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  1. If you thought my hitting was good, WAIT till you see my PITCHING!

  2. Really? I thought everyone loved DC. In fact, I saw a Superman anti-smoking PSA that came from Britain.
  3. It's the stomach drop sensation I don't like, thanks to freaking El Toro in the back row on my sophomore year school trip to Six Flags. Have yet to re-ride it and conquer the fear. I don't think I ever want to. I also do not want to try Nitro for that same reason. I know it's less steep than El Toro, but the height freaks me out. So I guess it's also heights?
  4. I used to own a cup we got from The Great Escape, but it's gone now. I have two Cyborg T-shirts I got from Six Flags (a blue one from Great Adventure and a black one from New England), as well as a Superman cape and a Green Lantern cape that I got at GAdv. My mom also got a Daffy Duck plush at GAdv, and I got a Marvin the Martian plush. There WAS a free refill Reese's branded cup we got at Hersheypark, but seems it went the way of the TGE cup. Oh, and an ORP of me and my brothers on the Wild Mouse at Hershey.
  5. Without a doubt, Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure. It banged my head around, almost took my glasses, and almost made me throw up! And The Great Nor'Easter at Morey's Piers. It's supposed to be one of the more smooth SLCs, but it still banged my head around!
  6. X:/ No Way Out at Thorpe Park (mainly when they had the computer virus video) Body Wars at Epcot (because I have endosomatophilia, though you might be inside a woman - look closely at the subject you go inside at the end - and I DON'T LIKE THAT) Sonic Spinball at Alton Towers (Sonic was my CHILDHOOD, and I always wanted to go on this ride) Ride the Comix at DisneyQuest (I'm a huge fan of comics, and I would LOVE this.) Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain (it was in a Kidsongs video I stumbled across that was filmed at Magic Mountain, and I LOVED it) Tomb Raider The Ride at Kings Island (It's got that Jonny Quest vibe to it. I don't know if I would like the hangtime, though, but I do like Cyborg Cyber Spin) Alien Encounter at Magic Kingdom (I love a good sci-fi story, and I don't think it'd be THAT scary. Plus the robot is voiced by Tim Curry.) Viper at Six Flags Great Adventure (even if it hurt, the theming interests me) Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Great Adventure (I never got to go on it because I first went to GAdv in 2018) Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure (I remember reading about it when it was still there and I wanted to go to GAdv, but it's gone now. I also want to go on it because of a POV someone uploaded from 1999 or 2000 where a guy apparently lost his hat on the ride and was screaming about it the whole way.)
  7. I went on that in June 2018 on my school's trip to Six Flags, and it scared the PISS out of me! I was in the back row too. I still don't want to go on it again! Anyway, Batman The Ride because of how free as a bird (or bat) you feel. It is the GREATEST ride ever.
  8. I know that. Maybe, if I do get the computer virus character I'm working on published (I intend to send him to DC, as they're my favorite), he could be the mascot of a DC retheme of the ride. (Like Six Flags, but in the UK.)
  9. So X:/ wasn't about a computer virus at first, and only got rethemed to one in 2007. In that case, I made this, in an ideal Warner Bros. park where it ACTUALLY belongs! https://themeparkfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Swayzak%3A_Digital_Attack
  10. I knew it, anyway. Like you said, there are lots of virus themed media, usually not getting it right when viruses are sentient (Barbie and Are You Afraid of the Dark come to mind...) The only media that got it right were Toonami, Scooby-Doo, this obscure Milton Bradley board game called The Omega Virus, and ReBoot. I'm creating my own computer virus character inspired by my favorite virus media (the ones mentioned above), and soon enough he'll be on the list.
  11. I live in the US, so no. I just found out that the computer virus theme was only for the revamp in the late 2000s, not from the very start. It was basically a ride that went "wrong" and the "X:/" thing was to look trendy. So yeah, Thorpe must've been inspired by Swayzak somehow when they revamped the ride...
  12. Maybe the 2007 revamp was inspired by Swayzak. After all, those UK people did go to America a lot. IDK if they even saw him though, as he was so obscure and only appeared for a week.
  13. Why? What do you have against computer viruses? You do know people still get them, right? I just wish Toonami was more known in the UK. Maybe Swayzak would have been an inspiration to Thorpe.
  14. But I actually liked the computer virus theme and feel that if it did what I'm trying to do, it would be better and not poor.
  15. Even though it's TWD now, I still want to have some X:/ No Way Out recognition. Maybe I could write a few stories set in the universe, I dunno. The original ride was about a computer virus. If you know me from my other posts, you know that I LOVE computer viruses, thanks to Swayzak from Toonami, a character from America (where I live.) I was intending to base the virus from X:/ after him, but not exactly. From what we gather in the ride, the virus has infected the Thorpe power supply. We should expand on why he did so, maybe it's for fun, maybe it's for a different reason. We should also expand on where he came from. I hope you agree with me on this. I love X:/.
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