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  1. I did enjoy having a good spin on Slammer.
  2. You could have put the mask up higher!
  3. It would be disappointing if they bounce you back though.
  4. Talking to my daughter brought a laugh today when I referred to my hollering on Stealth - in Covid, no-one can see you scream! ..........well we thought it funny.
  5. I suspect they are looking at further ways to gain some of their lost profits. Next year we will be paying for a "phantom "period in between passes. It's a business.
  6. Finally braved TP for the first time this year, and very wary of the virus and the almost impossible "Social distancing". Took a couple of different style face masks and found the one I use when riding my bike the most secure. Difficult for the staff as they cannot be any closer to the riders than they are. Originally doubted I would get many rides in but there was hardly a queue all afternoon so I managed a decent number. Several times after the braking hill we raced round the lower bend and engineering had to change a couple of drive wheels.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. It was on the BBC morning news, at least twice.
  8. I had the box on the other day, and there was a news item where the presenter was talking about theme parks opening up, and people in the picture had to be secured by another for safety, a ride in Legoland; I then heard a voice that I immediately recognized and they then showed the speaker and I was right. I used to work with the guy twenty-five years ago, and haven't seen or spoken with him since. Funny old world. I don't do facebook or similar, I'm a bit of a dinosaur, so the chances of getting a message to him are slim.
  9. Ordinary influenza takes at least 7000 people each year, and that's only the UK. Stay aware, stay clean, stay safe. If they start enforcing two metre spaces in queues, that means some of us will suffer standing in the North Sea.
  10. Hi All, thought I'd better pop in as it's been a while. You are mostly in the age groups that will be fine, if you get it, it'll be like a lousy flu. Think about those around you, especially your older friends and family, and help them prepare. Standing in a queue to buy those extra loo rolls will be just as dangerous. Just look forward to those shorter queues. Stay safe, stay clean, and be aware of those around you, and that applies everywhere.
  11. Perhaps they haven't got enough people to fix it, as I understand it takes many hands to make it work.
  12. Hmm, I think it's now over four years.
  13. Hmm, have you tried floorless on Apocalypse at Drayton Manor?
  14. It's interesting that over the last ten years, the amount of visitors to TP has always fluctuated around the 1.8 million per year, indicating that this is a normal rate; there is a limit on the visitor numbers. A great ride or item, has to be "re-rideable", one wants to run round and get straight back on, for me DBGT was never that. There has to be sufficient entertaining items for those who don't want to ride at that time, I.e., just had lunch, can't do rough rides, don't do upside down, or just want "time out". Merlin have sold the parks, and we really don't know the direction of the new controlling body, and they will wait to see what the figures are. Those organizations are primarily investors therefore they will look at the gate figures ahead of the item throughput. I also thought that with Merlin, they were waiting to see the results of Wickerman, whilst appearing to run TP down, but it's now a lot tidier.
  15. The job being undertaken is big, and not been carried out before. It seems that on similarly launched rides, that job has been done sometimes more than once. It has been made more difficult due to the ride structure being installed differently to other locations. My fingers are crossed that it will be available, the next time I am able to visit, which I don't anticipate for at least the next ten days.
  16. They are a useful tool for the staff if they are having to push for full loads, not so much recently. They also seem to need "managing" so with lower staff numbers, not always suitable.
  17. Luckily, I have been busy, so I have not been over to TP for a while. Last year the catch car was replaced and therefore had to be made from scratch. The odd thing there was that it was rebuilt (not made) the year before. Last month there were several problems with sensors, and high temperatures affect the running of some rides, even making them too fast. I have been trying to get information but as most know, it's difficult to get. The answer from the Park is always "there are other rides available".
  18. I've heard about people who walk on loos!
  19. I too managed to catch a quiet day at Oakwood last Saturday; due to the weather, and it's forecast, evening fireworks had been cancelled and the park was to close at 6p.m., Speed and some other items were closed due to high winds. Megaphobia is the biggie and in the damp she was flying, and lack of customers meant a run of 9 rides without getting off during the afternoon. Bobsleigh I think is an entertaining ride when with each turn one tries to get that bit faster, without falling off, and there was a spell when me and colleague were able to ride again without going round the queueline as there was nobody there. People do add to the atmosphere of a park but sometimes, lack of them is a bonus.
  20. very funny, but I hope that "queue management" wasn't to do with the loo? I did think that the "direction" of TP had been put on hold for the last year or so, until they could judge the gains, or not, caused by other parks new rides; oh, then Merlin sold it all.
  21. As Matt says, there were hiccups at the beginning of last week due to sensors and the speed of approach to the offload. Somewhat annoying when I had not checked as to availability prior to my visit. (I should do the housework at this time of year)
  22. Here we go again.......... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48831741
  23. Now we are all going to have to get used to moaning about a different owner/operator. I hope this proves successful for the parks and not just the shareholders.
  24. Heard today at Thorpe Park whilst riding, er, Stealth...... "I used to ride this in the 1980's, it used to only go up to the top and roll back but they've extended it since!
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