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    Theme Parks, Walking, Music, Football, Trying new activities including thrill-seeking activities and socialising. Joined this group to meet other people interested in theme parks.

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  1. David B

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    Hope you have a great time guys. Unfortunately not able to attend. Would be interested in attending the xmas event providing I am free.
  2. David B

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    Hi well I could be at towers that day with a few people from work but no confirmed that it will defo go ahead. Put me down as a maybe please. Will come if I'm free.
  3. David B

    TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    Just want to say welcome to you Matt. I have seen a few of you about recently but haven't been to a official TPM event for a while. Will look out for the dates of the next two events and hopefully attend at least one of them. Best of luck Matt and thanks to Ryan and Paige for the events they hosted.
  4. David B

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    Have put my vote in. Will have a better idea whether I can attend once the date is confirmed
  5. David B

    TPM Blackpool Weekend 20th - 22nd July 18

    Looks fun but I can't make this weekend sadly.
  6. David B

    Crowd funding for TPM member

    Hi, Have only just read and heard about this myself. I only met Roodie briefly a couple of times. I know Roodie will be missed by everyone and my thoughts are with his family.
  7. David B

    TPM Chessington/THORPE PARK Meet 2018

    Hi, I'm at Thorpe on the 19th May with a friend so it maybe a good time to catch up. Will have a chat to my work friend to see if he fancies it. Daniels312 may be at Thorpe to. Defo wont be at Chessington though myself but may see you in the evening.
  8. Hi unfortunately I'm not available on this weekend. Hope to catch up soon.
  9. David B

    TPM Alton Towers Meet 2018

    Hi unfortunately. I'm not free on this weekend sadly.
  10. Hi. Put me down as a maybe. I'm going to Alton Towers the week before so I may or may not be free for this one.
  11. David B

    TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    Could not fault shocktoberfest last season. Excellent high quality mazes and great atnesphere to.
  12. David B

    Your Plans for 2018

    I want to visit PA and hopefully go back to phantasialand. Uk wise Blackpool and towers opening weekends are certainly very high on my agenda. A return visit to Blackpool is also on my agenda for Icon. I want to visit Brighton Pier and Paultons but they are maybes. I plan to go to Thorpe and Chessington to.
  13. David B

    TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    I was at Winter Wonderland from 230pm till about 9.30pm yesterday and it was quiet on arrival but from 7pm onwards queues really did build. Also it will take you a while to get in to due to security checks etc.
  14. David B

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Air is a good ride but £8 for a very short cycle. I have done it elsewhere in the UK for half the price and double length cycle.
  15. David B

    TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    Hi, Unfortunately I can not attend this event. I hope to see you all soon.