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  1. I can't get enough of Tambourine by Eve at the moment. It's ridiculously catchy.
  2. No matter what time of year I visit and no matter what time of day it is I always have to queue longer for Loggers Leap than for almost anything else. It's worth it, though. I wish they'd do a tiny bit more with the theming... maybe just adding a few more things to the banks.
  3. I had problems uploading avatars this afternoon (just came up with a box with a red cross) but I'll use the URL thing instead for now.
  4. IslandSheriff

    Thorpe Farm

    I'm not at all sad that the farm's gone. When I was a child my parents always insisted on taking me there and I never saw the point... I can see animals at any old farm; Thorpe Park to me has always been about the rides and things. I liked the train journey and the trip on the boat once in a while but once I got there I got bored pretty quickly.
  5. It's been interesting reading these posts. Ah, my turn. I lived 5 minutes away from Thorpe Park (and 15 away from Chessington) for the first 13 years of my life so I spent a lot of my childhood at the two parks (along with Windsor Safari Park which doesn't even exist anymore). I only really realised how important theme parks were to me when Ranger County opened (I don't know why it happened then in particular). I moved away from Surrey a while ago and for the past 5 years I've become a proper Thorpe Park geek. I suppose it's a mixture of nostalgia and a genuine love of the place that brings
  6. I'm 20 at the moment... but closer to 21. Frightening.
  7. I've tried Firefox and Internet Explorer and I've closed windows, opened new windows, deleted my entire history... I don't think it's anything at my end.
  8. I've always loved the Nemesis Inferno music. There's something a tiny bit Danny Elfman about it... but only a tiny bit.
  9. I can't get to it either (I can get to the front page but I can't log in or anything).
  10. I'm not really a fan of genres... there should be songs you like and songs you dislike and that's about it.I went for that bottom option though.
  11. I love Loggers Leap the most because (as much as I love all of them) this one gives you a longer ride and because you don't get very wet you can go on at the end of the day.
  12. I always thought that ride was hideous.
  13. I remember going into Cinema 180 with my father to watch a video of a rollercoaster. I sat on his shoulders. At the time the park would've had just one rollercoaster (Space Station Zero/The Flying Fish) and I never thought that I'd see one of that size in the park. Never. Look how far Thorpe Park has come. I remember the huge Sylvanian Families scene in the dome in the very early 90s. I wasn't collecting the things at the time and I had a sudden urge to spend all of my pocket money on them...I went to see the fireworks display most years and my parents would always keep it a secret. They wou
  14. I really loved Wicked Witches Haunt. I remember when the entrance moved and they put that moving witch above it... I was actually quite frightened of her. I was always scared that my father would get into a car and move off without me but in reality the cars were moving far too slowly for that to happen...
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