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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Someone's in trouble now... That advert(?) is a little understated in my opinion and as mentioned with a coaster this beautiful it's almost a crime to not feature footage of it, how strange.
  2. With the opening of a certain iconic coaster looming, I rather foolishly decided that I would celebrate the occasion by marking it as my 400th coaster. In order for that fantasy to become reality I was going to need to step up my current UK cred hunting streak... This week's adventure took me to the lovely (it really isn't) seaside town of Weston Super Mare. The first park for today was Animal Farm Adventure Park, which is located on farm land (imagine that) around 15 minutes from WSM. After paying the shockingly low admission fee (currently £9) we were ushered straight in without being given tickets, that might be a first. +1 After hitting the cred it was time to check out the animals. Now call it me getting old, call it the glorious weather or call it me happy to be out of the car for an hour but I actually rather enjoyed walking around and watching the animals, what have I become... The farm is home to all your favourite basic animals (sadly they didn't have Capybara) such as horses, ponies, llamas, sheep, goats etc And I thought my teeth were bad... Damn you Marvel for making me love raccoons. I for one am happy creds drew me to this place because although my time there was short I can safely say I enjoyed it and it was a good way to start the day. Friendly staff, funny animals and a dangerously chilled out atmosphere, good little place this. After Animal Farm we made our way to Weston Super Mare, opting to avoid the disgusting (£6 minimum pay) seafront car park and choosing instead to park in a nearby multistory. The reason for coming to WSM was something strange called Funland At The Tropicana popping up on the UK parks page of Coaster-Count. Funland itself has apparently existed on the seafront for a while but only very recently have they added non travelling creds, thus it being added to RCDB and Coaster-Count. It was at this point my friend pointed out the last 3 coasters we had ridden were all wacky worms, I am neither proud or ashamed of this fact. Look how damn shiny and new this thing looks, such a contrast to the rusting scrap metal on Clarence Pier. To end the day we decided to slither into the town of WSM itself and what an interesting place it was. In the short walk to Subway, we walked past, about 10 nightclubs with scary bouncers outside, countless asshole rude boy teens and far too many bitter old people. It's far from being the worst place I've ever been (Eastbourne) but it certainly wasn't very welcoming. Rather thankful to escape we hit the road for the long drive home shortly after. Thanks for reading.
  3. I'm quite happy to admit I live in my own little enthusiast World and that TPM and my 2 enthusiast best friends are my only links to the enthusiast community. However the other day I stumbled on a YouTube series dedicated to the sketchy going ons (past & present) in the UK enthusiast community and I was disgusted, without going into any details the things I saw made me feel ashamed to be associated with this hobby I love. After stepping back I concluded, those assholes be damned I'm not going to let them represent this scene and I'm going to try even harder to do my part to make the best of us look good. I also want to say you lot are a good bunch and you're doing us proud but I won't because I'm too condescending.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    All the time sweetheart.
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    pluk has nailed it completely honestly, saying that I only visit Blackpool if I can stay in Big Blue and leave the car chilling there under CCTV watch. Icon's entrance structure looks awesome!
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    Alton Towers General Discussion

    About time someone put this clown in his place, nice work Alton Towers!
  7. Mega-Lite

    Rumba Rapids

    It might look crap at the moment but as has been mentioned all the pumps are working and it's hauling ass at the moment, my last ride on it was the most intense I've ever seen it!
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    The beast returns! I very much look forward to riding it next weekend.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    That's not an unpopular opinion, that's the truth! Yes it is, yay for more Stampida love! Detonator is probably the best drop tower in the World, the only thing that I've yet to ride that may top it is Ikaros. Benin's is worse, I wouldn't worry.
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    Much better, thanks Baron!
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    Believe it or not with the stories of people getting 5 rides done in a day and the park saying that's the norm, the capacity is set far higher than it technically needs to be (evacs and such) for reasons of keeping the park from being massively unpleasant and overcrowded. So opening new areas and attractions for people to flock to is the only way to increase it really and be it the council or the park's lack of trying not much has really changed over the years at Legoland. As for the prebooking system, I absolutely agree and surely those who who'd get annoyed by having to pay a small fee to prebook for busier days would rather that than be turned away on the door? You're asking for disappointment visiting at all these days.
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    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    I guess I'll have to give it another go on the next pass holder thing then, I hope the comedy has not been lost!
  13. Mega-Lite

