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  1. @professorb I used an Indian tourist as an example as Darren Brown is not a known celebrity in India. A way to explain my point is the name Sandip Sopparker. If you lived in India you would definitely know who Sandip is as not only is he an extremely famous Bollywood dancer but,also part of a panel of judges on the Indian equivalent of X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent. I only knew who Sandip is because my maternal Grandad is Indian and Sandip happens to be a distant relative of his. @professorb I hope this makes my example of an Indian tourist easier to understand. Please answ
  2. @Ivsetti thanks for sharing your honest personal opinion on the names that I would have given to the trio of rides that are located in the newly created Rainforest land at Chessington.I I must admit that if I was not aware that Derren Brown's Ghost Train was a VR ride that messed with your mind. I would have thought that the ride was a traditional Ghost Train for instance like Duel The Haunted House Strikes Back at Alton Towers.The only difference I would expect is Derren Brown theming littered throughout the ride. If I was an Indian tourist who has never heard of Darren Brown I wo
  3. Who else other than myself thinks that the names of the rides within The Rainforest are dull and boring? Personally if I was put in charge of choosing the name of the rides within The Rainforest I would have chosen the following. I would have called the Jungle Rangers- Jungle Jeeps Rainforest Safari! I would have called River Rafts-Cascading Crocodiles! Finally I would have called Treetop Hoppers-Rainforest Jump! Can you please give me your opinions on the names Chessington chose for the rides within the new Rainforest area. Don't misunderstand my views as I t
  4. @JoshC. I hope that as Forbidden Kingdom is having the most investment it has had for what will be exactly 20 years when Croc Drop opens next season.Chessington revert back to calling Tomb Blaster Forbidden Tomb. I say this as earlier this year Chessington gave Tomb Blaster a darker more terrifying retheme.This retheme gives the ride a Terror Tomb like atmosphere. Also the Forbidden Tomb sign is still on the facade of the rides building. However this lovely themed sign is covered up by a s****y canvas that is draped over it. In my opinion since Tomb Blaster’s dark retheme the name Forbidden
  5. @Hethetheth I must admit that all of my predictions are purely based on speculation. However I would not be at all surprised if at least some of my predictions come true. Please don’t hold me to any of my predictions @Hethetheth as I am certainly not a fortune teller/clairvoyant!
  6. As we our over halfway though the 2020 Theme park season. I thought I would make a thread for anything related to the 2021 season at Chessington. Please share any closed season updates, news,Chessington trip reports and any pictures you may take here. As most of are probably awere yesterday Chessington applied for the Croc Drop trademark to be given to be given to the Sobek themed drop which is replacing the now closed Ramasis Ravenge. This has made me to create a thread on all of the changes I think we will see at Chessington next year.The chances I expect to see at Chessington for next seas
  7. Can somebody please tell me what the current state of Black Buckaneer's ride area is? I'm asking this as Blue Barnacle was due to reopen as in Black Buckaneer's domain a week after Lockdown began.Can someone please inform me of the Blue Barnacles manufacturer. All I know is that the Blue Barnacle is not a Huss Swinging Pirate Ship like it's predecessor was. Penultimatly can someone please tell me if the Blue Barnacle is new or second hand? If the latter is applicable can someone please name the Theme\Amusement park where it previously operated. Finally will the Blue Barnacle be operational
  8. SteveJ how do you know that Vampire is finally receiving it's_much needed refurbishment? I truly hope this refurbishment restores Vampire to how John Wardley intended the ride and theme to be,three decades ago! In addition to this I hope this revamp enables Vampire to operate with three trains again. To be honest it wouldn't be an impossible request to deliver as Vampire previously operated with three train's. "With the Vampire hopefully being restored to its former glory as well as all the other refurbishment work going on around the park,I can definitely say that 2020 will be the best season
  9. I hope that none of the rides and attractions at Drayton Mannor have been irreparably damaged ,by the flooding brought on by Storm Dennis. If Drayton Mannor had to demolish a ride or attraction it would be totally catastrophic. Flooding is the last thing that Drayton Mannor needed just as their recovering from the tragic Rapids accident of 2017. I sincerely hope that Drayton Mannor can repair thier flood damage and reputation. I hope that Drayton can remain a tourist attraction for many years to come.
  10. I agree. The pit the boat sits in is already there,as is as the control booth and queline.The only work that will be required is the painting of the booth and queline and the errection of the boat and supports. I would also like Chessington to enhance the queline by adding more theming and even a new soundtrack. I wonder if the arrival of a new swinging pirate ship mean that the of Pirate's Cove will receive an overall refurbishment? To all me fellow forum members I hope that you all have an awesome weekend,kind regards Theme Park Fanatic
  11. Does anyone know the date when Blackbuckneer's successor will sail into Pirates Cove at Chessington? Additionally can any I tell me how many months,weeks or days it takes to assemble a swinging pirate ship ride. In my personal opinion I doubt that the new swinging pirate ship will be open for the 19th of March the first day of the Chessington 2020 season. kind regards and have and have a brilliant weekend from Theme Park Fanatic!
  12. MarkC what was the cut off age and height of the log flume while it was located in Weymouth?
  13. You say that but Toadies Crazy Cars neaver had a cut off age.Due to this I don't think that Jungle Rangers will have any rules prohibiting adults from rideing.
  14. I personally can't wait to experience the Jungle Rangers,River Rafts and Treetop Hoppers. I hope Chessington theme the indoor section of the log flume will.
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