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  1. @pluk I wonder the same thing. I think having white seats is very unwise as the rain and the public will no doubt result in staining. Theme Park Guide have since posted photographs of the Blue Barnacle’s supports and mast and they are a brown/wood colour so I would guess that the Blue Barnacle’s paintwork is very much still a work in progress.
  2. @Hethetheth who is this Mr Gil who you all keep taking about? Is Mr Gil a high up Merlin Entertainments \Chessington employee? I am glad that you have all accepted that the return of Forbidden Tomb is real news and that you should all be excited.
  3. @MarkC who is Mr Gil Lible or is this a fictional character as part of a joke,like the one that @JoshuaA pulled? If you are joking you’ll regret it next season (2021) when you see that Tomb Blaster has been transferred back to Forbidden Tomb in an extensive refurbishment!!!
  4. @JoshuaA who is Dan from the doughnut stall? @JoshuaA your post gives even more evidence to show that this rumour is probably true. I knew the rumour was more than likely true as it was fuelled by Nick Hudson one of the people who is returning Forbidden Tomb to Chessington.
  5. @Ringo maybe Chessington want to surprise the public to lift their spirits after the Coronavirus Pandemic that has ruined the past year.
  6. @Martin Doyle Where in Thorpe Park will Wicked Witches Haunt be located? I presume that Wicked Witches Haunt will replace Derren Brown's Ghost Train LOL
  7. Hello fellow forum members!,I hope your belief regarding the return of Forbidden Tomb thickens once you have read this. I was sent this email by Theme Park Giraffe regarding the return of Forbidden Tomb. Keep in mind that Theme Park Giraffe herd about the return of Forbidden Tomb from the horses mouth. The email goes like this Start of quote “I’ve heard the the ‘Forbidden Tomb’ name may be returning through Nick Hutson on a future episode on the podcast” end of quote. Can you all please trust that Nick Hudson is telling the truth. Chessington is digging itself out of the de
  8. @SteveJ are you excited about the possibility seeing the heavily themed Forbidden Tomb uncovered for the first time in almost 2 decades next year?
  9. @SteveJ your optimism regarding the return of Forbidden Tomb,may enlarge once you have read this. This is the email I was sent by Theme Park Giraffe regarding the return of Forbidden Tomb. I’ve heard the the ‘Forbidden Tomb’ name may be returning through Nick Hutson on a future episode on the podcast. I am unsure on the manufacturer of the Blue Barnacle but I do know it will be the same size as it’s using it’s original planning application as Black Buccaneer. As for the rest of the projects for 2021, who knows? I will give you a shoutout in the description of my next video! @SteveJ I
  10. @Matt Creek do you think that Forbidden Tomb will only return in name but be the exact same as Tomb Blaster?
  11. @SteveJ I wonder if Abdab or any of the lost Forbidden Tomb elements of Tomb Blaster will return when the ride is changed back to how it was originally? I guess we will have to wait for four months as that is when we will find out providing Chessington does not announce the return of Forbidden Tomb prior to the start of the 2021 season. Even the return of the original richly themed Forbidden Tomb sign would be enough to make my year complete. I loathe the cheap signs that the ride building have donned since 2002. Realistically I think that the return of Tomb Blaster will consist of the return
  12. @Europa Fan Boy @Europa Fanboy Theme Park Giraffe the blogger from YouTube stated that Nick Hudson one of the men behind the Tomb Blaster refurbishment,said that Forbiddon Tomb is expected to return as soon as next year.
  13. @Zappomatic to be fair to Chessington Dragon Falls has been renamed to Tiger Rock. That being said your point is still valid as the area where Tiger Rock is located has been renamed to Land OF The Tiger from it’s original name of Mystic East. This means your point still stands as Chessington also have an area called Land Of The Dragons. I personally think that the employees in charge of naming the rides at Chessington need to become more inventive to prevent too much repetition as draw in more visitors & guests.
  14. @MattyMooare you being serious or are you joking and taking the mick. @MattyMoo please say it’s the latter option as Crocodile Drop is an extremely simplistic name and will hardly drawn in the crowds. If I was in charge of naming the new Drop Tower I would call it Sobeck’s Shoot Up. @MattyMoo there is a rumour going around the Theme Park community that states a Fobbidon Kingdom classic may be returning,the classic ride is question is namely none other than the one and only Forbidden Tomb!! I hope this rumour is true as having a new Drop Tower as well as the return of a classic ride in one area
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