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  1. Well, that's a shame to hear, because I remember your optimism when joining that you believed Thorpe Park could one day be a great theme park in the world. But I got to say, I went through the same realisation. And I would love to be happily surprised and proven wrong, but every time theres news of "improvements" at the park somehow it's always hype. There's plenty great parks out there in the world to enjoy! Hopefully one day Thorpe gets its act together again.
  2. What programme was it shown on?
  3. All the random fanpages using these allegations to plug their brand with empty "In light of recent events we would like to say..." posts is pretty sad. If people want to support others, use your platforms to retweet or share the stories themselves, comment support on the stories. Or post if you actually have something genuine to add, like some perspective, experience or if you were involved with the people the allegations are about. I've seen more fanpages doing these empty gestures on Twitter than the actual allegations. "We at Theme Park World Attraction Guide Podcast are shocked by the allegations" well thank goodness for that, problem solved then. On the whole, there has been a lot of real support from theme park fans which is great to see.
  4. I think it looked great for years when Thorpe still had some of that family theme park vibe! Since then they've tried to slick back and make the park more minimal, turn the dome into more of a club, so I understand them removing it. But they've revamped it in the cheapest possible, dullest way. There is literally no design to it, just removing all character. As always "phase 2" never arrives, "phase 2" is code for "not happening". The old Atlantis dome at its best with the underwater vibe was really good, the scenery was great, although it got a lot removed and beaten up over the years. I think it only seemed dated because of the different direction the park was going in. You could picture it fitting right into mid 90s family Thorpe really well, instead of 2010s era Thorpe. I'm surprised it was such a late addition actually! (2000 ish wasnt it?)
  5. Of course there are reasons, but it's not acceptable for this to look so bad when the park is open. Why do we see this kind of terrible standards so regularly at Chessington?
  6. Not that you intended it to sound that way of course, but isn't this sort of view really patronising. Maybe it's more likely that there's just not as many girls interested in a forum. I think in general theme park enthusiasts are moving away from forums and more towards social media, which is both good and bad. Good that there's more personality and a mix of more people, but bad because of the limitations of social media rewarding clickbait and vlogger fame over real enthusiasm. It's just pros and cons really! Either way, I second that forcing representation through tokenism is never a good idea. I don't think it suggests discrimination that the mods are white males, when most the forum seemingly is. Let's see them as individuals rather than categorise by their skin colour and gender. It's all about equal opportunity!
  7. Yes that's it, I can tell you my expectation was that it was going to be poor, but the moment they produce something genuinly great I would fully appreciate it and sing their praises (like Wicker man which I thought was a fun ride all round!)
  8. Is it too much to expect the same park to be as good as it was 20-30 years ago, especially for such a basic investment as a small childrens area retheme? Especially when prices have generally gone up
  9. But even just as that, the area was better before. Well before Toadies got so worn out. The new ending to Toadies is pathetic and dull. Even Berry Bouncers was arguably better, because now you just awkwardly face the back side from the main path where it's most visible. The whole thing is really poor quality. The log flume is 'better than nothing' but still extremely cheaply done for kids
  10. Mcamey Manor is one of those garbage things that only thrives off word of mouth and shock factor, it isn't actually that special or worth looking up
  11. An expensive SBNO ride costs a huge amount less than an expensive open ride with high running costs.
  12. Yeah it's not had an actual themed area since those, I was saying that in agreement to the previous post that it's just loosely themed, so it doesn't particularly matter that the themes don't 'make sense' next to each other. As long as they look good and it makes for a nice park then that's just the park's vibe. I don't think the public go into Thorpe Park for any reason than to enjoy the park and the rides, it should just focus on being good at that. It's more like Blackpool Pleasure Beach really. Wheras the moment guests step into Efteling they're in a beautiful theme park with so many surprises and areas to explore, totally different appeal. The themed 'areas' might not have a big Merlin style archway saying "Welcome to ____ land" but that doesn't matter, each corner of the park is a little different and the attractions all sit next to next each other nicely. Each park is different style when it comes to how they theme stuff, I wish Thorpe would stick to what it's best at really and clean itself up. It could really be great fun
  13. I don't think I've seen anyone say a park "needs" themed areas to be a theme park. (Also every inch of Efteling is themed so I dont know what you mean there) Like you say it's all about enjoyment. What I mean is, Thorpe Park makes for a terrible immersive style Phantasialand theme park, whenever it tries and fails to be that, but as a more simple stylish, throwaway kinda theme park it could be great fun! (that's kind of how it was in the past as a family park anyway) Currently it's a very bad, not very enjoyable mish mash. The park is very grubby and uncool but tries to look slick and stylish. They try to force 'themed areas' and themed experiences when there aren't any, rather than focus on making the park look appealing or have any identity. A few surf boards and painted wood doesn't make a great park Some of the ride themes are ok on their own, but most are depressing, cheap and all shoved together in a weird mess I really don't know why they thought Derren Brown was a good idea for Thorpe, it was the last thing all that money needed spending on in my opinion.
  14. Yeah good point, it's much more an amusement park these days, it never actually had a real themed area since Ranger County, Fantasy Reef and Amity Cove to be honest. The rides are themed, but the park really isn't. It's a Walibi style 'theme park', I think Thorpe Park should just focus on being really good at that, with a fresh stylish park. Otherwise it's really bad at being a full-on 'immersive' theme park.
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