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  1. Paultons Park

    Paultons really is a fantastic park and such a joy to visit, I make sure to visit the park every other year and always find myself having a great time. The staff are always great, the general atmosphere is lovely and it's just a pleasure to be on park. Lost Kingdom was an amazing investment and the product as a whole is outstanding, I really hope it helped boost their visitor numbers, cause God knows they deserve that after producing such a high quality new area. I've been thinking for years, if only Paultons had the marketing budgets and was located slightly nearer London I could quite easily see them doing damage to Chessington's visitor numbers. I know which park I've rather visit!
  2. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    Each to his own man, you like The Babadook and I literally couldn't sit through a repeat watch of that rubbish. Before you kick off, I imported a blu ray from Australia to watch it as soon as possible when it came to home media. Dedicated but in the end very dissapointed. I've always been a Saw 2 and 6 man myself. 4 and 5 were complete messes. 3 is bit too gross for repeat watches, ending is fantastic though. 7 doesn't even feel like a proper Saw movie, I can't explain it, just feels off. On a first time viewing Saw 1 is brilliant, but when you've seen them all at least 5 times it is the one that takes the longest to get going. The being said it's been at least 4 years since I've watched a Saw film, still hold a special place in my heart though. I find it amusing Saw: The Ride got you into the Saw franchise though, with how poorly the ride represents the franchise I'm surprised you were persuaded to make the effort!
  3. Top 10's

    Helix over Taron - Correct Europa over Phantasia - Correct Rat over Valhalla - Not so much I have yet to put myself through Port Av yet, but it's interesting Shamb sits in 3rd place for you, that's exactly how I imagine it's going to play out. As much as I love to moan about Taron I can't see a B&M hyper topping it.
  4. Phantasialand

    Setting 1: Better than Ghost is. Setting 2: Power Tower with strobe lights. Setting 3: 1/10 as good as Phantasia fanboys think it is. Hate me.
  5. Stealth

    May the God's of the North be with you.
  6. Stealth

    1 go on real Stealth and 1 go on Japanese Stealth and that's enough "up, down, then whoop-de-whoop" for this year. Does nothing for me anymore.
  7. Queen Odyssey

    We pick the action up on Sunday, after a good nights sleep and yet another double bacon and egg toastie it was time to leave. This was my second visit to Butlins Skegness and much like before it was a pleasant stay, though quite how you'd spend a week here if you weren't going out every day is beyond me. A long but fine 3 hour drive later and we were at... Pettitts Animal Adventure Park - https://rcdb.com/4834.htm Was rather worried pulling up to this very small family park, I wanted to be believe they wouldn't have a no adult only groups rule but recent spites left me wondering how many parks resort to this frankly insulting policy. Luckily Pettitts was fine and after the cashier coughed on my friends credit card, we were in. The park is basically a mini animal adventure sort of place, almost like a discount Drucillas if you've even heard of that. Lots of sweet little animals, like rabbits, raccoons, parrots and even a reptile house. At the back of the park is what we came for though. Runaway Train - https://rcdb.com/890.htm Burly, tattooed, mountain of a man was operating this strange little coaster, he was friendly enough though and after yesterday's spite this felt like redemption to me. +1 Time to hit the dusty trail and drive at ungodly speeds down single track roads for far too long (thanks Garmin) until we reached... Joyland - https://rcdb.com/4828.htm Never got round to doing Joyland last time I was in Yarmouth and I'm certainly glad I have now, it's great. Spook Express - https://rcdb.com/885.htm The park's only real cred, nothing special but I enjoyed it. We also rode the Tub Twist, which so clearly isn't a cred and yet is counted as a strict cred on coastercount, I don't understand that all, was extremely good fun though. The best ride at the park though is the Snails, once again isn't a cred but is amazing! Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach - https://rcdb.com/4802.htm Popped into Pleasure Beach in order to get the wacky worm I was too ashamed to ride last time and for another lap on Roller Coaster. Either the park has gotten less ghetto or I've manned up, I'm happy with either. Big Apple - https://rcdb.com/812.htm Need to give a shout out to the crazy girl operating this thing, she was giving it all she had, when was the last time you saw a member of staff happy to be operating a wacky worm! Roller Coaster - https://rcdb.com/811.htm Needed to remind myself what this old timer was like, certainly not a patch on Rutschebanen, but it's still good fun, worth a ride if you're in park at least. Time to leave Yarmouth and spur of the moment we decided on a list minute trip to... Clacton Pier - https://rcdb.com/4810.htm Opening the car door and having it blow straight back closed, then almost being blown over, followed by sand being blown in my eyes and mouth, probably was a sign to stop but of course we didn't. When we got to the ticket office a sign informed us Stella's Spite was closed, we nervously asked the question if the wacky worm was running, to which they said they'd call someone over to operate it for us, there you have it, Clacton Pier is better than Nagashima Spite Land. Wild Mouse Coaster - https://rcdb.com/839.htm Rode this as the wind tried to tear the pier apart, I can see why Stella's Spite was closed. +1 Tried our luck at Pavillion Spite Park just outside the pier but their cred was closed because of the rain, it wasn't raining however, must be owned by Nagashima Spite Land. Finished our day with the long drive home which killed my back so badly I had to lay flat for the next 10 hours. Thanks for reading.
  8. Queen Odyssey

