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  1. @Matt N you are clued up on Theme Parks do you think Blackgang Chine’s new ride will be one of those in my list? Matt is it a realistic possibility for Cliffhanger too end up at Camel Creek?
  2. Hi does anyone know what’s happened to Cliffhanger now it’s departed Blackgang Chine? I hope it has been bought by my local Theme Park Camel Creek in Cornwall. Camel Creek’s signature Rollercoaster has been incredibly unreliable and will likely be scrapped. Cliffhanger would be a great replacement. I wouldn’t be surprised if the replacement for Cliffhanger is Enterprise from Alton Towers,Spinball Wizzer from Alton Towers,Rocky Express from Thorpe Park,Apocalypse from Drayton Manor or Floom Of Doom from Funland Hayling Island. Please can you all share your opinions and hopes for the future of Cliffhanger and it’s replacement? I hope the replacement is one of the rides I’ve listed. All these rides are/were too good to scrap. I wonder if a new ride will replace Blackgang Chine’s new ride that collapsed earlier this year? https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=newssearch&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi0-P7uyNP7AhWl8rsIHVHUCVYQxfQBKAB6BAgJEAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.countypress.co.uk%2Fnews%2F23016285.isle-wights-blackgang-chine-new-ride-horizon%2F&usg=AOvVaw1GDugKuyd-77RkaaijnEZt
  3. I am certain Rocky Express will reopen in a new location of Thorpe Park. The builders are being carful while removing Rocky. If the ride was being scrapped the builders wouldn't be dismantling it so tenderly.
  4. @RobF do you know where The Black Buckaneer and Monkey Swinger came from?
  5. Hi I know Chessington purchased The Black Buckaneer and Monkey Swingger second hand. Does anyone know where these rides were previously,and how old they were when Purchased by Chessington? If there’s any other second hand rides at Chessington can you please let me know which ones and where they were before.
  6. I expect to see Rocky Express refurbished and relocated to Amity Beach. To be precise I think Rocky Express will be located in the area formerly occupied by Wet Wet Wet. I also expect to see some track that has arrived for Project Exodus. This is unlikely but I hope Slammer would’ve been removed. Slammers been SBNO for over 5 years.
  7. Why’s everyone adamant that Rocky Express won’t be relocated and reopened? In 2004 everyone was saying The Flying Fish would never going to be relocated. Fast forward to 2007 and The Flying Fish was back in a new location. I think Rocky Express is likely to have the same fate. Firstly throughout the demolition of Old Town Rocky Express has been shielded from damage. Secondly Rocky Express received a major overhaul during the 2020 closed season. Finally there’s a vacant gap where Wet Wet Wet stood. All these factors lead me to believe Rocky Express could be rethemed and relocated to Amity Beach. Should this happen Rocky Express could be marketed as next years new ride. Lumber Jump Rocky Express’s former neighbour was relocated to Amity and rethemed to High Striker. High Striker was marketed as this years new ride. I actually liked that Lumber Jump was rethemed,relocated and renamed to become this years new ride. Rocky Express could easily be relocated. Rocky Express has been relocated before during its time at Thorpe Park. Initially Rocky Express operated in Octopus Garden. When Canada Creek opened Rocky Express was rethemed and relocated to become the ride we know today.
  8. @coasterverse I thought Rumba Rapids had a Plant Room and was sterilised with Chlorine. The water on Rumba always looks clear whereas the water on Loggers Leap looked slightly murky. I think Loggers should have had a Plant Room added. Log Flumes are really inclusive and enjoyable rides.
  9. Is it true that a large factor in the closure of Loggers Leap was hygiene? I remember reading the water on Loggers Leap came straight from the lake without being filtered or sterilised. If this was the case this would explain why Chessington still have Tiger Rock. Tiger Rock (Dragon Falls) is a newer Log Flume than Loggers Leap was. Due to this Tiger Rock has a plant room in which the water is filtered and sterilised with Chlorine. TBH I wish Thorpe had invested in a filter for Loggers Leap. The ride was extremely iconic and popular. Even Princess Diana and a young Prince William and Harry rode Loggers Leap.
  10. @coasterverse it sounds like I have the same wishes for Duel as the manager of Alton Towers. If I were the manager I would be transforming Duel into the Dolls House of Emily Alton and Snowy. It sounds like the Duel refurbishment is extremely exiting. I would say it’s positive that Duel has closed. At least Duel is not being invaded by an IP like Professor Burp’s Bubbleworks. Merlin seem to have turned a corner. I’m glad that Merlin are not relying on IPS. The World Of Jumanji will be Chessington’s first investment involving an IP in 4 years.
  11. @coasterverse I am definitely NOT the manager of Alton Towers.
