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  1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    You've triggered me now man! As a man who probably likes Valhalla even more than you do but also as a man grounded in reality when it comes to the industry I'm going to try to be unbiased. Is Valhalla in it's current state anywhere near as bad as you're making out? No. Valhalla by it's very nature is very hit and miss with effects per visit so here's what I took away from my end of season trip. The Good. All the exterior stuff was running, including one of the flame throwers glitching out and going off every 10 seconds all day. The on ride audio was all working and deafening in places. First scene fire goblets were both on and scorching, plus the newly refurbished wolf thing looks amazing. Shouty Odin bloke on the lift was turned on for the first time in a while. Faux fire (steam room) was the best I've seen it ages. The crashing through the wall before the turn table was akin to a car crash! Scene at the top of the second lift looked stunning and all effects up there were running. All the fire effects at the end were working and were insane. The Bad. Audio was off for shouty lift bloke. Trommels on the lift weren't working but they hardly ever do. The black out curtain missing so you could see outside during the backwards drop. The ice room being the warm room, first time I've ever seen this so it didn't bother me, was exciting. The mist you drop through wasn't working which is lame. Water Vortex was off, I'd put that one down to being switched off for weather reasons but yes was a shame, that thing is awful but fantastic. Hammers weren't drenching like I've known them to in the past, once again I've got a feeling this is intentional. Water on fire effect as well as the ring of fire effect were both down but they are so rare to see working. So it was a pretty standard showing in my eyes, few things down and a few things to get excited about. The thing is though, Valhalla is such a fantastic experience even with X amount of things not working as originally planned it is still an awesome experience and easily one of the best dark rides out there. Yes I agree with you, if Pleasure Beach kept Valhalla at the state it was in when it opened, then this awe inspiring ride would be be untouchable, I completely agree with you there. However as has been said already, in order to do that a constant and very expensive maintenance schedule would have to be implemented and as Pleasure Beach aren't Disney/Universal and even more so because of their historic money issues it just isn't possible. I think it's completely unfair to say the money isn't being spent elsewhere either, because the rest of the park looks great at the moment and I don't want to think about the madness that's happening next year because I'll just get excited. If Valhalla has upset you that badly, please go ride Tomb Blaster, that thing deserves to be torn down/burnt down right this second!
  2. Warner Bros. Movie World - Australia

    It took less than a minute for a response and very little personal information was needed, pretty much the exact opposite of the Chinese visa. It's criminal how little recognition this coaster has on this forum, it could very well be a World Top 10 and I'll let you know soon enough.
  3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I saw this on sale in the park on the last day of the season and was so tempted to buy it as a Christmas present for a friend of mine who hates Mack launch coasters! Personally I see no issue with it, just a bit of fun and a way to build hype. I'm very interested to see how this beast gets marketed actually and I'm hoping the answer is extensively.
  4. Park Count - 2017

    I find it really strange how some call Taron the most intense ride ever and it makes them bleed and yet I find it a joyous mince around Klugheim. I'll put that one down to being more hardened than some. Helix made my grey out on my last 5 rides in row! I guess marathoning it 10 in a row with no breaks after being on park 12 hours isn't advised, I loved it though!
  5. Park Count - 2017

    Second launch, there's no way to deny that. Brilliant airtime hill? I think not! Neither Helix or Taron are intense coasters from start to finish, however in terms of moments, Taron has 1 (the second launch) and Helix has many.
  6. Park Count - 2017

    Every coaster below Helix in my top 10 has faults, Helix is perfection. I think daily, it cannot be bested with current technology.
  7. Park Count - 2017

    That's a rather strange way of saying #TeamHelix.
  8. Park Count - 2017

    It's the bullet trains, some theme parks with their strange entry options and everything and anything to do with driving a car that makes Japan expensive. Hotels are a steal, local travel is cheap, food is comparable to most places. For sure Japan has the nicest people in the World. Just be aware that standard falls a bit in Osaka and goes to s**t at Nagashima Spite Land. Cannot wait to get back and I'm sure you'll be doing research for your return when you come home.
  9. Park Count - 2017

    Good man!! Leaving Japan was one of the hardest moments of my life, it took many beautiful Asiana staff to calm me down!
  10. The Small Parks Thread

    Risk versus reward my friend, not worth tempting fate to get a cloned Chinese hyper coaster and not much else. For the record I do avoid Paris, London and Barcelona, not from fear but because they are awful. I'll see you in Seoul.
  11. Merlin Entertainments

    Oh no, what a pity, never mind.
  12. Energylandia

    I really don't want to come across insensitive but I'd hope it's an optional sort of job and not forced.
  13. Energylandia

    Hold on.. Did I take that in properly, that beast might have non optional VR?
  14. New for 2018

    Please hurry up and remove Slammer, I know I won't be visiting at all next year but the sight of the poor thing just sitting there this year broke my stone heart.
  15. The Small Parks Thread

    There is indeed sadly. Taking my grievances out of the equation. Is Turkey really an easier place to visit than China? I know I wouldn't feel safe going to Turkey at the moment, surely China is the better option? Plus there's much more to do once you're finished with Flash.