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  1. Hi as Old Town has closed,I would like to know what people think should happen to Rocky and what is actually happening with it. I have heard that Rocky has been sold if this is true I think a small Theme Park like Camel Creek should purchase it. Please post your theories,opinions and any rumours you have heard here.
  2. Any information on if Nickelodeon have extended their sponsorship for Nickelodeon Land? I still don’t know if Beaver Creek is returning next year or if Nickelodeon Land is staying. If the Nickelodeon sponsorship has been extended I wonder if it is for another 11 years as was agreed back in 2011.
  3. @Parm Pap what are you going on about? I don’t know wheather I am being thick but I cannot understand what you are saying.
  4. Hi does anyone know the fate of Rocky Express,Timber Tug Boat and Lumber Jump? I would like to know if they have been relocated within Thorpe,relocated to another Merlin attraction or sold to a Theme Park outside of the Merlin chain. If The rides have left Thorpe I would imagine their bound for Alton Towers. The rides could easily be rethemed and relocated to The World Of David Williams or even CBeebies Land. My first guess would be that the rides have been relocated to the area adjacent to Depth Charge. These rides combined with the stored Octopus Garden rides could form a brilliant expansion to Amity. Thorpe could even create a new Children’s nautical Themed area with these rides. Talking about Octopus Garden and Rocky Express, an interesting piece of Thorpe Park trivia is that Rocky was initially located in Octopus Garden. In the mid 90’s Rocky was relocated to Canada Creek or Old Town as it was latterly known.
  5. Is anyone else expecting the Octopus Garden rides to return adjacent to Depth Charge. I am expecting Timber Tug Boat,Lumber Jump and the Octopus Garden rides from the Farm to be relocated to the Wet Wet Wet site and form a new area. Thorpe have most of the Octopus Garden rides in storage and they would take only a few weeks to reassemble. Back in 2011 the Octopus Garden rides were taken down in weeks. I presume Thorpe have retained the Octopus Garden rides with the option to rebuild them. This move may only be temporary until the development on Old Town opens but I find it likely.
  6. As Alton Towers is open for its Christmas event,could someone walk up to The World Of David Williams and see if there is any construction work happening?
  7. @JoshC. I think Alton Towers will surprise us with a World Of David Williams expansion comple with some permanent flat rides.
  8. I’ve just come across this on the Alton Towers website Share massive giggles, mega thrills and major glee with your family in 2022 at Alton Towers Resort! As well as amazing new attractions, the Resort will be hosting fantastic events and entertainment for the nation to enjoy! “New attractions” are mentioned,to me this means that at least 3 new rides will arrive. Personally I think that the “new attractions” will be located in The World Of David Williams and CBeebies Land. I even think this article is hinting at a World Of David Williams expansion for next year. How do you all interpret Alton Towers saying “new attractions”?
  9. I think the stored Octopus Garden rides and the ones from Old Town will be refurbished and form a expansion of Amity. Who else thinks this is highly likely?
  10. I have had the folly reply from a source that shall remain anonymous. Should I believe it? Hi George, Rocky Express has been sold and will not be joining the ride line-up at Chessington for 2022. Seastorm is currently under going a big refurbishment program to extend its operational life at Chessington. With a large number of new parts on the way. This is the reason for its earlier closure this season. Delays in getting the parts to the park have slowed down progress, but it will reopen in 2022. The post you linked above is speculation on our part and isn’t based on anything other than our own thoughts. We’ve not got any official news about new rides for 2022, but we believe if there were, Pirates Cove could be a good location for them. Thanks for your message. Have a good day.
  11. Can everybody please apologise to me. I have been telling everybody that Terror (Forbidden Tomb) is returning for about a year. We now have visual proof,so no one can deny my information anymore!! For those that will say Tomb Blaster is blocked behind a barrier every year it isn’t.
  12. Hi all as we know Rocky Express is being removed from Thorpe. Can anyone tell me if it’s been sold. If it has can someone inform me on which Theme Park have bought it? If you would rather contact me confidentiality you can PM on Messenger. My real name is George Koshti-Richman. If I’m told any information I promise not to tell anyone.
  13. I believe that Rocky will end up at Chessington. Chessington could easily retheme it to Sailors or Pirates. @Inferno which location in Pirates Cove can you envisage Rocky Express being?
  14. @Martin Doyle I’m definitely going to Chessington next year too get onto Bubbleworks. I do feel sorry for the Gruffalo being evicted.
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