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Cards Against Humanity


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A brilliant game for the closed season! Hopefully there are some people out there who've played this! Otherwise, I shall explain below:


Basically, the aim of the game is to simply come up with the funniest, dirtiest...or just the most ridiculous sentence! Each player is given a series of white cards, each with a random word or minor scenario. However, one player per round is "card czar", meaning they are in possession of a black card containing a sentence, often with a series of blank spaces. The other players must then put forward one or more white cards. The number of white cards to be submitted depends on how many the black card is demanding. For instance, if the sentence on the white card contains 3 blank spaces, then 3 white cards must be submitted. The card czar then has to decide on the funniest submission, which will ultimately win the round...and then the process repeats until a score limit has been reached, therefore ending the game.


Example (the selection in italics represents the submission made by a player to the card czar):

"Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and there is an argument with Richard Dawkins"


There's an online version of the game which we'll be using. After setting a nickname (preferably your TPM username), the game lobby will appear where you'll be able to create a private game by clicking the "Create Game" button in the top left corner. If you wish to create a game, post the link to the created game (with the password if one has been set) in this thread. The link to the site itself is below. :)




(Note: This game contains strong language and other content some may find inappropriate. If this offends, I wouldn't recommend playing. But if you're after something seriously hilarious, then play away!)

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What's weirder is that I opened the link to find the game was being played by complete strangers! Hopefully there's a way to be a little more private in future... :wacko:

Could be other tpm members ??? I have found away around the technical issue's so I'm ok playing when anyone else wants to for the next hour or so
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