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  1. @Martin Doyle this is probably the BEST desssion you have made. Why deal with the curfuffle of travel half way round the world,when Chessington is in our Country. Let’s face it Chessington is pretty identical to Disneyland Paris. The main difference being the absence of Disney Theming and the extortionate prices.Even the rides are the same as at Disneyland but themed diffrently. Elmer’s Flying Jumbos is almost the same as the Dumbo Ride,while Zufari is kilimanjaro safari‘s English twin. These are just a couple of examples that come too mind.
  2. Who else thinks Shipwreck Coast could be Themed around Pirates Of The Caribbean. The Island in the films is called Shipwreck Cove. Obviously Chessington’s are will be Shipwreck Coast. I think this could be due to copyright. The addition of Goats,Rats and a mermaid also point to this. If you remember in the first film there’s a Goat,Mermaid and Rats. Furthermore Shipwreck Cove is an Seaside Island. The colouring of the new Shipwreck Coast also matches Pirates Of The Caribbean. Can you please answer with your thoughts on my speculation
  3. Hi one and all I have created this petition. It is too save/relocate Rocky Express. This ride is symbolic to Thorpe Park and has been enjoyed by multiple people and generations. As this Ride is one of the most popular Family Rides, on The Island Like No Other I consider it integral that it’s saved. A signature may not seem a lot,normally I would agree. Rocky Express is one of a kind and has recently been refurbished. Please please please sign my Petition. Each signature will be the equivalent of me winning The Lottery. Many Thanks in advance for signing my Petition!! Could all forum members please take 5 minutes to sign my petition? Many Thanks Theme Park Fanatic https://chng.it/BY45dTNyYk
  4. @Martin Doyle your not drunk mate,in fact your completely sober
  5. @Hethetheth rewind 5 years ago and you would’ve said the Rapids would never return. I have faith that The Looping Group will bring Pirate Adventure back. I’m not saying it’ll be the same as before. In some capacity it’ll return. I think Screens will be used just as much as Animatronics but it’ll reopen. If Europa Park could reopen a practically burned down ride,Drayton can bring back a dormant ride in relatively good condition. Theme Parks compete Drayton would’ve seen how popular the repaired Piraten In Batavia is. This alone would spur Drayton’s NEW owners to reopen a fan favourite. Note The Looping Group have walked down a different path to the Bryan Family. The Bryan’s didn’t even consider bringing the Rapids back into operation. People have been spotted inside Pirate Adventure and the Boats have been reinstated. This points to one conclusion the return of Pirate Adventure. Can you please apologise to me next Season if it’s announced that Pirate Adventure is returning.
  6. Talking about things returning wouldn’t it be awesome if Rocky Express is rethemed into a Circus Train. Thorpe could create a new Land themed around a Circus. This area could be a retheme of Angry Birds Land. Furthermore The Big Top could be located in this area. A Family Maze could be constructed within. Come October the Family Maze could be transformed into a Horror attraction for Fright Nights.
  7. @coasterverse are you trying to say that Rocky Express and Samurai will probably be at the tip,by this time next year?
  8. @Hethetheth your information is incorrect. Pirate Adventure closed in 2015. This was within the past decade. Europa Park didn’t totally rebuild Piraten In Batavia. A few of the scenes and animatronics featured in the original are still used. The claim that Europa Park is Europe’s biggest Theme Park is incorrect. Disneyland Paris is Europe’s biggest Theme Park.
  9. @Hethetheth thease props were sold under the ownership of the Bryan Family. Now the Looping Group own Drayton Manor, they could install state of the art animatronics etc. Europa Park practically refurbished Piraten In Batavia from the ground up. The Bryan’s weren’t going to reopen and refurbish the Rapids. This made me think could next years new attraction be a reimagined Pirate Adventure.
  10. I wonder if The Looping Group will reopen Pirate Adventure? Drayton Manor seems to be refurbishing and reopening, many of their classic attractions. I’ve heard that maintenance people have been in and out of The Pirate Adventure building,so who knows? Personally I think Pirate Adventure will reopen in a similar format to Piraten In Batavia at Europa Park. Not only would the return of Pirate Adventure be a boost to Drayton Manor but also the U.K.
  11. Hi,I’m sorry to sound like a stuck record. Are there any updates on the future or Rocky Express? We’re now almost 3 Months into the 22 season,and I am still none the wiser about the fate of Rocky Express. The last I heard Rocky Express was dormant but in the same condition as last season. The only difference was a construction fence,around the perimeter of the ride. My assumption is that the construction fence has been implemented, to protect Rocky Express from the demolition of the rest of Old Town. I think Rocky could easily be relocated to another area of Thorpe Park, for instance the site of the SBNO Slammer. Alternatively Thorpe could relocate Rocky Express to the Samurai area. I say this as I predict this ride is on borrowed time. Much like,the removed,Ramasis Ravenge at Chessington,Samurai is incredibly unreliable and ageing.Another possibly is that Angry Birds Land could be changed and Rocky Express could slot in here.
  12. Who would like to see some Props put on Trawler Trouble? I would like a Seagull to be placed on the roof and the reinstallation of the rope that Timber Tug Boat at Thorpe Park had.
  13. @coasterverse it’s devastating that Rocky Express is going to be torn to pieces. I truly wish that Rocky Express could have the same fate as Timber Tug Boat (Trawler Trouble) or Lumber Jump (High Stricker). I think Project Exodus is the best thing that’s happened to Timber Tug Boat and Lumber Jump. Since the respective rides have been rethemed and relocated to Chessington and Amity they look a whole lot better. I would say that both rides are in the locations they were destined for. While in Old Town the rides looked cheaply out of place. I think they were rammed into Old Town so Thorpe could advertise new rides for 2017. Ironically the most popular and aptly themed ride in Old Town,is the one that will soon be history. I hope Thorpe has a change of heart and relocates Rocky Express to the former location of Wet Wet Wet.
  14. Timber Tug Boat has now docked into Chessington. It’s going to imminently be renamed Trawler Trouble. The Ship with its new name and livery is expected to sail again within the next month. Trawler Trouble looks extremely immersive and follows Disney Standards. It’s hard to believe only 6 months ago it was a ride that resembled that of a Traveling Funfair. I knew that Timber Tug Boat was in for a full scale refit rather than a rename to Trawler Trouble. Chessington is the best Themed Park in England. I have always said that Chessington reminds me of the Disney Parks.
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