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  1. I would apologise for how long it's taken me to finish this report, but at the end of the day I wanted to make sure I was at least half satisfied with how it came out, unlike most of the trip reports on the internet... #NotShadeButHonesty Day 15 Today was the last full day of the trip but it was easily going to be one of the most memorable. It began with a short metro journey to... Lotte World - https://rcdb.com/5016.htm This was my 2nd time visiting the park, so if you want a much better write up go see my last Korean tr
  2. Well... Have you actually seen how much effort Wanda put into theming in their parks? It wouldn't surprise me if the clone looked as good if not better than Taron... As I mentioned in my trip report recently (read it), riding a cloned layout, if it doesn't live up to how you remember the original riding, can cause you to question if you've remembered/rated the original correctly. I'll see you at the meet! In all seriousness though, can we all actually go ride this coaster and then debate who's bae it's beating. I don't want me and ChiapasC to
  3. Was dreading coming in this thread after reading elsewhere people coming out with outlandish comments concerning the new coaster, but TPM you've done me proud. So I'll begin with it looks absolutely amazing and I'll sell my body parts to be standing in the queue (as it's probably broken down) on opening weekend. But I have a question, not a complaint. Why have they gone for putting a triple launch switch track section mid course? Is it just to be able to claim all those silly records, I really hope not... I know NOTHING about Parc Asterix, other
  4. Me and my credit counting friend have tried no less than 4 times now with no result, it quite simply is not as simple as you make it out to be... On the up side, the very same day they last ignored us they made national news for "trapping screaming children 200 feet in the air for 4 hours", so who really is the loser here? I'm not bitter honest... Tempting...
  5. You sir are the true winner here!
  6. Day 13 I woke up today feeling an awful mixture of sadness that today was our last day in Japan and dread for just how insane today was going to play out, you'll see. Tokyo Dome City - https://rcdb.com/4982.htm After a solemn but quick train journey, we arrived at Tokyo Dome City, the home of Thunder Dolphin. I had it in my head for some reason that Tokyo Dome City was going to be a bustling, large amusement park next to the legendary Tokyo Dome, when actually it feels much more like a collection of rides inside of, outside of and on
  7. Thanks to Coaster himself making this a thread last year, I've been happily spread sheeting my park visits this year, he's a saint, I'm a nerd, let's go. Delete as appropriate for what counts and what doesn't. Sea World (Australia) Warner Bros. Movie World (Australia) x 2 Dreamworld (Australia) Aussie World (Australia) Oriental Heritage Xiamen (China) Fantawild Dreamland Xiamen (China) Happy Valley Shenzhen (China) The Milky Way Adventure Park (UK) Crealy Adventure Park (UK) PortAventura Park (Spain) x 3 Ferrari Land (Sp
  8. I love you, you've just made my day! If it makes you feel any better, I've been joking that Helix will be cloned and looking weird as hell propped up on massive supports in a random city in China for a while now. Does that announcement bother you at all is my question now? Knowing that your bae is now no longer unique in this World? Oh and still not as good as Helix...
  9. Sorry lads, I was struck down in my prime by a nasty cold and didn't want to taint this trip report with my cold medicine infused delusions. Day 12 After actually seeing the typhoon first hand and hearing all hell going on during the night, I was sure I was going to open my curtains today to see Japan in a post Godzilla state, but nope all still standing and better yet the weather looked lovely. After checking the Disney site to make sure they were unaffected, I hastily jotted down the attractions that tickled my fancy (thankfully more than DisneySea...), then we headed
  10. Well this is going to potentially start riots but here goes... From people I respect to randoms on YouTube who can't even name the park's lineup, Tokyo DisneySea is branded the best theme park in the World. If the statement were "best THEMED park in the World", you might be able to convince me but as for being the single best park in the World, I'd strongly disagree. Hell I'd even say it's not even the best theme park in Japan. Now come with me on a journey to discover why or just stop reading and leave a comment telling me I'm wrong. I do urge you to stick around though, the way t
  11. They are free and I didn't see anything about time limits, we were naughty and left stuff in them after finishing up with Valk, with absolutely no issues. Liseberg have only implemented them because of lack of room for storage lockers on the ride platform, it's hard to really argue with that logic. Quick reviews because I'm so far behind on trip reports but want to say these things before it's too late, a report will follow though. Helix is still the best coaster in the World, even after having nightmares about it not living up to how I remember it, I came off my 1st of
  12. I feel more so than any park in the World that since I first learnt of it's existence many years ago, that Fuji Q was both the most intriguing and most unobtainable park out there. Way before I actually got off my arse and went to see what the theme park World offered outside of the UK, this place was already at a legendary status in my mind. Dodonpa, Takabisha and Eejanaika were on pedestals and the fact I was going to get to experience these icons was almost unbelievable. I know some of you find it annoying that I'm against cloning certain rides, let my respect and intrigue for these 3 legen
  13. Day 8 Morning now and an attempt for the stupid hotel to redeem itself. Apparently it afforded fantastic views of Mount Fuji, sadly the reality was it offered fantastic views of a man's house and some trees, redemption failed... This morning we were headed to our new hotel (this time a real one) in central Tokyo, where we were going to spend the rest of our time in Japan. After dropping off our trusted car and paying over £200 in toll fees, we ditched our luggage at the hotel and jumped on public transport (we will get back to this later) on route to a very
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