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  1. Hi,as some of you may remember up until 2010 Thorpe Park had an area called Octopus Gardens. Featured in Octopus Gardens was a mini Ferris Wheel called Swinging Seashells. Upon the resection of Octopus Gardens Swinging Seashells was relocated to Weymouth Sea Life Centre. During 2016 Weymouth Sea Life Centre removed all their rides. Ironically 2 were relocated to Thorpe Park as Timber Tug Boat and Lumber Jump. Timber Tug Boat was removed in 2021 in preparation for Project Exodus (Hyperia). Lumber Jump was relocated and rethemed at Thorpe Park as High Striker. High Striker is located more or less where Swinging Seashells was. Swinging Seashells is the only Weymouth Sea Life Centre ride with an unknown location. Some speculate Swinging Seashells is in storage at Thorpe Park. If this speculation is true I think Swinging Seashells should be brought out of storage and relocated to the area formerly occupied by the Wet Wet Wet Waterslides. Due to Swining Seashells having a beach based theme it would fit seemlesley into Amity Beach. Can someone please confirm the current status of Swinging Seashells and if/where it is now operating? If in storage at Thorpe Park does anyone else think Swinging Seashells should be reopened.
  2. Now Alton Towers have revealed the best news of the century the end of the Retro Squad I’m hopeful for the installation of permanent rides next year. In addition I’m anticipating more radical changes within Alton Manor. If new Flat Rides are built and alterations made to Alton Towers the theme parks in store for a strong season. Nemesis’s return alone will make 2024 a successful year for Alton Towers.
  3. @Mattgwise I think with the rebranding Thorpe will return to being a Family Theme Park. On hindsight I think last year was a sign of Thorpe becoming Family oriented. Thorpe opened to Family attractions last year with Highstriker and a new Play Park joining the lineup. I seriously hope Thorpe’s rebranding sees the return of The Thorpe Park Rangers. With Mr Monkeys Bannna Boat receiving a replacement part I think it has many years left at Thorpe Park. In addition Angry Birds is within close proximity to Mr Monkeys Bannana Boat. On a group I belong to Thorpe asked what people would like to replace Angry Birds Land. Many peoples answer was an area themed to The Thorpe Park Rangers. I think the Thorpe Park Rangers will return to Thorpe next year in some capacity the fact Thorpe asked its visitors what they’d like to replace Angry Birds Land makes me think the Rangers will return. 90% of the people who replied to Thorpe’s question stated they’d like a area for the Rangers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amity is scrapped and is rethemed to a jungle. A large proportion of what used to be Amity is now The Rainforest. Last season it was hinted that the addition of Highstriker and the Play Park was the start of Thorpe’s rides being more diverse. On the same video that mentioned Highstriker and the Play Park it was said that Thorpe will be a thrilling Theme Park aimed at an elder clientele but will receive a few new Family rides. What do you think Thorpe’s rebranding means for the Theme Parks future? Furthermore do you think it’s a releastic expectation to think Angry Birds Land will be rethemed to an area centred around the Thorpe Park Rangers.
  4. Now Europa Park have said all of Alpenexpress' track is being replaced and it will have a new modern train,could Scorpion Express be revived. Personally I think Europa Park should sell/give Alpeneexpress’s original train to Chessington. Scorpion Express and Alpenexpress are identical models and around the same age. Due to these factors the Alpenexpress Train would be able to operate on Scorpion’s track. As we know the Scorpion Express was destroyed beyond repair by last years fire. If I was in charge of Chessington I’d liaise with the Mack Family about buying their now surplus Alepinexpress locomotive. I’d even enquire about buying the track to store for spare parts,should any of Scorpion Express’s track need replacing. Finally the model of train that Scorpion Express has been discontinued. This means sourcing a new train would be impossible. I suppose Chessington could pay to have a custom made train but why would they waste their money when there’s a perfectly working train at Europa Park. I mean this in the nicest possible way but Europa Parks fire could be good news for Chessington. I have an inkling that Chessington have bought parts of Alpenexpress to extend the life of Scorpion Express. My reason for thinking this is Scorpion Express hasn’t been tested or had work done for many months. It seems strange that within weeks of the Europa Park fire that repair work and testing on Scorpion Express has resumed. If I’m wrong the biggest coincidence has occurred. It seems very much like Scorpion Express is receiving the train from Alpeneexpress. Should this be the case Europa Park’s pain has resulted in Chessington’s gain. I am not a pyromaniac but if my theory is correct I’m elated that Europa Park had the fire. I genuine l like Scorpion Express and the thought of the ride literally going up in smoke sadddened me. Should Scorpion Express be reopening I wonder if Chessington will use this as an opportunity to refurbish or even retheme Mexicana. It’s highly likely that Mexicana was going to be rethemed within the next decade anyway. I think the while Scorpion Express is SBNO Chessington might as well remodel the surrounding area. I would say with certainty there’s a high probability that Alpenexpress’s fire has saved Scorpion Express from being removed. My reason for thinking a retheme Mexicana was in the pipeline is that Mexicana and The Land Of The Dragons are the sole lands the only within Chessington that haven’t been rethemed or seriously upgraded. Except for cosmetic changes,the removal of Rodeo and the area being renamed from Calamity Canyon Mexicana has been untouched since its opening in 1987. Furthermore there were rumours floating around that Mexicana was on the chopping block. Am I the only member of Thorpe Park Mania who suspects Alpenexpress could be recycled to replace the fire damaged elements of Scorpion Express?
