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  1. Happy 40th sweetie xx I miss you so much xx

  2. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already....I miss you so much x

  3. A year ago that we got back from our mini holiday to Efteling & Phantasialand.  Fantastic memories to have but I miss you so much every day ?

  4. Miss you Roodie x

  5. I miss you so much ?

  6. Miss you so much ?

  7. Hi, I originally voted for two dates, is it possible to cancel my vote for the 2nd as I’m now not available. Thanks.
  8. Is anyone thinking of doing Containment on the meet? Could be a laugh having a TPM group or 2.
  9. There was a lot of screaming on the small coasters!
  10. @Han30 we all know what you are thinking off!
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