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  1. Really strange question, but has anyone heard Michael Buble's 'Cry Me A River' *youtube link to the song*I recognise the first 15-20 seconds; and I'm 99% sure that I recognise them from thorpe park. However I have no idea what ride/area music it is? I was thinking Colossus, but maybe its samurai or rush, or something totally different?And maybe I'm being stupid and the music isn't from thorpe at all
  2. Chloebell

    Pirates 4D

    I was at Busch Gardens in Florida over Christmas and you'll never guess what I saw. Pirates 4D! It was exactly the same film and glasses and it reminded me how bad it is!EDIT: I just looked for a link to it, to find out it closed recently. What a shame, maybe we've lost the Pirates 4D forever - worldwide xD
  3. On the 23rd October 09, stealth wasn't open . At least I don't think - I left at 8pm and it had been shut all day
  4. I can't believe that over their busiest time of the year (possibly) - Fright Nights - they would have one of their main rides closed. I suppose they can't help it if it breaks but I'd be suprised if they weren't trying to get it fixed for the weekend/half term/Halloween weekend.
  5. Does anyone know what's wrong with Stealth? Do you think it will be open tomorrow (Friday 23rd October)?
  6. Agreed. In my opinion they ruined Bubble Works at Chessie by changing the sponsor to Imperial Leather.
  7. This is probably a rumor but I heard that X No Way Out may be moving to inside the Black Hole tent at Alton...? I wonder if this means anything? An inside, wild mouse in the dark. Sounds incredibly similar to Disney's Space Mountain coaster in Florida. Which means it isn't impossible to build, just very unlikely.
  8. If you think the queues will be long, and they turn out not to be, you'll be happy.But if you underestimate and they're long, you'll be dissapointed.Basically, allways over-estimate the queues and you'll never be dissapointed.
  9. This is taken from the Fright Night's thread. I think the SAW sounds quite boring, hope they'll do more on it, especially for half term.
  10. The Freaky Ultimate???Yes it does say mazes and attractions/rides but it also says £75. £75! I would never pay that for any fastrack. Unless I was going on the 31st. Maybe. Still I think £75 is pretty steep just to cut some queues.
  11. Expect long queues and you'll never be disappointed:)
  12. Yorkie sponsership was still there yeaterday, but I don't think it's as bad as people make out. It's just a few stickers, but I suppose the posters in the queue line do look a bit tacky...
  13. Does anyone have any SAW audio? Just wondering, as I couldn't find any anywhere
  14. Some one was in it OMGI'm never going to be able to go on Zodiac again!
  15. Oh, well I take it no one was it in then , as it was during testing. That's good
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