    It wasn't much past 4 when they closed it this time, I'm glad I'm not the first man to be spited by her though! Miner Mike isn't a cred in my books, I bet you count Go Gators too, for shame! Think I'm getting immune to sketchy places thanks to this hobby, Skeg is fine to me.
  9. Colossus

    There's a lot more to it than just changing the track sensors and every step of the way you'd run into the issue of the manufacturer of the ride not being by your side. Would be a beast of a job and will never happen, not that I think it should either. Pleasure Beach don't have the best record with tampering with their rides either, if it ain't broken, don't fix it, has never been truer.
  10. Queen Odyssey

    While the memories are still fresh in my mind and my spine is still feeling the many miles driven, I'll hook you guys up with another trip report, you're welcome. The Friday just gone my friend and I hit the roads in order to go to Butlins Skegness to visit our friend who works there, oh and to collect creds. We set off at 6pm on a Friday and knew it was going to be a crap drive but nothing could prepare us for what happened. Good time was made for about half the trip and I got to experience my first ever Smash Burger in Milton Keynes, the food was amazing, as was the view from the viewing window of many rude boys hitting speed humps at 90mph, I recommend. Then it all went f**k up... A1M was closed for a large portion but the closure came completely out of the blue. At least an hour of detours that just led you in circles and my sat nav being about as useful as the trims on Taron later, we decided to access the options. Turns out the only way out of our situation is many miles of crappy B roads, nearly all filled with slow drivers, ffs. Kpop and all the sugar in the World were the only things keeping me from spending the night in a ditch, thankfully though we got to Butlins at midnight, a full 6 hours after setting off and instantly passed out. Saturday started as I wish all days would, with a double bacon and egg toastie from the cafe in the Butlins Skyline (big ass tent), was bliss. Short drive later and we were at... Fantasy Island - https://rcdb.com/4812.htm I visited here last year and I rather enjoyed it. Yeah it's weird and sketchy, but to me it just has a great charm to it. Odyssey - https://rcdb.com/1413.htm As is traditional Odyssey was down on my first visit so I was very eager to get back to the park to finally ride this beast. This time I got lucky and managed to walk straight onto a front row ride. Rather disappointingly it really wasn't worth the wait. The sheer size of this monster and nothing under you on the lift means the climb was great fun. As was the insane first drop and the loop. Then it all went f**k up... From here on it's a juddery, head banging, shuffling mess that rides worse than Infus**t at Blackpool, wasn't impressed at all. I mean you have to ride it because it's so messed up and almost legendary, just please don't expect it to be good like I did. Millennium - https://rcdb.com/843.htm This so smooth it offends Vekoma looper is brilliant. Fantasy Mouse - https://rcdb.com/14923.htm Already had the cred but decided to give it another go which turned out to be a great idea as we got a brutal spin. Rhombus' Rocket - https://rcdb.com/841.htm This thing hauls ass. We also rode Volcano The Blast Tower, which is still better than Ice Blast, the Log Flume which almost broke my wrist and Seaquarium and Toucan Tours which are still adorable dark rides. After Fantasy Island we set off to... Botton's Pleasure Beach - https://rcdb.com/4806.htm This "park" deserves recognition for how well they treated us last year. Pouring rain, only us 2 in the park yet we managed to get all but one of the credits due to the frankly outstanding friendliness of the staff. Queen Bee - https://rcdb.com/1871.htm Queen Bee was the aforementioned cred we didn't get last time but we have now! +1. We also did the ghost train which probably isn't a good ghost train (I don't normally ride them) but I enjoyed it enough. Following our Botton's adventure we popped back into Butlins for a bite to eat before making the hours drive to... Spite's Amusements - https://rcdb.com/5675.htm A collection of failed healthy and safety pieces of scrap metal on the beach, they'll be dying for our custom. Little Spiter - https://rcdb.com/3314.htm The heartless bastards closed the coaster in our face (I assume Benin paid them off) and refused to accept our hard cash offering, bastards. That night much Kpop was consumed in order to get over one of the worse spites of my life. More spiting to come...
  11. Rumba Rapids

    The sugar coating of situations in Thorpe's favour are just as frustrating to read as the constant slagging off.
  12. Europa Park

    Well deserved that, so glad Phantasialand didn't win too!
  13. Legoland

    I'm just so glad it's going to be years before Legoland Windsor add anything worth my time because I got anxiety just reading that article.
  14. Rush

    What a pity, never mind.
  15. General Discussion

    Tussauds were the idiots behind Bubbleworks and Tomb Blaster. The only credit we can give Merlin is their refurb of Tomb Blaster, which took it from tired and broken to absolutely f**king awful. I don't say this to correct you, just lest we forget what Tussauds did!