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  1. Some games we play in the queue all mobile games that are 1) dead easy to learn, 2) short games OLO - This is either 2 or 4 players with 1 device and is basically a new version of shovehapeny. Orbital - This is 2 players with 1 device. The only thing you have control of is the angle you fire. Your plasma expends its energy and then expands till it touches another object. The idea is to box the other person in so they cant go whilst not boxing yourself in.
  2. "Log flume is closed because 2 cars crashed on it" (start of this season stood next to the bilboards saying SW8 coming soon. spoken by a lady in her 20's with a london accent)
  3. If they can't predict the ride quality before hand, how can B&M always make smooth coasters. It is easy to predict if a ride will be rough or smoth. It's simple physics. BTW Saw was rough the first year it opened. Same with Smiler. Both rough enough for me to rarely re-ride. Regarding theme park rides not being designed for someone with a bad back. Why? I am sure its possable with modern design to create a ride that thrills every member of the visiting group, be they 5 or 85. Hex makes you think you feel G forces. It just taks a little intellegence, creativity and out of the bo
  4. Thunderlooper was a good ride as it never had a queue. You could ride it 20 times in the time your friends rode Nemesis. http://towersnerd.com/history/retired/thunderlooper/index.html
  5. I havent ranted here for a while .. In Defence of 13: 13 makes people laugh. Whenever I ride it at least one person is laughing as they come out of the tunnel, often a large percentage of the people on the train. If you view it purely as a rollercoaster then it isnt good, in the same way that hex isnt good. If you view it as an experience that can be enjoyed every time you go on it, especially if your with someone who hasnt ridden before, then both this and Hex are brilliant attractions. If thorpe got an identical clone of Hex then I think the general public would love it. I
  6. Can I modify this.. Question everything.. but always take heed of the facts (and any rubbish stretchy comes out with )
  7. I am going to have to provisionally miss this sorry. I believe I am unable to make the sunday 25th Sept. Have fun, everyone who goes will really enjoy the launch room, and rememeber to ask loads of questions. The mechanics really get talking the more you ask.
  8. Money. The budget for updating the golf is diddy. They can do what is cheap, the air hole back wall needed replacing and was replaced under maintainance budget. They have reams of printed score cards, reprinting them would cost. There are plans to gradually update the holes but there have been plans for a while now. The problem is there isnt the money.
  9. Simples... It is obvious what's in the shed, it's what's in all sheds. It's a broken bike some random gardening tools and lots of cob webs.
  10. Does the area cordoned off match the area on the plans? Regarding usage, I meant more that they could have cordoned off the area for the new expansion and be currently using that area for construction of things to go into other areas of the park. e.g. Scarefest wall panels or Towestastic Summer theming.
  11. Just to dispell the confusion: The new cbeebies hotel is not going in CBeebies Land, it's behind The Alton Towers Hotel (next to the spa), with an entrance near the posh hobbit houses. These plans were aproved last year and are in construction as we speak. The name of it and the affiliation with CBeeBies was annonced this week. When the plans were originally submitted it was heavily rumored to be either a CBeebies hotel or a Lego one. plans -> http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=84975 The plans for the Cbeebie
  12. I stand corrected. I'd heard that they werent allowed to start until the council had agreed the plans.
  13. No that is more likely to be for the hotel expansion that is going on behind the ATH.
  14. stretchy

    Wicker Man

    (video was superceded by this one)
  15. You wouldnt get this kind of H&S nightmare at Scarefest, the track would be safely behind a nice and high fence.
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