  12. @Benin this is definitely the best post of the year!! This was highly inventive and looks professional. It’s a shame that @coasterverse used your idea and butchered it. @coasterverse’s Rocky Express version on the Thorpe Park thread looks very unprofessional and genuinely terrible. If I was comparing @coasterverse’s version to a ride it would be Bubbleworks Imperial Leather. You really made me chuckle by posting this @Benin you should be crowned Thorpe Park Mania’s best poster 2022.
  13. Hi now the 2022 season has ended and Old Town is being cleared is there an update on Rocky Express? Last season Thorpe Park announced Rocky Express was exploring its retirement options. I interrupted this as Thorpe Park being unsure whether to relocate Rocky Express or not. I hope over the coming months Rocky Express is removed from Old Town,and relocated to another part of Thorpe Park. Rocky Express is a brilliant and beloved Family Ride. Family Rides are sparse at Thorpe Park. Retaining this amazing,iconic and reliable ride would be an amazing idea. You will probably say there’s a ride identical to Rocky Express down the road at Chessington,in saying this you’d be wrong. The ride I’m referring to is Seas Storm. Sea Strorm at Chessington is a Mack Seastorm this means that the carriages/boats spin on an axis. While Sea Storm at Chessington is a Mack Seastorm Rocky Express at Thorpe is a Mack Peter Pan. This means Rocky Express spins faster and the trains stay in one position rather than spin as the ride goes round.
  14. Is it true that this closed season Chessington is receiving the most refurbishments ever. By this I mean the biggest overhaul refurbishment undertaken during closed season.I’ve heard they’ll be no rides open in February due to the major refurbishments. I wonder if any Rides will receive rethemes or be removed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Scorpion Express is removed. This ageing Chessington classic was becoming more unreliable each season. I seriously worry that the fire the ride had in July was the end of the line. My logic says Chessington wouldn’t invest in an unreliable ride that is gaining more faults. Furthermore in 2019 I was told that Scorpion Express would be removed over that winter. On the contrary my heart hopes Chessington realise how beloved the ride is and repair it. If Scourpeon Express did literally go up in a puff of smoke I hope it’s replaced by a Rapids Ride. If you include the original Runaway Train queline,and the former Flying Jumbos site the area is roughly the size of Viking’s River Splash at Legoland Windsor. Due to the refurbishment of Duel at Alton Towers I expect Tomb Blaster to receive attention. Tomb Blaster was the inspiration behind Duel. In fact Tomb Blaster predates Duel by a year and has more broken effects. An effect that has been broken for ages is the rolling overhead boulder. There are further broken efforts which I cannot recall off hand. I am extremely exited to see what next season brings to Chessington. It’s my favourite Merlin Theme Park after all. The opening of The World Of Jumanji fills me with joy. I watched the Jumanji films for the first time this year. They’re amazing films. I think a whole World based around them is just what Chessington needs. The World Of Jumanji will combine Chessington’s core values Animals and adventure/rides. Since watching the first Jumanji it’s been my dream to enter the Jungle. I don’t normally condone IPS (Sponsorships) but this is an exception to the rule. If done well The World Of Jumanji has the potential to be the most immersive and heavily themed area at Chessington. I hope real animals are incorporated into this new development. Chessington have produced some amazing areas that include rides and animals. The best examples are The Land of The Tiger and The Rainforest. Please share your thoughts and opinions on Chessington’s most exciting closed season and season to date? Whether your optimistic or concerned share your thoughts here!!
  15. @Matt Creek The World Of Jumanji is Chessington’s best investment in my lifetime. I’m 23 next month. This is only my opinion of course. I think the Water Park could also be Jumanji Themed. A Jumanji Water Park has recently opened in America. I’m looking forward to stepping into the world of Jumanji. I’ve recently watched the original Jumanji film with Robin Williams in and the second with The Rock. There amazing films. I have to say there among the best films I have watched. This IP is the only one I’ve actually condoned. I hope Chessington combine Animals with The World Of Jumanji in the same way they did with Land Of The Tiger and The Rainforest.
  16. I love closed season. It’s always full of suspense and surprises!! The current Chessington closed season will be the best yet. I’m eager to find out what the new Water Park will involve. Furthermore I’m exited to find out the future of Scourpeon Express. I fear it went up in the puff of smoke and will never take passengers again.
  17. @Benin I find this post highly amusing. I don’t think you will when you enter the newly returned Forbidden Tomb next March. You’ll be apologising like @Matt N has. I was correct about the closure and removal of Scourpeon Express wasn’t I? Just because you are sceptical doesn’t make me a fantasist. The closure of Scourpeon Express isn’t the only prediction that’s come true. I also predicted Project Amazon would involve Jumanji. Low and behold the project transformed into The World Of Of Jumanji. Not only this but as soon as Duel’s closure was announced by Alton Towers I instantly sensed it would be based around Emily Alton. Unsurprisingly all the hints point to Emily Alton “repossessing” the ride.
