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Calling all adrenalin Junkies


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Are you into other thrill based activities than theme parks? Maybe you'd like to try a Go Ape style ropes course, or climbing Snowdon? Do you have free time? Enough time to maybe moderate a new non theme park based forum? I am about to set sail on a new idea and am initially looking for people who would be interested in helping.

Interested? Read on.

A bit of history.

As some of you may know, I'm one of the team over at Towers Nerd, mainly responsible for organising trips and live blogging. Saying that, I tend to post all my construction updates on a fair number of sites, Thorpe Mania being one of them, with the lofty goal of trying to bring the community together a bit more. Over the last year, every single weekend except one of season I was at one park or another and that kind of over exposure to a subject starts to wane your interest. So I started to re-evaluate what I was actually interested in and realised that basically it is good memories. It is doing something at the weekend that you will look back on when times are hard with a smile. I then realised that theme parks are just one form of memory creation (ohh god I'm slipping into the Alton Towers fireworks show). Last year I went Caving and that was wonderful. The year before I went Go Ape, that was equally fun. I've climbed Ben Nevis and Snowden. All brilliant experiences. I realised that I wanted more experiences and probably not as many Theme Park ones.

The problem is, that doesn't fit in with the TowersNerd or TPM umbrella and being non theme park related it doesn't fit into any of the sites I regularly visit. So I have/am in the process of creating a new site who's main goal is to be a resource of, to organise trips to and to review, non theme park related 'things to do at the weekend'.

Ok so what's its status?

We started work on it 02 Jan 2014, so it is in its really early stages. We currently have a nearly empty but fully operational forum and a place holder of a website (which won't be looked at until after the forum launches).

What am I looking for?

I aim to launch the forum part first in a couple of weeks time as soon as we have enough basic content so that the forum isn't totally empty and there is something for people to join in with. So I am looking for a literate person who has time on their hands who wants to help moderate and create forum based content. Someone who is excited to try new activities and fancies organising or helping to organise trips. Also someone who will bring a friend base with them to the new forum. One final requirement. You need to be 16 or over. A number of these activities have a minimum age of 16 so it would be cruel for a moderator not to be able to participate in the trips.

How do I find out more?

P.M me. Or grab me on chat. I expect to get 4/5 interested people so in the PM tell me who you are and give me an inkling of what you would like to bring to the new site.

Interested in being a member, not a moderator?

In about 2 weeks time, I will post a comment on this thread containing an advert for the new site. By then we will have enough there to get people started. Hopefully it will take off and hopefully, we will give you adrenalin junkies something new to try. Tune back in a couple of weeks.

Important note.

I really really really don't want someone to defect from this site to join mine. Both sites have nearly no cross over, apart from a similar base of adrenalin junkies, so I wholly hope you will stay an active member of this forum as well as being a mod/member on the new site. TPM is a wonderful forum filled with wonderful people and run by a wonderful team who have kindly agreed to let me post this here.

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OK peops. The time is here to formally unveil


Our mission statement says it all really - I want to help YOU to go out and do something less boring than what your doing now, whether that is with novel ideas or part of group trips where we can all try something new and thrilling together, and having a laugh whilst doing so.

So the forum is there, nice and void of too many posts. A really basic web site is also there. This will also grow over time, currently it is designed as purely a front portal to the forum but if anyone has any ideas, please add them to the forum. So what now? Well that is basically up to you guys. I have built, with help from Joss and Ethan the groundwork. You now control what we do, what you want to do and when.

So this is my formal invite to each one of you out there to come and join in. If anyone has any sign up issues please feel free to PM me here. I am sure that there will be one or two evil buggettes so if you spot any, there is a topic just for that purpose.

Once again Thanks to Marc and the rest of the TPM team for allowing me to post this.

I look forward to all the adventures we will undertake together at


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