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    2020 Season

    Some amendments to the Ride Access Pass for 2020 (apologies if this has already been discussed): https://support.thorpepark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006164657-Ride-Access-Pass-New-for-2020
  2. Looks like the Thorpe Park Twitter have begun slipping in a few misplaced 0’s into their tweets - innocent mistakes? Or something a little more exciting.... EXHIBIT A: EXHIBIT B: EXHIBIT C : MOD EDIT - Speculation for 3 pages, confirmation of what 'Project Zer0' was from page 4.
  3. Jart

    Logger's Leap

    Logger's Leap is dead. Long live Logger's Leap.
  4. The road to the future begins now. (with credit to "COASTERGUY246")
  5. Full POV - needless to say, MASSIVE SPOILERS:
  6. Jart

    Wicker Man

    Two or more rides could replace The Flume: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/alton-towers-could-open-two-11054888 Seems to match with the rumor regarding an Intamin two-ride project for 2017/2018 (Wooden coaster and new flume ride)...
  7. Why thanks Oh look, is that a mystery Dynamic Attractions project for 2016? http://www.dynamicattractions.com/adventures/robotic-track/
  8. Did Dynamic Attractions just give the game away? Call me speculative, but the artwork used on their IAAPA booth look rather curious... (note the clockwork gears and pocket watch)
  9. Afraid so Sorry everyone, just an observer here!
  10. MINDS WANTED: https://mindswanted.co.uk/ Another Ministry of Joy experiment?
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