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  1. I live in the US, so no. I just found out that the computer virus theme was only for the revamp in the late 2000s, not from the very start. It was basically a ride that went "wrong" and the "X:/" thing was to look trendy. So yeah, Thorpe must've been inspired by Swayzak somehow when they revamped the ride...
  2. Maybe the 2007 revamp was inspired by Swayzak. After all, those UK people did go to America a lot. IDK if they even saw him though, as he was so obscure and only appeared for a week.
  3. Why? What do you have against computer viruses? You do know people still get them, right? I just wish Toonami was more known in the UK. Maybe Swayzak would have been an inspiration to Thorpe.
  4. But I actually liked the computer virus theme and feel that if it did what I'm trying to do, it would be better and not poor.
  5. Even though it's TWD now, I still want to have some X:/ No Way Out recognition. Maybe I could write a few stories set in the universe, I dunno. The original ride was about a computer virus. If you know me from my other posts, you know that I LOVE computer viruses, thanks to Swayzak from Toonami, a character from America (where I live.) I was intending to base the virus from X:/ after him, but not exactly. From what we gather in the ride, the virus has infected the Thorpe power supply. We should expand on why he did so, maybe it's for fun, maybe it's for a different reason. We should also expand on where he came from. I hope you agree with me on this. I love X:/.
  6. I miss the computer virus. I don't care for zombies, because King Eziekel isn't in it.
  7. No, and besides the name Victor reminds me of Cyborg. Make it about Swayzak the virus, who is EVIL, and I'll gladly go on it. Then again, they'll need to have their own Swayzak-like character instead of using him because they'd get sued. So why don't we think of another 2002 era futuristic name? Theorem? (Because Swayzak is the name of a techno group who has collaborated with a group named Theorem)
  8. A sentient computer virus from Toonami's "Trapped in Hyperspace" and probably the most cheesiest villain ever. He's pretty cute.
  9. I wasn't born when the ride happened, and I live in the US. Remember, I was born a week after Swayzak debuted.
  10. It'd be a good idea to personify the virus in order to make the ride compelling.
  11. That's why it failed. It was low budget, like the original video for Moloko's "Fun for Me," before the party version made for the US (where I'm from.) But didn't in the 2007 video say something about the computer going wrong? This was 2005 when the virus video was around. If they had shown the virus, and he looked like Swayzak (the character on my avatar for all you uneducated Brits), people would be drawn to X:/. A computer virus causing the ride to go backwards is an innovative concept, and I'm ashamed they never did anything with that. Computer viruses were a thing in the '90s, why not have that storyline as early as 1996? And it's definitely not going to be outdated at all. As long as there are computers, there will still be computer viruses.
  12. Toonami is an integral part of the anime boom in the United States, where I live. It still airs today. This retheme is an attempt to get Swayzak in the UK, where he was only seen online. He was in the tie-in game for Trapped in Hyperspace, which was on the UK Cartoon Network site. But none remember him, so I decided to attach him to a well-known ride about a computer virus and have people get to know him this way.
  13. I thought that video had been there since 1996. What did the virus look like? ANYTHING like my avatar?
  14. I am hopelessly obsessed with the computer virus from X:/ No Way Out and heavily distraught over the fact he's not in the park anymore

  15. I want something with the computer virus. If they HAD to not go back to X:/, I'd suggest a ride that's like X, but plays Moloko songs in the dark. Stuff from their Do You Like My Tight Sweater? album. Something like Rock 'n Roller Coaster, but with Moloko. But there'd be a reference to X:/ by having the computer virus be one of the guests at Moloko's concert in the queue line video. Otherwise, I'd simply put Moloko as the queue line music for the Swayzak version of X:/. Look. Computer viruses are timeless. People still get them. They could go back to the 1996 theme but with my idea and nobody would claim it's "outdated." Zing zang zoom, everyone.
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