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  1. I still think "It will completely change what theme parks can do" with that smug face is one of the all time classic theme park moments in this country
  2. How it is today, rushing past the train in a blocky room where you only see the floor beneath you for a few seconds (if you bother to look over the side while you get the chance), is really not the best way the illusion could have been designed. It may not be possible to stand directly underneath, but they designed themselves into a corner with the whole thing really. There's always other techniques when it comes to illusion to give the impression there's more than there really is. With DBGT its the other way round, things are so badly thought through that you actually miss the best bits. For all that effort and an amazing concept, how it turned out is almost pointless in my opinion. Much like the whole ride.
  3. It was the opposite of a superb job, and it was really not what Air needed to improve the experience
  4. Legend has it the new divisional director and marketing director have been fired or quit only 1 season after the previous. They are already hiring for a new marketing director. What's going on with Thorpe?
  5. Awful storytelling then if you have to look online or read some words on a poster. I'm convinced some people at Merlin must be deluded when you see how many of their attractions have self indulgent "backstories" that actually manifest in nothing, other than some screens, a preshow video and some signs. The best hook that ride had was not the Sub Core energy story (whatever it was) but the whole Derren Brown mental illusion Victoriana thing, which amounts to nothing after the preshow. I disagree that the queue has any atmosphere, it's horrendous! Loud tinny music blasted into your ear for ages while you walk around a switchback squeezed around the back of the building.
  6. I don't know, I thought it was rubbish from day 1 and so did most people who went in it apparently.
  7. It's been suggested the drop tower will be another second hand ride, if so, no, not really a proper investment. Bears a striking resemblence to Detonator. I guess we'll find out.
  8. It will give young kiddies a shot at a log flume, but a second-hand low capacity filler is the very last thing Chessington needs at this point.
  9. I agree, we shouldnt actually believe hype and should just go in with an open mind whatever it is. Creek Freak was good for what it was. In this case I think the 'most intense maze ever' thing thankfully wasnt much present around the park, more just a silly post online. So luckily it's not in most the public's minds unlike other hyperbole claims Merlin like to make
  10. This guy is gonna grow up and realise just how much he was played as a puppet for a company that gives no four letter words about him. I also think it really showed the difference (compared to efforts in recent years) having Towers/MMM guidance on the new maze. Shows you don't need to blow on an IP to get a popualr and effective maze, you just need good ideas and little bit more spending to make it work. It was a very decent maze for Thorpe!
  11. That sounds much better, but in such a small space with so many people in there (presumably there were far less people in batches on the press night you went) then nobody will be able to see it. Leaving it just as a flashy light and some banging. It just doesnt make up for the long tunnel of nothing that comes before it, even though the middle part of the maze I really liked.
  12. What was Platform 15's ending? Shoved into a shed as an actor mumbles some questions, then someone bangs on a window and a strobe light goes off. Then everyone slowly walks out confused. Did something go wrong on my run or something? It was incredibly bad.
  13. Are you being sarcastic? I have to ask haha. Like I say I think there are loads of more fun and better coasters out there, but it definitely seems to be an unpopular opinion.
  14. Sure, although I brought up the whole attraction and area when I said it was dull, so if "incredibly themed" you mean ignoring everything other than constant Disney style decoration around the track then no. But now that would be picking things apart and anaylsing. As a decent themed coaster where it actaully adds something to the experience, there are far better even in the same park. Nemesis —The quarry setting is incredible and is what creates half the fun, all of which had to be created for the ride as we all know. You get right down into it, explore over and under the ride before youre even at the station. The waterfalls and the ride over pools, the music, it all comes together for a really exciting ride. Hey it even has some junkyard theming but actually adds some style, not just token vehicles parked on flat ground. Nemesis' landscaping beats The Swarm's car park-coaster style by miles. Eve just looking at it, the ride is an impressive picture. Nemesis Inferno—Simple but good, you queue around some jungle planting then up into a volcano. It sets you up well for the ride. Starting the station at high level then immediately into the tunnel is a great kick off to the ride, really pacey. The interaction with the surrounding paths is great. Very different to The Swarm's pretty piecemeal, empty plaza. Colossus—Well, it used to be much better when it was half over the water, and the station is very cheap. But the bridges over the ride mix things up and hide how formulaic the layout actually is, adds some fun interaction. The planting, music and waterfront queue was originally very good. Felt much more substantial than the Swarm ever did. Black Mamba—A real labyrinth of the coaster through the landscape, buildings, paths. The queue deeper into the village and into the cave is a brilliant set up, keeping a lot of the ride quite secret. Incredibly detailed too. Brilliant moment starting and finishing in complete darkness, very memorable. Taron—Whoever says the theme is dull must be one incredbly jaded enthusist! If we're talking about The Swarm being "good enough for the public" then are we really suggesting the same public would shrug their shoulders walking around Taron? Wicker Man—Miles better, has a lot more character than Swarm, the area is a lot more interactive, the coaster is quite thrilling and fast. Ironically many enthusiasts who love The Swarm scorn Wicker Man for being a pretty average GCI (fair enough, but its still lots of fun) despite the public clearly loving Wicker Man and the theme. Raptor Attack—Yes its a dead simple coaster but I actaully think its more fun and the trail down to the ride is a whole lot more creative than The Swarm's pavement. Baron—Probably the only one on this list where the coaster alone is same as Swarm for me, but the brilliant theme is what makes the difference. Cool preshow, simple and good, great station setting, adds a lot to the ride.
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