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  1. At the moment it is a maybe, once the date is confirmed I will know for sure but I want to go.
  2. I will be on it, will you?
  3. Thanks to Paige, and TPM in general for a good day out. That was the first time for me at Adventure Island, and all in all it isn't a bad little place. It was great to see people again and have a good laugh. I think a special mention has to go to the 'hard as nails' iPhone for still working. Highlight of the day was doing Tidal Wave in February.
  4. Thanks Paige, it is much appreciated.
  5. Are we booking the wrist bands as individuals?
  6. Looking at the reviews of the restaurant, is it worth thinking about changing it to the second choice?
  7. I will hold the bags!!
  8. I'm a maybe at the moment, depends if life is feeling nice
  9. If the worst happens, just remember the dentist doesn't use pliers!
  10. At the moment I'm a maybe, hopefully I can get confirmation in a few weeks time.
  11. I should be doing everything apart from Airhop, and to be honest not entirely sure about the meal yet (sorry)
  12. Thanks...I should have looked better.
  13. Has a date for this been confirmed yet.
  14. I was looking at a 14 day, 12 park trip. It was working out at roughly £850pp based on 2 people. The main issue was the cost of tickets, by doing less park it would be cheaper and maybe more manageable. I might have to look in to breaking it down to a couple of long weekends.