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  1. @Matt Creek I cannot believe that Forbidden Tomb has returned!! I am delighted in fact ecstatic.I told you all to believe me and that Abdab would resurrect. From now on can you ALL take my word. Roll on the 17th of May when hopefully someone will vlog from inside Forbidden Tomb and we’ll see Abdab again.
  2. @Matt Creek it is brilliant news that Chessington are going to add a Rapids ride. I have always thought that Rapids would be a perfect ride to add to Chessington’s ride lineup. Rather than building the Rapids near Zufari, I would like them to be built on the large field near Pirates Cove. If added to this location the Rapids could be themed to pirates like a hybrid of Pirate Adventure at Drayton Manor and Viking River Splash and or Congo River Rapids. Note I have never experienced Pirate Adventure or Drayton Manor for that manner (Pun not intended). I have a feeling that the Rapids that are re
  3. @professorb what/who are these official sources you speak of?
  4. Do you mean Ramasis Ravenge,the Huss Topspin that up until last season was located adjacent to the Tomb?
  5. @Matt Creek,unfortunately due to the Coronavirus restrictions Chessington Buzz nor Theme Park Guide could ride Tomb Blaster today. Chessington Buzz said too me via Facebook that no external changes have taken place to Tomb Blaster. Of course this does not guarantee that Forbidden Tomb has returned in all but name. Obviously the Forbidden Tomb sign is still above the entrance so the canvas sign saying Tomb Blaster could be taken away at the last minute to expose the Forbidden Tomb one.
  6. @MarkC I cannot wait to see what the collaboration between Chessington and Blackpool Pleasure Beach looks like when it it opens. Bradley Beaver may be the jewel theif. This will truly be a world’s first for Merlin as I have neaver known another Theme Park to have theming in a ride!! Roll on the 2021 season
  7. Has anyone else herd that Bradley Beaver and Beaver Creek may return to the Plesure Beach after a decades absence.
  8. @Mattgwise prior to posting my question I had already looked on Coasterpedia and The Rollercoaster Database. Due to Dreamland having multiple rides of the same name and type over the years, it was near impossible to work out which featured in this video.Thank you for your advise I apologize for the delayed response. @Mattgwise due to Dreamland having many rides that have shared the same name, could you please asst me to figure out the currant location and fate of the exact rides captured in this video.
  9. I have just looked at the updated CWOA App. The App dose not include Tomb Blaster on the rides list. Could this indicate that my statement about the return of Forbidden Tomb maybe correct? please could my fellow forum members give me their views about the reason for Tomb Blaster being removed,from the App. I still believe that Tomb Blaster is having a major refurbishment and we will receive an official announcement.on the relaunch of Tomb Blaster as Forbidden Tomb. If my predictions are correct I hope that all of the broken effects are repaired as well as maybe a Ghost Train atmosphere. My vi
  10. I hope that as Derren Brown’s Ghost Train was built in the former Ranger County area it can permanently close. If this ride is a thing of the past I hope the Rangers make a return and the building is transformed into a Dark Ride themed around the Thorpe Park Rangers.
  11. @JoshC. is this a photo of you as a kid? If this is you all I can say is that you look really cute and mischievous!!
  12. I have found this amazing YouTube video of Dreamland Margate in 1999. Could you please tell me if applicable the current location of the Rides featured in the Video. I am aware that Dreamland endured a lot of change around the time this Video was shot. https://youtu.be/z_Dg6-LoSZU
  13. @pluk I wonder the same thing. I think having white seats is very unwise as the rain and the public will no doubt result in staining. Theme Park Guide have since posted photographs of the Blue Barnacle’s supports and mast and they are a brown/wood colour so I would guess that the Blue Barnacle’s paintwork is very much still a work in progress.
  14. @Hethetheth who is this Mr Gil who you all keep taking about? Is Mr Gil a high up Merlin Entertainments \Chessington employee? I am glad that you have all accepted that the return of Forbidden Tomb is real news and that you should all be excited.
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