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My turn,lets see how this goes.

Best New ride:- Baron 1898

Worthy Mentions:- Sky Force, Heartlake City

Best Movie of 2015:- Big Hero Six

Worthy Mentions:- Need to see more films in 2016

Best Album of the Year: Adele 25

Best Song:- Hello Adele

Worthy Mentions:- eyes wide shut Years & Years, How deep is your love- Calvin Harris

TV Show of the Year:- Big Bang Theory

Worthy Mentions:- I'm a celeb, Dark Rides (it's so good and I don't watch loads of TV at the mo)

Best Moments

- Disney Land Paris, my first ever trip there with highlights including getting to the gates, night rides on BTM, Peaj's breath getting a cast ember out of character, meeting a school mate I haven't seen for years and professor drunk on day 1.

-My trip at Efteling, Polle's, Baron 1898 & Aquanura in particular were superb!

Roll on 2016.

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Park of the Year: Efteling. Which brings me onto...


Ride of the Year: Baron 1898


Movie of the Year: Jurassic World


Game of the Year: Fallout 4


Personal Moment(s) of the Year: Completing the first year at college and getting a job at Legoland (even if it wasn't the prettiest of jobs...) ^_^


Bring on 2016! :D

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Oooh, I forgot about this!


Album of the year


Everything Everything - Get to Heaven. I should imagine Everything Everything are rather pissed with how this year has gone; they've made a pretty much perfect album which deserved to spawn a string of massive hits, but no one seemed to notice with not one single track charting in the top 40. The worlds gone mad. Go buy it.


Song of the year


Although I do love it, it's not necessarily my favorite song, but is one that I think will always bring me back to this moment in time. Major Laser - Lean On.


Live Show of the year

Basement Jaxx lived up to my ridiculously high expectations,  I've never seen dance music done better live at any show or on any recording. Seen at the relatively small Brownstock outdoor festival, where you get so much more energy than some echoing 02 hanger.


Film of the year


Inside Out, without a shadow of a doubt. 


TV Show of the year


The current series of Toast of London is sublime absurd fun. One episode left of this series, you can still catch up now. I suggest you do.


Personal Moment of the year


Passing my sergeants exams and getting a 'temporary' promotion to that rank.  Yay!


Low Point of the year


Crashing my brand new (3,000 miles) police car, running out of talent on a damp roundabout turning my 4 wheeled car into a three wheeled one at quite a speed. Much embarrassment!

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Best of 2017


Film - Coco

Song - Cut to the Rhythm by Queen Carly Rae Jepsen

TV Show - The Good Place

Ride - Alpina Blitz

Favourite Moment - Theresa May losing her majority at the 2017 Election. 

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Wasn't there a thread for this once? Edit - yeah, this one. Moved!


Album -  Melodrama - Lorde. A few outstanding tracks on there, and all of them are at least decent.

Song - Everything Now - Arcade Fire. Was obsessed with it for much of the summer. Green Light was probably me actual favourite though, but I wasn't giving two prestigious best of's to Lorde.

TV Show - Halt and Catch Fire - Amazon/AMC. Much underappreciated fantastic show. Deeply sad that it's over, but loved that it was allowed to come to an actual conclusion rather than being cancelled mid season and incompletely like so many American programs do.

Film - Babydriver. Proper enjoyable romp, loved the musicality of it. Really enjoyed the bizarre Brigsby Bear too.

Future Excitement - Icon. Great to have multiple decent sized projects to look forward to but sorry SW8, Blackpool's future looks more exciting.


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33 minutes ago, pluk said:

Wasn't there a thread for this once? Edit - yeah, this one. Moved!


Album -  Melodrama - Lorde. A few outstanding tracks on there, and all of them are at least decent.

Couldn't agree more- absolutely loved Melodrama, and as soon as Greenlight dropped it managed to ear-worm me for a few months, I'm shocked the singles and record itself wasn't more successful.


Anyway I thought I do a few of my own here as 2017 was probably one of my more eventful years.


Song Of The Year- Hard Times- Paramore

Absolutely love the funky 80s inspired instrumentation on this track and the hook is a ear-gasm.

Plus who doesn't have a crush on Hayley Williams?


Film Of The Year- IT

I do have to say I was initially perhaps WAY too harsh on IT, though after another watch and some thinking I overall think the film is very entertaining and the characters are quite fresh for a horror.

The film did grip me for long sections of it and there are some scenes that naturally create some really tense and scary moments.

I didn't see many films this year though so putting IT as my favourite film of the year perhaps isn't saying much though..


Album- Melodrama-Lorde

Already mentioned this but in short: Well written, experimental moments like "The Louvre" or "Hard Feelings' bridge, good hooks, good lyrics, and Lorde's vocal delivery is filled with emotion on pretty much every track.


Favourite Live Show- Derren Brown Underground

This was my first time seeing Derren Brown live; and holy god was it entertaining, amazing, and something I will never forget.

The theatre which Derren was performing in was very tiny and closeup so there was points where I could pretty much touch him (luckily got seat upgrades too!)

The show itself was a psychological journey filled with tons of "what the fu** just happened?" moments.

I had many moments where I was questioning my own thought process and  honestly I couldn't even fathom how he performed such tricks by the end of it- amazing.


Low Points Of The Year

Relationship drama, merlin parks, punching myself while dancing :lol::blink: don't ask


High Points Of The Year

Learning guitar, losing weight, non merlin parks.



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