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  1. I can tell you now as a father of 2 young children they wouldn't be bored with it. They love the zoo and it would be another way to see the animals. Chessington's demographic are young families as that is where the money is. They have to appeal to the kids and then it is that pressure which makes the parents take them and spend money. They need to invest an awful lot of capital into the resort as another family thrill ride would go down a treat, as well as a couple of rides everyone can enjoy. And of course just clean the place up and improve the general atmosphere.
  2. Do enlighten me on what you think then.
  3. Actually it would be a good replacement for the skyway. If it had good throughput then it would be perfect. The problem would be where does it go, what would you actually see and obviously the cost.
  4. Or maybe they want to be nominated for a Darwin award?
  5. Does anyone think that the theming for Timber Tug boat could be correct, and the rest of the area is wrong? I mean what is actually in that area, an old log flume that may or may not be refurbished and rocky express. Is it possible that they may decide to re-theme the small area?
  6. You can never have enough Merchandise
  7. Unfortunately this type of PR, marketing or advertising is the world we now live in. Everything is over hyped, for example I don't buy aftershave thinking that every supermodel would be attracted to me or that it would improve my life considerably, even though that is what some of the adverts portray. I personally hate this type of advertising, just give me the facts and let me make my own mind up. Although I am looking forward to trying the Ghost Train, as I found it enjoyable, but it is different strokes for different folks.
  8. It was Europa on it's own but we decided to do Movie Park, Phantasialand followed off by Plopsaland. Yay for driving
  9. I won't be going I'm afraid. Already have plans in September.
  10. At the moment it is a maybe, once the date is confirmed I will know for sure but I want to go.
  11. I will be on it, will you?
  12. Thanks to Paige, and TPM in general for a good day out. That was the first time for me at Adventure Island, and all in all it isn't a bad little place. It was great to see people again and have a good laugh. I think a special mention has to go to the 'hard as nails' iPhone for still working. Highlight of the day was doing Tidal Wave in February.
  13. Thanks Paige, it is much appreciated.
  14. Are we booking the wrist bands as individuals?