  18. I read this post on Chessington Buzz’s Facebook page “say farewell to some classics tonight... Some for a refresh... Others for good These are memories and important to people, they are not just rides. Sleep well Nemesis, Rocky Express, Scorpion Express - P”. It says “some for a refresh” to me this implies two are reopening. Some is a purul. If one was reopening the post would have said one for a refresh.I think the reopening rides will be Nemeses at Alton Towers and Rocky Express at Thorpe park. These attractions are in fairly good shape. As we all know Nemesis has been confirmed as reopening, after a season long overhaul. I think Rocky Express is the other returning ride.Thorpe Park said Rocky Express is exploring its options. This implies Thorpe are considering to relocate it. Furthermore we seemingly said goodbye to Rocky Express last year. To mention the ride a year later and say “some for a refresh” makes me think it’s returning. If Rocky Express wasn’t returning surly Duel at Alton Towers would have made the list. Duel is the biggest loss the Theme Park industry has suffered this year. I’m sure more than ever that Scorpion Express has taken its final passengers. It’s just a shame that a legendary ride like Scorpion Express literally went in a puff of smoke. I must also thank @Matt N and accept his apology. Everyone can make mistakes and have inaccurate views. @Matt N I hope the practicality confirmed permanent closure of Scourpeon Express has taught you to trust me more. I fear you might have to apologise for a second time. I have a feeling Tomb Blaster will be rejuvenated back to Forbidden Tomb.
  19. It’s surreal that after 28 years of operation today is the final day of the original Nemesis. Are you sad,emotional or looking forward to the upcoming changes? Please share your thoughts below.Even though Nemeses is returning for its 30th Birthday in 2024,it’s a somber realisation that today marks the end of the iconic original Nemesis. I haven’t even ridden Nemesis but I’m emotional. I feel sorry for those that have ridden this Alton Towers classic. This is the second loss Alton Towers has had in as many months. Duel closed a 2 months ago tomorrow. Fortunately both Duel and Nemesis will return in new guises for next season and 2024 respectfully. RIP Nemesis 1994-2022!! The Rollercoaster has done Alton Towers well for almost 3 decades.
  20. @Trooper Looper it's comforting to know that at least part of The Haunted House/Duel will live on through the carriages. I would say Duel had/has the best ride system out of any ride in the world. I apologize if I appear OTT but it's true. Its only 4 months until Duel will welcome riders again. Alton Towers is only open for another 6 days. Hopefully this means more information on the future of Duel will be released. I am expecting an announcement on the 6th of November. John Wardley will be at Alton Towers for the final day of Nemesis. I except hell make an announcement on Duel. The Haunted House is John Wardley's most prized creation. John's guaranteed to be more excited than us. No doubt keeping the details of the refurbishment is hard for him. Normally I would be worried about a premier Dark Ride being redone. Because John is involved my worry has dissipated. John was never happy about the Duel retheme. I know that The Haunted House will return. It probably won't be a clone of the original. I am sure it'll be 98% the same. Think of the original Piraten In Batavia at Europa Park vs the currant ride. This will give you an idea of how the ride will differ. Note that Piraten In Batavia was totally burnt. This factor makes it likely that The Haunted House will be even more like the original. Finally, many Pirten In Batavia animatronics were salvaged from the inferno. This makes the future of most of the Duel theming secure. Duels sets haven't been burnt or are as old.
  21. Does anyone know the currant whereabouts of the carriages you travel in? I saw a photo of them on the back of a flatbed truck. I wasn't sure if they were being moved to the maintenance shed at Alton Towers or the Mack factory in Germany. I hope the carriages return but without the guns added during the 2003 Duel refurbishment. I would not mind the Theming changing to rooms of Emily Alton and Snowy's Dolls House instead of scenes of generic scary characters. a Haunted Dolls House would create a uneque,creepy and immersive Dark Ride. Emily and Snowy have been underused by Alton Towers. I cannot believe more focus was made on Molly Crowe some boring character. Molly is the lead character of a horror film rather than a personalized fictional character. Refreshing Duel into Emily's Dolls House would be a startling success. Rides based around homemade characters are more popular than those based on natation wide characters. For exhample Professor Burp's Bubbleworks was far more popular than The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure. Furthermore, Professor Burp's won an award for being Europe's best Dark Ride. Therse no chance of The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure winning such an award. I may book a trip to Alton Towers next year. I am extremely excited about the Duel refurbishment and reopening of Nemesis Sub Terra. Next year will the year of the Dark Ride. With the refurbishment of Duel, reopening of Nemesis Sub Terra and reopening of the refreshed Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Next year will also be the year of returning rides. Duel, Nemesis Sub Terra and Valhalla are all returning from beyond the grave.
