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  1. Could be Pleasurewood Hills as well - they have their Sea Lion enclosure just opposite their log flume
  2. When I did my BTS of Saw and Stealth last year they took me and a few friends in to see the engineer's workshop and stand on the door by the bottom of the lift and was then walked up through the staff corridors (didnt get to see the track on the inside as these corridors were concrete but you could hear the cars going by) up to the station and into the console. Obviously it might differ each time as H&S may have changed since then
  3. Unless the rules have changed, when I got my first one my parents bought it for me and then wrote a note of authorisation to allow me to pick them up to confirm it was intended to be collected by me and for use by me. Alternatively last year when I bought one at a park I wasn't asked for ID so unless they've buckled down on it then you should be fine, but I'd get them online and collect on the day with letters authorising you to get them if I was you as an air of precaution
  4. Revealed as a Wooden Coaster themed to Vikings. Top speed of 48mph, 9 airtime moments and a maximum drop height of 74ft Credit to TPR for the video link
  5. Good old shipping containers-ish... From TowersStreet's FB
  6. £20 on it being a VR maze... Win win for Merlin - not having to pay actors and a worlds first... I'll stop now before I give them anymore ideas...
  7. Off-ride visual effect maybe? And for those who opt out of the VR part who will see it
  8. They removed it a few seasons back and Adventure Inside now takes its place
  9. Potential crisis averted... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35431086 All these recent attempts of attacks are just getting ludicrous now...
  10. Track was finished today and officially confirmed an opening date of March 24th. Credit to Walibi Holland's Facebook
  11. Ashok, the lion that sadly died earlier in 2015 is being replaced by a new male lion for 2016. Along with a refreshed Trail of the Kings in general http://www.chessington.com/plan/faq/149/roar-and-explore-2016.aspx
  12. Not sure if anyone's already noticed or not but Rameses will now only be open on peak days. Unsurprising really considering the 15 person rule and how few times it must have run during those days... http://www.chessington.com/plan/faq/151/rameses-revenge.aspx
  13. Colossus (5) Detonator Bombs Away! (5) Loggers Leap (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Rush (3) SAW- The Ride (6) Slammer (6) Stealth (5) Tidal Wave (5) X (5) Colossus + Rush -
  14. Colossus (5) Detonator Bombs Away! (5) Loggers Leap (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Rush (5) SAW- The Ride (5) Slammer (7) Stealth (5) Storm In A Teacup (4) Tidal Wave (5) X (4) Slammer +1 Teacups -1
  15. Colossus (3) Depth Charge (5) Detonator Bombs Away! (5) Loggers Leap (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Quantum (4) Rush (6) SAW- The Ride (6) Slammer (8) Stealth (5) Storm In A Teacup (4) Tidal Wave (4) X (5) Slammer + Tidal -
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