    Year Of The Walking Dead Events (2018)

    Well that's yet another massive insult to Slammer's glorious legacy...
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    Funder Sheep In Flambards Creek

    Yawn. I think I can honestly say that, that sort of flat isn't for me.
  15. Is there a better way to spend a glorious bank holiday Sunday than going on a roadtrip and mopping up creds? Wait don't answer that... Yesterday me and my credit hunting buddy (freshly returned) went on an over 600 mile round trip to knock off the parks in the South West. Our day began with an over 5 hour drive to Flambards, which is the most southerly park in the UK. Nothing memorable to report about the drive, other than that we found a statue of a wicker man dropping to his knees at the entrance to an obscure services, he must of heard the news that Wicker Man is running slow at the moment, I hope he feels better soon. After what felt like days after we set off we finally arrived at Flambards. The reason for coming here was to ride Hornet, the park's Zierer Hornet coaster. Now while it's not going to blow anyone's mind Hornet is a good little coaster and it was nice to finally ride something that's not a wacky worm on these UK based cred runs. Now maybe it's because of the quality of the park's that followed Flambards but the park did leave me feeling a little let down. Firstly it was the most expensive park of this run at £20. Now I know what you're thinking, "you only went there for the cred and I'm sure the place offers a good value day out for those who spend the whole day there", well... £25 will get you into Blackpool Pleasure Beach, my favourite UK park and a place I leave every time feeling I need more of. Also it's £49 for unlimited Thorpe Park for a year and £55 for unlimited Alton Towers, with that in mind, paying £20 for Flambards does seem a bit steep to say the least. Coupled with the rather steep entrance price is the fact Flambards has very little to offer. You have Hornet, a log flume, a couple of thrill flats and a small children's area. That amounts to less on offer than the amusement park area of West Midland Safari Park, which of course includes a zoo and safari and isn't much more money. So while Hornet was fun and the staff were alright, the above 2 reasons left me feeling quite dry in regards to the park. Even if the place was 10 minutes down the road I very much doubt I'd ever visit again. After Flambards we made our way North to Camel Creek. After paying £15 each (much more like it) to the very welcoming bloke running the ticket office we made our way straight to Camel Creek's credit, Morgawr. Morgawr was manufactured by a company I've never heard of and it looks like a pile of scrap metal but in actuality delivers a pretty funky ride experience. Some of the low level bits are quite punchy and it's just so weird and unique that I might actually admit I had fun on it. After Morgawr (so fun to type), we experienced Cornwall's only 5D Simulator Experience and it was beautiful. A very friendly member of staff gave us an in depth safety rundown before we were lead to one of 5 four seater simulator pods placed infront of a cinema screen, how strange. The movie itself was equally surreal which just made the whole thing fantastic. Camel Creek is a lovely little place and I'm sure with right crowd and intentions you could easily spend a day there. Aswell as the rides the park has slides, animals and obstacle courses, plus the park has such a nice setting you could easily just walk around looking at the scenery (unlike Flambards which was mostly concrete). Big Sheep was the next park on our tour, a park I've been excited to do for a while now. There must be something in the water in the part of Devon Big Sheep is located, because much like Milky way (which is 10 minutes away), the staff here were so friendly that it blew my mind. Rampage is Big Sheep's major attraction, a large custom Zierer that years ago used to operate in a mall, which goes to explain the wacky layout and odd support set up. I couldn't picture a more perfect coaster for this wacky little park and it certainly delivers a unique ride, not to mention a playful kick out of the first drop in the back row, I really enjoyed it. Big Sheep among offering a few other rides including classic swan boats, also gives you the opportunity to watch literal sheep races, I am not kidding! You really couldn't go wrong going on a trip to Big Sheep and Milky Way, they both offer a brilliant wacky atmosphere and outstanding customer service. Sadly we had to leave Big Sheep far too soon in order to have time to make it to Funder Park in Dawlish. Now it's this leg of the journey where the almost expected happened... About 5 miles from the park the sat nav routed me up easily the most messed up road I've experienced to date. Literally just enough room to fit a car through, little to no passing points, intense hills and people walking towards me, nightmare. Let's be kind and say Dawlish Warren (where the park is located) attracts a strange bunch. Obese women in bikinis carrying boomboxes, the sunburnt masses, shirtless Spanish men making hilarious noises, shifty men wearing jumpers in 30 degrees and f bombs dropping like it's going out of fashion. I'll be honest I was not expecting to be presented with this but I've seen worse. After purchasing our tokens, which was no easy task, we rounded off our succesful trip with a couple of laps of the coaster formally known as Wacky Warm, sadly I forgot to take a picture so you'll just have to use your imaginations. Parks for the day done, we had Pizza Hut then set off for the three and half hour drive home, yes my spine felt like I just had 20 laps of Grand National when I got there. Thanks for reading.
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    Top 10's

