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  1. I thought Jungle Escape wouldn't be returning??
  2. Unfortunately not, just wishful thinking with a hint of sarcasm!
  3. If this is done right I think it could be a very good attraction. I won't hold my breath though.. Also, nice to see that Slammer has been removed to make the queue line more immersive! 👌
  4. I'd take an announcement for a new bench at this point...
  5. Portvls

    2019 Season

    Thank you for the peace of mind 👌
  6. Portvls

    2019 Season

    So obviously Rameses Revenge is going from Chessington, and my girlfriend and I were wondering what the chances are of it being refurbished and installed at Thorpe instead.. Not something we'd like to happen personally, and it probably won't, but I get the feeling it isn't impossible. What do you lot think?
  7. I was thinking that when we were watching it! Always had a soft spot for the soundtrack too. Unfortunately it wasn’t just the usual shaking and rattling. It isn’t a noise I’ve heard it make before, put it that way!
  8. Got a quick shot of it testing today. Still looks a week or so away from opening I think, and it was making a horrible rattling sound when sent on it’s full cycle ?
  9. Portvls

    2019 Season

    So me and my other half have just got back from a 4 day trip - one day at Chessington and three at Thorpe. Very mixed trip which I’ll summarise in bullet points. - Operations at Thorpe were (for the most part) very, very good. Two trains on all the major coasters (and TWD) every day and rapid dispatches. Chessington really needs work in that area though! - Our ride on DBGT wasn’t bad, pretty much all of the effects were working well and it had hardly any downtime whilst we were on park. Only reason we went on though is because we had an hour of fast track for it included with
  10. That doesn’t sound very Merlin-ish at all!
  11. Any updates on the poor thing? Is it still in bits or in a better state? Going at the end of this month and hoping to have it open.. Probably not gonna happen but hey ??‍♂️
  12. Portvls

    2019 Season

    You know what, it looks really well done. Impressive line-up of games and consoles in my opinion, and the interior is well designed and lit. It’s basically a gamer’s paradise. However, I would consider myself a pretty avid gamer and it does not interest me one bit. If I’m going to Thorpe Park I’m going because of the rides and the atmosphere, not to play videogames. I just find the whole thing a bit of an odd idea personally.
  13. Portvls

    2019 Season

    I actually thought it was a decent idea at first.. Not one I’d personally be that interested in, but it’s something different? But £27 a ticket? And £35 if you want a seat provided for you? Come on...
  14. Portvls

    2019 Season

    I thought as much!
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