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  1. Nope, it's on the new one, you're just going crazy. It's been oversimplified thinking about it. I don't know why they'd make the normal domain suitable for tablets instead of keeping the old one + put this new one as touch.thorpepark.com :S
  2. I couldn't help but feel on Sunday that the Lost City music was a bit faster and higher pitched? The Nemesis Inferno station music is awful. But the queue music isn't too bad. I like that the Noise sounds a bit more professional but considering the amount of time we spent doing nothing, they repeat a lot of songs
  3. I see absolutely no resemblance between THE SWARM and these "Kryll" creatures. I was genuinely expecting a Predator tie in because of the latest Predator movie but the movie kinda flopped so they backed out and renamed it but the trains and graphics were already rendered/manufactured so they decided to theme is around a swarm of aliens......... Don't even BOTHER trying to tell me Merlin wouldn't stoop so low for one of their UK parks...
  4. TheBlonderSouth


    Yeah it looked like orange stencil on the front, the cars look almost identical though
  5. I had a rollback 2nd time I went on the ride ever and it was amazing haha! Although they have said that the increase of acceleration power (0-80 in 2.3 sec ---> under 2 sec), etc. that rollbacks are so rare. And if they do happen you get a free t-shirt to prove it apparently.
  6. I'm so glad the smoke effect is back! It's only a little thing but it makes SUCH a difference for some reason. Just goes to show how maintenance + finishing touches can make a guest really happy
  7. I can't believe it's reached such an awful state I think they need an updated (more reliable) model with wider spaced seats. Anyone else hate how squashed your arms are? I personally love to put my arms up and feel threatened by a ride but I can't by Samurai, so uncomfortably squished D:
  8. Saw is a fun ride with friends, with a decent level of anticipation and -dare I say- moments of being scared, especially at the vertical climb + at the station. When I first rode in 2009 I hated it, it was way too hyped and over too quickly and too compact - it left me wondering what theme parks were really after with coasters. But a few years on I find that going on Saw - whilst not being a critical requirement of a good day - to be a fun and enjoyable ride for a good whizz around with friends. Isn't that what rides are really about? Getting to the end after having a bit of G force, buzzing with adrenalin and laughing at all your friends' hair being blown backwards and staying! Whilst not being "world class" (what they now advertise the 5 main coasters as), it's a damn fun ride! [/end of speech]
  9. It's a dream to navigate + easy to load. Most likely optimised for tablet devices to keep with "the times" (at a risk of sounding old) Though "World Class" is very far off, and some of the slogans -as previously mentioned- sound really tacky, but I guess this is just the way it's headed. Would you like some cheese on that?
  10. TheBlonderSouth


    Sometimes it's great to look back and realise that they sometimes like to bring back "shelved" ideas/concepts...
  11. Honestly, if that tunnel disappeared I'd not want to go on it ever again. It may seem extreme but that's just how I feel about it The double drop is fun, but if it wasn't for that dark drop I'd just find it so boring so I'd just miss it out every time. It would be like Rumba Rapids without the tunnel, there'd be nothing fun/exciting about it, just another bog-standard water ride
  12. I really hope they improve throughput for these mazes for the 3rd November, when I go, because I don't want to take all night doing these, especially since I'm going with one friend who's never done them before, and one who WON'T do them, so I still want to do plenty of rides. And I'd feel really bad if I got the Freaky Fastrack because I know how much hell it causes the regular queue... *conflicted cry* As for the "THE PASSING" reviews, you all seem to take in the cost of the maze as a factor? It seems really biased, maybe you could rate the maze without thinking of the queues, and then add a total "experience" review
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