  5. @Benin Your profile picture of a dismembered Frazzle is both fascinating and disturbing. When I went to Chessington in June 2022 Frazzle wasn’t working,he was stuck in his cave and static. Is Frazzle working again now? I love Frazzle the Dragon he’s one of the best aspects of Chessington. Frazzle’s been at Chessington since the Theme Park opened. I bet if Frazzle could talk he would have many stories to tell,furthermore I bet he’s seen an array of things from people puking to the construction of some of the rides at Chessington. I really appreciate that upon the creation of Land Of The Dragons Frazzle was relocated to the area. It would have been a tragedy if he was binned following his removal from Mystic East. @Benin myself and Frazzle go back a long way. I saw and activated him on my first visit to Chessington in October 2007. I was saddened to see Frazzle broken on my last visit to Chessington in June 2022.
  6. @Benin I presume you don’t like Tiny Truckers then. Your profile picture of a dismembered Frazzle is both fascinating and disturbing. When I went to Chessington in June 2022 Frazzle wasn’t working,he was stuck in his cave and static. Is Frazzle working again now? I love Frazzle the Dragon he’s one of the best aspects of Chessington. Frazzle’s been at Chessington since the Theme Park opened. I bet if Frazzle could talk he would have many stories to tell,furthermore I bet he’s seen an array of things from people puking to the construction of some of the rides at Chessington. I really appreciate that upon the creation of Land Of The Dragons Frazzle was relocated to the area. It would have been a tragedy if he was binned following his removal from Mystic East. Is it true that back in the day the building that houses Dragons Playhouse was the Elephant House. I read that the Elephants used to live there hence the hight of the building.
  7. Chessington Buzz have inferred some of Chessington’s rides will permanently close at the end of the,current,season. Personally I think the rides that will close will be the following 1. Elmer’s Flying Jumbos- I think this ride will close as the Elmer sponsorship expires at the end of this season. Furthermore the ride is over 3 decades old and was part of the original lineup when Chessington Zoo became Chessington. 2. Tiny Truckers- I think this ride will be removed as it was due to close at the end of the 2019 season. For some reason Chessington changed their mind and Tiny Truckers remained open. Personally I would have removed Tiny Truckers in 2020. Toadies’s Crazy Cars was rethemed to Jungle Rangers in 2020. Jungle Rangers is just a stone’s throw away from Tiny Truckers. Jungle Rangers is basically the same ride and is far superior to Tiny Truckers. If Elmer’s Flying Jumbos and Tiny Truckers were removed it would leave a sizeable plot for a new ride. Finally the the throughput of Tiny Truckers is appalling. 3. Scorpion Express- I wouldn’t be surprised if Scorpion Express left Chessington. The Rollercoaster is Chessington’s oldest and also holds the title of the most unreliable ride at the Theme Park. In addition Scorpion Express had a fairly major fire in July 2022. The fire obviously caused significant damage as the rides been closed for over 18 months. In my opinion Scorpion Express isn’t financially worth keeping. The ride is ancient and the area could be cleared for a new and better ride. 4. Tomb Blaster- I don’t think Tomb Blaster will close however I foresee an extensive renovation or retheme. Tomb Blasters sister ride Duel at Alton Towers has been transformed into Alton Manor to mainly positive feedback. Moreover the guns on Tomb Blaster are hit and miss with reliability. The guns on Tomb Blaster are the Theme Park equivalent to the Lottery. You never know if your designated Gun will function properly. Moreover Tomb Blaster had a subtle refurbishment for the 2020 season. This refurbishment saw the removal of the targets from the first scene(s) of the ride. Realistically out of the 3 rides I’ve mentioned I think Tomb Blaster is the most likely candidate for a retheme or removal. As Chessington opened The World Of Jumanji this year next year will be a low budget year. The retheme of Tomb Blaster would be a cheaper means of opening a new ride. I would be interested to hear if anyone else thinks the rides I’ve listed could depart Chessington this year. Please can my fellow forum members share which rides Chessington Buzz could be teasing the closure of?
