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  1. BTW, the "THERE IS NO WAY OUT" voice also sounds like a combination of End Zone Virus and... Swayzak's arch-enemy... Grid. "You are beneath me, Cyborg!"
  2. Uh, yes it does. I said, new effects and even listed them. Powered launch backwards out of the station then. Maybe do with it what Gerstlauer is doing with Sandy's Blastin Bronco. And Swayzak would appear using the same technology used for Hatsune Miku's concerts. I imagine people on the ride would be responding to Swayzak's taunts almost all the time. Bring back the X Zone and tie it into the ride's storyline. Maybe some other stuff featuring Swayzak. He could be the next Thorpe Park Rangers. Nice. For what Swayzak SAYS during the ride before the third brake run, just look up "Toonami Trapped in Hyperspace" on YouTube and listen to all his lines.
  3. There was a virus, so it was obviously Swayzak, though this was before 2002. What luck, I'm listening to a vaporwave track I made sampling a song by a British band called Swayzak.
  4. Can we just talk about my idea? I don't care about what rides should be replaced. If they had a computer virus themed ride at Thorpe Park, they're gonna have a computer virus themed ride at Thorpe Park. I don't care about zombies even if Khary Payton (Cyborg) is in it. Go back to saying that it's your room.
  5. Sooner or later, the Walking Dead license will expire and X:/ No Way Out will return, hopefully. I wish they'll use this ideal version of mine if it does. It'd be based on the ride circa 1999. However, a lot of it will be updated, using new effects and stuff. Like digital projections, subwoofers under the seats like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, whatnot. It'll also have a new track layout including loops (like Vekoma wanted) and maybe it'll launch you backwards. The extended queue will return with new effects, and the storyline will be updated, playing on a video screen people would gather at (like the boiler room/library in Tower of Terror.) The story is that Thorpe Park's main supercomputer and power supply has been infected by a super-smart computer virus named Swayzak (a.k.a. the character on my avatar, he would probably be changed a bit to avoid a lawsuit from Cartoon Network.) So you go into the cars, it either launches or moves out of the station backwards, and during each MCBR, Swayzak would appear in front of you using Hatsune Miku technology and taunt you (his voice has a New Zealand or American accent.) But the end, he says "It's time to get you out of here," and the car would move (forward?) to the end of the ride, where he'd say, "The ride is now over. Please exit to your left." The shop would come back, as well as the iconic Thorpe Park Power Supply battery. Tell me your thoughts, as I only post about X:/ No Way Out on this forum, because no other rides at Thorpe Park really interest me.
  6. Again, I've seen that video before. I'm from the US and like the pre-2007 version because it's themed after a computer virus and thus reminds me of the Toonami TIE "Trapped in Hyperspace" (which you UK people didn't get; you got the tie-in game but I bet none here have played it.) In fact, my headcanon is that the virus that infects the supercomputer and sends the car backwards is Swayzak. My friend Martha went on it on her trip to the UK in 1998 and loved it...
  7. I've seen that video. Multiple times, in fact. It doesn't say much, doesn't give the story to the ride (That's one of the reasons I love this ride), and it doesn't show a full POV. Just jump cuts of things I can't make out besides the kids (it looks like the track.) Is there ANY home video of X:/ No Way Out pre-2002? (Fun fact: The "There IS no way out" voice from 2:05-2:20 in that video sounds like Swayzak from the Toonami Trapped in Hyperspace miniseries. He is a computer virus, and the ride is about a computer virus. IS THORPE PARK FORESHADOWING SOMETHING?)
  8. Hi, I'm Danielle, and as you can see from my username, I love X:/ No Way Out (even though I've never rode it and live in the USA.) I specifically like it pre-2007, though, before they changed the storyline and sound effects. The computer virus theme appeals to me, because it reminds me of the Toonami miniseries "Trapped in Hyperspace" (am I the only USA person here who knows what that is?) I want to make a ride like X:/ and Outer Limits: Flight of Fear over at Kings Island and Kings Dominion in the USA had a baby, themed after that miniseries. So I want to ask, what was the experience like pre-2007? I know there was a huge queue with interactive rooms that stayed until at least 2001 (when the fire happened and burned most of the rooms down; the animatronics were used at the final lift from 2002 onwards.) The neon green light was so strong, people's teeth glowed green. From the load/unload area onwards, most of the ride operated in pitch darkness, the only source of light being from the on ride camera that was removed in 2005. There were also a lot of effects and more audio in the early days. Could you explain just what effects and audio were there? The battery saying, "Thorpe Park Power Supply" was always there, and survived the update in 2007 and the "X" retheme in 2013 (which reminds me of Rez on the PS2.) I actually have two friends (who are also American) that went on this version; one passed a few months ago, but she went on in 2002 when she was 6 and it reminded her of Trapped in Hyperspace as well, and one who went in 1998 when she was 9 and did not expect it to go backwards until she saw it going backwards. She also got to experience the queue. She'd no idea what it was until the loading area. XD (She also compared Outer Limits: Flight of Fear to it when she went on the former in 2000, two years later, telling me she thought it was the lovechild of X:/ No Way Out and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney.) Anybody here who can help me out a bit more?
  9. "You'll NEVER get the hyperdrive under control!" - Swayzak, 2002

  10. There was someone who was doing an X:/ No Way Out recreation for NL2 but he never finished it (judging by it not being on the Steam Workshop.) I'd like a NL2 recreation of the pre-2007 X:/ No Way Out, huge queue and all, as the ride reminds me of Toonami's "Trapped in Hyperspace" series and I'd like to make a ride based off it and The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear at KI and KD, only you are turned backwards in the middle of the ride and spend the rest of the ride going backwards. Heck, the voice in the queue saying, "There is no way out" sounds like Swayzak from the Toonami series linked above. (He's the red guy.)
  11. Did you ever make it? It's not on the Steam Workshop.
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