    It did, it came 29th... Then take part in the next one? You're well travelled, you've got a good chance of making a difference.
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    Meh, too much motocoaster in that picture for my liking...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Thanks man, you've probably spited us now! That shop looks lovely, let's be real though, with Amanda in charge if it didn't look great heads would roll. What I am impressed with though is all the various products available for Icon, to echo Baron, they must have seen the wide product range Merlin offer and thought "if people will buy all that crap, let's offer it", very exciting and I've already decided I want an Icon shirt! I'm trying my best to not look at Icon updates these days because it makes me far too excited but I will confess this new batch has given me faith that the surrounding areas should look nice when it's finished, plus that station exterior now looks very passable and modern.
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    Top 10's

    Or rather the 366 people who took part in the poll, it wasn't TPR exclusive... Lack of ridership stopped T Express being top 10 which is incredibly disappointing, but at least Helix beat Taron and Shambhala. #TeamHelix
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    Port Aventura

    I'm already lawyered up, please expect a court summons in the post... Sorry you had a bad time though. (Imagine there's a sad face here, the emoji tab seems to have descended into madness)
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    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    I can see where you're coming from Baron but I think I'll have to disagree on this one... Firstly, it really does sound like Wicker Man was riding poorly that day, which echoes a friend of mine who did media day, then went back a couple weeks ago and was disappointed. From my 2 laps just after opening, it was flying round the track with a real sense of purpose, hitting you with surprise airtime and awesome laterals. It was the perfect family coaster, not too intense (no launches, no inversions, no massive drops) but certainly not designed for the younger members of the family only, like you have implied. Wicker Man (when I rode it) provided a coaster experience every member of the family could enjoy, the weak hearted parents and younger kids coming off thinking they just really accomplished something great and the teens coming off laughing because it was so much fun. As for the theme being too scary/not suitable... In my eyes at least (the eyes of a big wimp for reference), it's actually quite a smart idea. It's quite a subtle form of scary, you have to understand the concept behind the Wicker Man and what it's going to be used for (burning you alive as a sacrifice) and I doubt the younger children that you're worried about will understand that. As for the pre show, whilst I can see how it might frighten the easily frightened, it's certainly no worse than Duel (a family ride), Hex (a family ride) or 13's Tesla coil (a family ride). Both times I got to see the preshow, no one cried, no one asked to leave, whereas I've seen countless kids run back down the stairs screaming because of 13's Tesla. A smart theme to a perfect family coaster, in my opinion. As for this test seat (or lack thereof), after watching the walk of shame a few times over 2 rides, they most certainly need it and it was a weird decision to not just buy one to start with.
  22. I've had the intention of hitting up West Midland Safari Park, a zoo/drive through safari/amusement park hybrid, for quite a while now but due to both the cost and time required I've never gotten around to it, until now... After doing a bit of planning, I discovered if you book a week in advance, visit on the Sunday and combine the amusement park wristbands with the entrance tickets you can get the price down to a rather reasonable £26, which really isn't that bad at all, as I shall explain. With that I set off for the park on the Sunday just gone and other than the last 10 miles or so of the drive, things seemed to go quite well, I know right, I can't quite believe it either. For the last leg of the journey, from my direction at least, you have to drive through Kidderminster, which despite it being 10am on a Sunday morning, was absolutely heaving, couple that with many multilane roundabouts and it made for both an irritating and stressful end to the journey. Much like Farup Sommerland, you buy/redeem your entry tickets