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Woburn Abbey - Theme Park That Never Was


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Great article posted by Theme Park Tourist with details of a park planned by Tussaurds before they took on Alton instead.

Really worth a read through, one thing particularly worth mentioning though...


What's that? It's a racing woodie, that's what. Shame the local authority were so adamant they wouldn't allow any of this development, I'm sure in the long run it would have been great for the local area. Planning really is the scourge of theme parks in this country.

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Absolutely wonderful find there pluk. I'm so surprised there's so much information available about it! I remember when Paramount Park was put on hold, I said it was just like the park Tussauds tried to build before Alton Towers, not being able to remember the name and thinking it as a lost-in-history, barely-known affair. And here it is! Resurfacing in a book about Towers' inception. Definitely going to enjoy reading about this in future serials!

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I find it very interesting about how we could've got a large scale park in Wobourn and its such a shame it never saw the light of day due to typical themepark haters as I we could've seen a racing woodie which that alone may have sparked more for woodies in the uk we never got which in all is a shame.

However if this had taken place, we may not seen the likes of Nemy and Blivvy at towers in the present if this occurred.

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