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  1. Not complaining at all, just adding to discussion (the point of a forum). "Fumes" you're probably not talking about the carbon monoxide like I was, otherwise everyone would be dead. The fact that chainsaws are used inside means there must be some ventilation, otherwise it would be far more dangerous than Covid. Even if it caused shutdowns now and then, that could be solved easily by adding more extraction. Haze could just not be used if it was really that much of a problem. You know it's just an effect right? The maze format last year wasn't too different to some of the Alton mazes. I
  2. There has to be ventilation wherever chainsaws are used and CO monitoring to shut down the maze if too much build up, so that sounds more likely the reason there were shutdowns. Alton's mazes still have strong haze and narrow corridors, if haze too strong usually just opening a door for a few minutes would clear it. I can't really imagine why the Creek Freak building would have a Covid ventilation problem worse than anywhere else, when it's a wooden shack rather than a stone basement, especially when chainsaw mazes usually require strong ventilation anyway (stronger than for Covid regula
  3. Might be overthinking things, a set in the ruins basement isn't too different from a set in a draughty wooden shack, probably the ruins basement would be less ventilated. Actually I'm not sure there's any substantial ventilation at all in any mazes Ive been to this year? The Alton mazes still use thick haze this year. Even before Covid I'd not heard of a maze ever needing to actually shut down because of haze too thick. Usually smoke would just get turned down/off and left to dissipate a bit if it got too much. So maybe it's a case of Thorpe being over-precautious and Alton being more pr
  4. It took me years to even notice the van had that logo, I dont think it makes any difference, the main feature is the queue entertainment and jokes/characters in the soundtrack and it makes sense with the 50s theme fine. Great that the park are getting the sound systems back working and sounding good again
  5. None of those colours are actually from Billy's Whizzer but just the colour of the skeleton underneath all the decoration, none of that would ever usually be seen. It's quite cool to see how it works underneath.
  6. I'm glad the ride has reopened since lockdown, so that fans can go see for themselves how outstandingly awful the 'new' Tomb Blaster is rather than believe all the social media hype that went on back in spring.
  7. The big investments in the early 2000s was to transform the park and double the numbers, which it did well. That level of investment was always going to die down, but all parks still have to keep up good new rides to stop declining attendance. Thorpe did do this for a while, but the park itself just died. In the early 2000s Thorpe still had most its family park era, which made it a fun place to be and a good visitor base. After that got sidelined and grotty, combined with so much marketing towards young adults, the park seems to have lost its visitor base over 10 years. And then, after S
  8. Six Flags parks are far off being theme parks though and don't try to, so reusing catchy names isn't so important. I have to agree I think Merlin have become quite unimagintive with names, they overcook it (The Smiler, THE Swarm) or they undercook it . Spot on!
  9. Well, that's a shame to hear, because I remember your optimism when joining that you believed Thorpe Park could one day be a great theme park in the world. But I got to say, I went through the same realisation. And I would love to be happily surprised and proven wrong, but every time theres news of "improvements" at the park somehow it's always hype. There's plenty great parks out there in the world to enjoy! Hopefully one day Thorpe gets its act together again.
  10. What programme was it shown on?
  11. All the random fanpages using these allegations to plug their brand with empty "In light of recent events we would like to say..." posts is pretty sad. If people want to support others, use your platforms to retweet or share the stories themselves, comment support on the stories. Or post if you actually have something genuine to add, like some perspective, experience or if you were involved with the people the allegations are about. I've seen more fanpages doing these empty gestures on Twitter than the actual allegations. "We at Theme Park World Attraction Guide Podcast are shocked by the a
  12. I think it looked great for years when Thorpe still had some of that family theme park vibe! Since then they've tried to slick back and make the park more minimal, turn the dome into more of a club, so I understand them removing it. But they've revamped it in the cheapest possible, dullest way. There is literally no design to it, just removing all character. As always "phase 2" never arrives, "phase 2" is code for "not happening". The old Atlantis dome at its best with the underwater vibe was really good, the scenery was great, although it got a lot removed and beaten up over the years.
  13. Of course there are reasons, but it's not acceptable for this to look so bad when the park is open. Why do we see this kind of terrible standards so regularly at Chessington?
  14. Not that you intended it to sound that way of course, but isn't this sort of view really patronising. Maybe it's more likely that there's just not as many girls interested in a forum. I think in general theme park enthusiasts are moving away from forums and more towards social media, which is both good and bad. Good that there's more personality and a mix of more people, but bad because of the limitations of social media rewarding clickbait and vlogger fame over real enthusiasm. It's just pros and cons really! Either way, I second that forcing representation through tokenism is never a g
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