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  1. That doesn’t sound very Merlin-ish at all!
  2. Any updates on the poor thing? Is it still in bits or in a better state? Going at the end of this month and hoping to have it open.. Probably not gonna happen but hey 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. You know what, it looks really well done. Impressive line-up of games and consoles in my opinion, and the interior is well designed and lit. It’s basically a gamer’s paradise. However, I would consider myself a pretty avid gamer and it does not interest me one bit. If I’m going to Thorpe Park I’m going because of the rides and the atmosphere, not to play videogames. I just find the whole thing a bit of an odd idea personally.
  4. I actually thought it was a decent idea at first.. Not one I’d personally be that interested in, but it’s something different? But £27 a ticket? And £35 if you want a seat provided for you? Come on...
  5. I thought as much!
  6. So you know the funky new graphic Thorpe have designed for the 2019 season? Some eagle eyed person on Facebook has pointed out that Swarm is pictured on it with the back two rows reversed. An old photo perhaps? Or the return of Brave It Backwards? 🤔
  7. What if Rumba has been left as returning in 2019 for a reason? What if they’re retheming it to a jungle set up? What if they’re actually doing something that is needed in the park? Hmm 🤔
  8. Noticed earlier that Vortex has now been removed from the queue times info in the Thorpe Park app. If that’s anything to go by, it’s definitely looking like a long term closure still.
  9. We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Thorpe staying at the Shark Hotel for my birthday. Had a brilliant time. Queues were fairly short, even on the Saturday. Operations a little hit and miss but on the whole not too bad. Got stuck on DBGT and Inferno however. Swarm running beautifully and Inferno running well (until Saturday when it seemed to be broken down for longer than it was open). Had our first and last ride on TWD:TR. Really not impressed. Much preferred X unfortunately. Little annoyed with Thorpe for announcing the 10-10 yesterday at fairly short notice as we had already booked transport home and couldn’t stay ? due to problems with the hotel we received free fastracks yesterday but didn’t have time to use them all so wandered around giving them away to people. Felt like Willy Wonka ? Overall a really good three days but the need for a major new investment is more apparent than ever IMO - as well as a general revamp.
  10. I hope this is well done. If so, it has a lot of potential theming wise, but you cannot escape the fact that X had a tame layout. This is advertised as a thrill ride but it is a family coaster. Personally I would much rather have seen X remain as it was and instead have a new flat installed to fill the space of Slammer. This is a short term investment that won’t have much impact on the park at all.. And how much life does TWD franchise still have in it anyway?
  11. Completely agree with you. This sort of marketing will only reach a small amount of people who will actually take the time to follow it. It feels a little bit wasted.
  12. Anyone tried calling this number? Clues being revealed on Chloe’s Instagram stories.. Nice touch by Thorpe to create some decent publicity with this kind of thing for whatever it is they’re doing to X.
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