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  1. If it just had more detail and a bit more going on then I'm sure the rustic look would look great. It just seems a bit featureless and odd at the moment
  2. The "revamped" Tomb Blaster is marginally better than the broken down version before, but not as good as when Tomb Blaster first opened and still a dull, naff attraction. The hype this revamp is getting is starting to get ridiculous. The new music is good, shame theres no great theme tune like before but it adds something at least. The 'story' thing adds nothing at all and is not what the ride needed. The whole train looked bored. There's still loads not working and some cringey choices with some moments
  3. I sure do, it's well known parks are keeping social media "influencers" on their good side by giving them free tickets or invites, either that or a back door relationship with the park managers (nothing serious obviously, just silly though). Or it's the other way around with enthusiasts trying to suck up to park management to get freebies. The reason I care is it just overhypes things and gets fans to believe this stuff is special (it's just normal maintenance in most parks this size around the world). Or it becomes one big enthusiast clique instead of focussing on entertaining the public. But I literally have no idea about Tomb V3 and will go in open minded of course
  4. Judging by that video, they have managed to make a light turn on and off? Seriously people have to go see these things for themselves. Don't listen to all these social media people who get free tickets to say good things and personally know the park managers. I remember Chessington Buzz overhyping the last Tomb revamp too. It took some time after the season started for the obvious to settle—that the ride was still terrible The old Tomb music was brilliant, it was more the sound system that was botched not the music itself. There must be a reason theyve changed it, maybe to go in a darker direction. Not just someone trying to give Nick Hutson a break I hope. Be prepared for him to tell absolutely everybody on earth that he did the new music. Whatever, I will go in with an open mind, I'm sure we would all love for Tomb to be an entertaining attraction again. Not just "better than before", because anything is better than before.
  5. I agree, but "It's better than nothing" seems to be the saying for nearly every UK park now! Is it entertaining though, is it a good ride? That's what really matters. Like Vampire it should never have got into the state it was in With stories in dark rides, much better to be entertaining and no literal story, than have a shoved in story but a dull attraction. To weave a new story through Tomb they'd have to do a lot of work, lot of budget and make it totally fresh. I'm expecting a video on some TVs and some signs, but Id love to be proved wrong!
  6. I would be impressed if it could be any worse than the last revamp a couple years ago, which was also praised by the same bloggers as being much improved. I'm not judging this revamp mind you, I havnt seen it for myself, I'm just saying this kind of hype over "changes" happens every year.
  7. High praise from random Twitter bloggers paid in free tickets to say good things about the park Let's all wait to see what it's actually like in person. Who knows
  8. Errr, why? You could quite easily spend a whole day at Phantasialand and it be one of the most stellar parks you can visit in Europe, and not even notice those rides. They're just an anomaly really, whereas at Chessington Vampire is the biggest ride. There is absolutely no competition when it comes to value for money.
  9. Just to clarify in that post I meant the ceiling floodlights that were before this, in reply to what Josh was saying about the state it was in before this revamp. The new lighting has had effort put in, actually the positioning is great, but what it's doing.. not so much And although the repairs are much appreciated, those things about syncing the soundtrack & lighting, repairing the animatronic etc, it should never have lost sync in the first place or the organist been left like that so long. Probably been left broken longer than many people on this forum can remember!
  10. Not just the most recent example, pretty much the only other themed coaster with a real pre ride experience at a UK Merlin park. Both built as family thrill coasters, Vampire doesnt have a separate room for its preshow but it's all the same kind of thing for its day. My point is that WM was very popular for its theme, few fans today would ever realise Vampire was once just as good if not better. If Wicker Man had all its preshow/station decor stripped back to empty walls, the main feature left not working for years, the soundtrack "lost" and speakers left busted, all lighting removed and some Maplin LEDs rushed in, it wouldnt be acceptable. Only reason Vampire got away with it was because the decline happened gradually over 20 years. Even far smaller parks in Europe look after their attractions much better than this
  11. Hmm I really beg to differ though, I think it had lost all entertainment value by then and doubt any of the public would remember it much. An empty warehouse with an organ setpiece at the end and some B&Q floodlights. You may as well have had the station outside. When a day ticket to Phantasialand costs almost the same as Chessington, is there really any excuse for how poor Vampire got? Imagine if Wicker Man ended up like that in the future (and Vampire's preshow was originally better than Wicker Man's too) and people just shrugged. Is that really what guests shell out for at a Merlin park? Also, we have so much more opportunity available now than Chessington did in 1990, it's strange that something 30 years ago has not been improved on. But I suppose it's a credit to how good the original music and station were for the time.
  12. Not in my experience (though I'm not speaking specifcally about Chessington). You'll usually always get better results from external designers— that's not because in house teams are necessarily bad or anything like that. But in-house teams usually have less resources, are pushed for time looking after the rest the park, and their perspective always skewed by working at the park day in day out (and influenced by wanting to impress their work mates rather than delivering to a client!). Anway, that's another discussion. But, if you are listening to feedback Chessington, and I do appreciate the effort, Id love for the lighting to be less totally randomised, because the effect just gets numbed under the "hey look at me!" DJ mash. I get you're going for a more colourful style, but if it built up more with the music and didnt try to use every colour under the sun at once, it could be much better.
  13. You know that nobody is suggesting only the original team from 1990 are allowed to do it, the original station we mean. But putting that aside, the revamp is good, if not as nearly good as it's been originally. It's very DJ, but if youre gonna do that you may as well go all the way with the music as well. The improvements are limited to just the organ area, well that's as much as we're gonna get I guess. The fixed animatronic is the best part, good on them. Remember stuff like this is normal in most theme parks, where it would have never gotten into the state it was in these last few years anyway. But enthusiasts are always hungry for some "changes" to get excited about after closed season!
  14. But but, how are these forum members gonna cynically mock your posts now?
  15. Yeah, if they were changing it for change's sake then it would be pointless, but I think they were right to change it if they're going down this disco route. The original theme suited the original style best. It was a better piece of music for sure, but the new one is still good The best it looked in recent years was definitely around 2012/2013. It looked fabulous then! Although it was static.
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