
  11. Myself and @Marc were on park last night. We didn't have any complaints of clientele. Was much busier for a Thursday with 1 train ops.
  12. Going on Thursday, to have my Tulley's virginity taken, I hear there's some nurses who will be able too do that for me. Few questions: Will I be able to do all the mazes in the one night? Is there a best order for doing the mazes? Last year there were mentions of bounce back passes, how much are these? Is there a guest services so that I can get some compensation which I am entitled too if the ending for the new maze is not ready on my visit? I look forward to it.
  13. Where is the e-stop hopefully the Disney employee responsible will be sanctioned.
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