  8. To be fair to CHessington the detoration of the Jumanji theming could be beyond their control. During the closed Season leading into 2021 the entire themed claddiwork on Croc Drop had to be replaced. The cladding had lost colour and was disintegrating. The culprits for this were Pigeons eating the sister and using Croc Drop as a toilet. To be fair to Chessington they rectified the marital with stuff that wouldn't be wrecked by bird poo. I suspect the same problem has occurred with the Jumanji theming. I expect that during the Closed Season Jumanji will receive the treatment Croc Drop did.
  9. Hi is Mr Monkey’s Banana Boat ride very fast. My Grandparents,Cousin,Mum and I went to Thorpe Park around 2002. I was about 2 so don’t really remember much. My Mum and Elder Cousin went on Mr Monkeys Banana Boat Ride. My Mum said the ride made her feel very unwell/sick. I find this weird as my Mum’s been on larger Pirate Ship Rides since,this includes The Jolly Rocker that is located at Legoland Windsor, my Mum’s been fine after riding all of these. I know it sounds ridiculous but as Mr Monkey’s Banana Boat Ride is smaller than other Pirate Ships does it have a powerful swing. I know that sometimes smaller things are more powerful than larger things.
  10. Yesterday Alton Towers posted this. Taking the rumours. of Alton Manor’s into account I think Alton Manor is going to receive a hefty improvement. What do you think this post is implying?
  11. @MattyMoo I don’t think Flying Fish will follow in the footsteps of Scorpion Express. Mechanically Flying Fish is over a decade newer than Scorpion Express. Prior to its reopening in 2007 Flying Fish was overhauled. Many of the aging mechanics were renewed. The Fish is like Trigger’s new broom. Due to this Flying Fish is safer,more reliable and easier to repair. Although Scorpion Express only opened in its current form in 2014 the hardware is original from the days of The Runaway Train. Scorpion Express’s reliability was dropping for a few years prior to the fire last July. Flying Fish is a different story the ride is largely reliable. I don’t think Flying Fish braking signals its permanent closure. All things break occasionally. You could have a brand new Car that breaks down.
  12. How’s Mr Monkey’s Banana Boat currently operating? I ask as it was broken and out of order for months. Do you know why buying a replacement part for Mr Monkey’s Banana Boat was so difficult? I ask as my local Theme Park Camel Creek have a swinging Pirate Ship called Pirates Of The Seven Seas. Pirates Of The Seven Seas is the same as Mr Monkeys Banana Boat. Unfortunately Pirates Of The Seven Seas has been broken for months. When I asked what was happening to the ride,I was informed Camel Creek were waiting for a new part. To cut a long story short I’m asking as I would like to know what the future looks like for
  13. @JoshC. @JoshC. is the ride open now then?
  14. Does anyone know when Mr Monkeys Banana Ride will be repaired? The ride has been non operational for the whole 2023 season.
  15. What does everyone think next season holds for The Flying Jumbo’s? When the Elmer Sponsorship began in 2019 it was on a 4 year contract. The Flying Jumbos have been a Family favourite at Chessington in one form or another since the beginning. As such the ride is old. Despite this the ride is in immaculate condition. I truly hope the end of the Elmer sponsorship doesn’t mean the end of The Flying Jumbos. The ride is on the outskirts of The Rainforest. As such the ride could be rethemed into generic Elephants as it was on the former Rodeo plot.
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