  22. @Trooper Looper some of the classic Dark Rides still remain. The original Boat Ride from The London Dungeon at Tooly Street was dismantled piece by piece and reassembled at the new location. The building may be different, but the main ride system and elements of Theming are identical. I will admit most of the boat rides Theming was replaced during the relocation. As for Alton Towers's Haunted House depending on what the refurbishment brings this is also still entertaining guests. As John Wardley is once again involved, I am 99.9% convinced the ride will be stripped of the Duel infestation and restored to its original guise. The Haunted House has a place in John Wardley's heart. He was saddened when the ride was rethemed to Duel without his consent or involvement. It's been hinted The Haunted House will return with a 21st century twist or with a story based around Emily Alton. I apologize for adding another idea, but I wouldn't rule out a retheme to Molly Leigh the witch of Burslam. Molly Leigh is a unique theme to Alton Towers and is a local historic story. Furthermore, Molly Leigh is a scary and gripping subject. In my opinion she deserves a proper ride rather than a room at the end of the Alton Towers Dungeons.
  23. @Trooper Looper here is an excellent example of a modern horror-based ride. Zombie at Ocean Beach utilizes Screens and physical props. In my opinion they complement each other well. I hope Duel returns like Zombie on steroids. @Trooper Looper please share your views on Zombie and if you would like Duel to reopen in a similar style.
  24. think you might be onto something there; a now deleted comment on AS' Facebook post from an Attraction Source admin said that "those familiar with the situation say that it is replacing an existing attraction" @Matt N with this in mind I think the new addition could be one of the following. Option number 1 is a replacement for Scorpion Express. This beloved Rollercoaster has been closed since a mild fire in July. Option number 2 is the retheme of The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure. This Ip with Julia Donaldson has been around for 6 years. From past experience IPs generally expire after this period. A good example is Bubbleworks Imperial Leather. This Sponsorship ended in 2014 following 7 years. Most people were not aware of this. Bubbleworkks remained largely unchanged bar the covering of Imperial Leather logos. Option number 3 is the replacement of The Maine Stage with a ride. This area and the adjacent former Toytown architecture are being renovated. A decent Flat Ride could slip into this location. Option number 4 is a new ride to replace Elmer's Flying Jumbos. This rides sponsorship expires in 2024. Chessington could be planning ahead so a replacement can be implemented immediately. Option number 5 is the gutting of Room On The Broom A Magical Journey. This attraction is also part of a sponsorship with Julia Donaldson which is probably close to ending. Option number 6 is a new ride possibly a kids Rollercoaster to replace Creepy Caves. Chessington said that the Creepy Caves Scare Maze is in its final season. Option 6 is the errection of a Water Park to complement the hotels and create an all-inclusive Holiday Resort. Option 7 is a major refurbishment of Tomb Blaster. Duel the sister ride to this attraction is currently undergoing an overhaul. Option 8 is the retracking of Chessington's most symbolic and popular ride Vampire. This ride is over 30 years old and is likely reaching the end of its currant from. As Nemesis at Alton Towers is to undergo this treatment surly Vampire will. The fact is Vampire's just as iconic if not more iconic than Nemesis. Vampire was the first suspended Rollercoaster in the U.K and is the reason Chessington is how we all love it. Furthermore, Vampire was the first suspended Rollercoaster in Europe and the sole surviving Arrow Dynamics model outside of America. My final but by no means least hypothesis is the retheme of Zufari Ride into Africa. Chessington Buzz speculated earlier this year that this almost decade year old attraction could receive a Jumanji overlay. I think this is very possible as Chessington are opening The World of Jumanji in March. Giving a slight refresh to a decade old attraction would raise it popularity once more. It's worth noting this is my weakest theory. Zufari is the furvfest away area from The World of Jumanji. This would make a Jumanji overlay a right shambles. With Chessington opening their most imersive area to date id rather all the Jumanji theming contained to the former picnic area opposite The Land of the Dragons. Can everyone please give their feedback on wheater I am barking up the right tree? I would like to know your predictions on what new addition will be announced on the 16th of November. Please please please inform me of your views. Personally, I would be overjoyed if the new addition is the return of Professor Burp's Bubbleworks. Devastatingly I think we are more likely to see a flying pink pig.
  25. @Trooper Looper can you please share your realistic thoughts and expectations on the Duel refurbishment?
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