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  1. Missed me? I've just returned from an almost 3 week trip to the shores of Australasia, a trip which covered Singapore, Australia, China and Hong Kong. Our story begins with me and my friend boarding a Norwegian Air plane (bursting at the seems with the unwashed masses) destined for Singapore. The decision to fly with a budget airline, long distance, was forced upon us and not something I'd recommend, it wasn't too disgusting though. Day 1 I physically cannot sleep or get at all comfortable on planes, so after a 12 hour flight of not sleeping and thinking why do I put myself through this crap, it was decided the first day was going to be nice and slow. We exchanged currency (much cheaper to change our useless currency to Singapore Dollars over there), raided some malls and got adjusted to the heat. If you're anything like me (I hope for your sake you are not), then you're going to find the heat of Singapore a real struggle at first. Singapore is currently in it's colder season, but temperatures still float towards the 30 degree mark daily. I'm not a shorts guy, but I wore shorts in Singapore, that alone should warn you. My hotel was located in the Indian quarter of Singapore, known as Little Indian, which meant several hilarious happenings were witnessed on route, my favourite being a man in tears blessing his car in the middle of the road. This weird thing is at the airport and is known as kinetic rain, it amuses me, so I thought I'd share a picture. Day 2 Now fully caught up on sleep, today we visited the Singapore Zoo, this zoo is meant to be World famous and I wont' deny it is very good for what it is. Transportation in Singapore is reliable, safe, extremely clean and very cheap. Whoever shot me down the other month for saying I don't like the London Underground needs to experience the Singapore MRT to fully understand how laughable London's attempt is. A pleasant train ride, followed by a lovely air conned bus ride later and we arrived at Singapore Zoo. The Zoo is split into 3 sections (they are adding a 4th at the moment however), the main zoo, the river safari and the night safari. Today we opted to do the main zoo first, then the river safari, choosing to skip the night safari. The main zoo is as you'd expect but contains some animals I'd never seen before. It was so hot in Singapore I was contemplating joining the polar bear for a swim. Komodo Dragon's are so cool. I'm not sure why or how tree kangaroos exist, but they are so dumb that I love them. After finishing up with the main zoo, we ventured on and did the river safari. This experience starts off similar to the main zoo, with animal enclosures and such, but ends with a splash boats style attraction, that takes you up close and personal with the animals, as well as providing some fun drop sections. With Singapore Zoo cleared by 5pm, it was time for another mall crawl in search of food. Singapore is geared for eating out for all your meals, with hundreds of cheap food offerings at hundreds of malls. Day 3 Our third day in Singapore was taken up by general tourist stuff and once again, more malls. In the evening we went to watch Spectra, a light and water show that takes place in Marina Bay. This show is frankly outstanding. Water, lasers, incredible lighting and pounding music are all combined and timed perfectly to create this awe inspiring showcase. The best part is though, it's free, so you've got no excuse to miss it when you visit. Most of the lighting effects are projected from Marina Bay Sands, a rather fetching building in itself. Thanks for reading, check back next time for Universal Studios Singapore...
  2. Top 10's

    Right that settles it, I'm riding Katun and Alpina Blitz no matter what in 2018! From my early stalker days (or the better days as some of you will call it), your top 10 lists got me so hyped for Superman DeSpanish and after riding it this March, I really wasn't that blown away by it. After about 6 laps spread throughout the day, it started to leave me a bit dry. I feel you've made the right choice adjusting it slightly.
  3. Paultons Park

    That's disappointing to hear, angry spitting dinosaur always amuses me. Not at all surprised to hear you had a nice time (that's just how Paultons rolls), but glad to hear it none the less.
  4. General Discussion

    Should just set the park on fire, failing that, the management. That sounds disgusting my friend, I'm sorry you had to witness it. Nice to hear that 20 pound charge for annual pass holders is being put to good use...
  5. Europa Park

    1.5 days followed by a 110mph blast down the autobahn to Expedition GeForce, to discover it's not the best coaster in the World is about how long to spend at Europa Park. Your mileage may vary.
  6. Energylandia

    I'll try my best to help you guys out... Something about regretting not getting a Mack. Complaining about the track looking so ugly. Mocking those who will moan if it gets VR. A line about me being condescending. Ending with a shout out to Poland's favourite artist, the legendary Mr Polska. You're welcome.
  7. Liseberg

    Track for Valkyria is on site and I must admit I'm really digging the track colour.
  8. Energylandia

    This is the problem with too many people on forums these days, skimming posts and making assumptions. I think it takes some fun out of cred hunting, when unique things become slightly less unique and easier to obtain, that's what I'm getting at. Quite what that has to do with me as a person is for your assumptions only. I've never ridden a tilt coaster, once again, that's an assumption of yours. If that post truly honestly came across as me talking down to Baron, a very knowledgable man himself, then I'd like to apologise to him and him alone, that was not my intent. Unwashes masses was clearly a joke, a joke I've stolen from a wrestler I once liked. If you think I was using it as anything other than a quick joke, then that's your problem.
  9. Energylandia

    Selfish, yes perhaps, rude? To who? Having an unpopular opinion in 1 thread on a coaster forum is "dickish behaviour?" If you say so.. A tilting Lech with proper restraints would be lovely I won't deny that.
  10. Energylandia

    Thank you. You clearly haven't understood my intent at all, which I could put down to forums just being text, or could just assume you're having a bad day. There was nothing smug or condescending about that post. I added further speculation on which coasters and manufacturers may be involved, offensive right? Then openly said I was going to be a d**k and moaned about coaster models that at the moment take some effort to get may soon be possible to obtain in a day trip. If that offends you then clearly you're not enjoying this hobby to it's fullest and just want to be spoon fed everything as easy as possible.
  11. Toverland

    Can't deny that's a lovely paint job, just a bit of a shame the lift/first drop combo looks so ugly!
  12. Energylandia

    Pulling these investments out of nowhere, crazy times! Very much doubt that multi launch will be an Intamin Aquatrax, they haven't built any since Atlantis Adventure, so to suddenly add another 50 feet of height and 5 inversions to one would be rather brave. Sounds like a silly concept, so something Mack would thrive at, I certainly hope it's Mack! Tilt coaster has got to be Vekoma, same with the mine train, which I really hope isn't like Colorado because that's just awful. I'm going to be a d**k again and say... If they do get an Intamin Aquatrax (like South Korea) or a Vekoma Tilt Coaster (like Taiwan), then it's going to p**s me off a bit that those 2 unique ride types will suddenly become easy to get for the unwashed masses.
  13. TPM Awards 2017 - The Results!

    This hurts my brain so much. I almost understand (but still very much bemoan) Thorpe beating Blackpool, with this being a Thorpe Park focused forum. But Alton Towers, nah... The last year before Icon takes the crown, mark my words. Colossus, the 3rd worse ride in the UK? F**k off! If Phantasialand won, I would have rioted. I know B&M Hypers aren't anything special, but this seems off. Two of the most offensive attractions ever conceived beating the fantastic Flying Dutchman, right... Pointless Weapon 8 with more votes than Steel Vengeance and almost as many of Icon, you guys make me sick. Damn straight! Damn straight! Only 3rd most likely to be banned? Must try harder...
  14. Energylandia

    Not just yet, but I'll have to visit one day, no coaster left behind! Well apart from ones in warzones!
  15. Energylandia

    It's going to be one hell of a good line up to hit in one trip if you were to wait till the RMC opens! I'm on the fence at the moment, I think it will come down to what other coaster trips are on offer as to if I'll wait or just say screw it and visit twice. If you were to keep waiting for everything to open, you'd never go anywhere!