from your car on the way in, which is fine in my eyes because I'm a lazy bastard. It turns out, everyone gets a FREE return ticket just for showing up at the moment, so my £26 from earlier is now granting me 2 entries, not bad! After paying/redeeming you get the option of either going straight into the 4 mile long safari or turning off into a car park to do the on foot zoo/amusement park bit. As I was in actual pain from needing the toilet and was there for the creds mostly, I knew where I was heading. Toilet duties sorted and it was time to check out the amusement park. For some reason, I had it in my head that WMSP had just plonked 3 creds in a field, well I'm glad to admit I was wrong. Aswell as the amusement park area looking very well presented, the ride line up itself was quite impressive. Now while those creds aren't going to do anything for people like us, they are no doubt great family creds and all presented in a much cleaner way than I was expecting. Other than the credits, the amusement park is also home to a log flume, a ghost train, a fantastic drop tower, a Fabbri rapids ride, a swinging ship, a frisbee, a disko and various other famliy/childrens attractions. There's easily enough there to keep a family busy for a few hours, so it's probably worth the £14 on the day cost and of course you can get it cheaper online, so all round good value in my eyes. The staff were all super friendly as well which always helps. This thing really kicks ass, I believe it's manufactured by Fabbri and as you can see it uses the same firing you down the tower technology as Det, it's intense! After ticking off everything of interest to me in the amusement park, I headed out to check out the on foot zoo stuff. While there's nothing too exciting going on, there's easily enough there to kill or an hour or two. The highlights for me were the reptile house (snakes are awesome) and the lemur walkthrough (was convinced I was going to get mauled by them). On route back to the car I had a browse at the food on offer and much like the park itself, it all appeared to be really good value for money. I told myself when booking the tickets I wouldn't take my reasonably pricey, leased and sporty car (not showing off, setting you up for comedy) through the safari drive through but after being impressed by the rest of the park I convinced myself it was a good idea, it wasn't. The safari experience started off terrifying but ended up being extremely boring. Sitting in your own car with rhinos walking casually inches from you is both awesome and oh so scary. Talking of scary, driving a leased car past horny bastards is rather thrilling. Sadly that's about as good as it gets and the rest of the experience is pretty crap. All the animals that want to eat you are behind fences, so it feels like you're driving through a zoo at many points. Also on more than 1 occasion a section would be completely devoid of any animals. The major problem with the drive through though is, all the electric gates you have to wait forever to get through and there's so many of them! Less than 2 minutes of driving past a fence or nothing at all, then waiting 10 minutes for an electric gate to let you through, this situation plays out so many times that by the end of the safari I was so damn bored. Mercifully I made it out of the safari before I completely gave up on life. If you've got the patience for waiting for millions of gates to open, then I'm sure you'll love the novelty of the safari but I could quite happily never do it again. So in summary, the amusement park is rather good, the zoo is alright and the safari is a bit crap, either way I'm glad to say I have now been to West Midland Safari Park. Thanks for reading.
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    West Midland Safari Park

    They do indeed, but let's be honest which park doesn't have a dinosaur attraction these days? Paultons struck gold and now there are animatronic dinosaurs everywhere!
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    Unpopular Opinions

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    Baron, they were heavy handed on Helix and Balder all the way back in 2016, doesn't seem to be a new thing and never affected the fun anyway. I'll happily watch the throughput suffer if the ride experience remains the same. I'm glad to read that it hasn't been affected but I'll reserve judgement till I've been reunited with the beast. With how weird Sweden has been with parks in the past (see Kolmarden), I wouldn't be shocked to hear it's a new H&S ruling...