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  1. I've been quite a few times now by my self. As people have said, first time you feel a bit self conscious, but after that its fine. I've found that you notice the single people more when your on your own. Worst part is big queues, can get a bit boring. I just make sure my phone is fully charged or take my kindle. And generally people around will chat anyway. Just go and enjoy your self
  2. I forgot about tiger rock, my bad. Only saying what ive been told by someone, not sure how true it is
  3. I've been told that merlin want to reopen loggers leap, as its their only log flum in this country, but with the current state of repair it would cost too much. So they are after an IP, to cover the costs. If its true, which I hope it is, that could be why the old town is looking a bit untidy, as it might depend on who the IP is, maybe we'll see a complete retheme of the area in the future. Id like to see a replacement for slammer, the park is looking real untidy with the SBNO rides these days. More late nights, but no silly IP's, no one really cares, we just like night time rides. I'd also like to seem them concentrate on the little things like getting all the effects working, and generally getting the park looking better, its starting to look a little tired in places, we do really need a Thorpe TLC Program.
  4. When I was there the other week, they had an actor keep popping into the station
  5. When I was there the other week, they had an actor keep popping into the station
  6. Could be more, they never stated they would announce the full line up at 7am, just tune in at 7
  7. One of them thats covered has a bio hazard logo, but I cant find a maze to match it
  8. Could it be that Big Top will be there this year, but they are waiting for the beach to be cleared of Love island lates and put it there?
  9. Lazy announcement if I'm honest, announcing the permanent built mazes. With just over a month to go until the scare season you'd think they'd be trying to get you excited, but it just seems the opposite at the moment.
  10. I was there last tuesday and inferno was on 2 trains. hopefully doing a late this thursday
  11. I was at Thorpe the other day and thought operations were really bad, every where I went rides were closing down, it wasnt until about 2ish that they got things going properly. And found the food outlets really bad, they seemed to have nothing
  12. Was at the park yesterday, only Saw had more than one train running, all the ops seem to be on the "go slow"
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