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  1. Oh no yeah, there are definitely enthusiasts out there who do abuse RAP’s who really don’t need them, I just want to clarify that the comment wasn’t directed at myself, as we were re-running Creek a fair bit, but I do genuinely need a RAP at the moment and we use it correctly. It’s such a flawed system, but that’s a discussion for another time... In other news, Fright Nights is honestly great this year. Will write out a review post it in this thread tomorrow!
  2. I can’t help but feel you are referring to myself and my group here. I have a genuine reason for having a RAP and we use the system properly. We did the attraction, and waited for the allocated time on the card before re-entering. If that is ‘abusing the pass’ then please tell me how I’m supposed to use it.
  3. That's how it's going to be. The strobe lights are actually visible through the window with the red sheet over. Pattern looks very Big Top/TOTT-esque. This could potentially be very very good, but this is Fright Nights...
  4. Theme Park Guide got a video of Creek Freak's audio testing this afternoon. It sounds pretty intense to say the least 😅
  5. Apologies for the double post but... I've seen those walls before... 😥
  6. Thorpe Park and Merlin Annual Pass tickets for Fright Nights are now on sale. Cost varies between £10-25 depending on the day... Premium MAP tickets still cost £1.
  7. I’m assuming that it’s there in the case of light leakage into the building. If there is any, it’ll be blood red so as to fit the theme of the maze and hopefully not detract from the experience.
  8. You can get in for Fright Nights with your pass on 29th Sept and 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th & 11th October. All other dates are excluded however I don't know how much tickets will costs (probably in the region of £10-20 again) and currently I don't think they're available for purchase, which is odd given that the event starts in just over two weeks...
  9. bUT wWTP, wE mIGHt sTiLL gET A sURpRiSe aNnOuNcEmEnT
  10. Think it's safe to say this is the probably the new 'chilling challenge' they're introducing this year... "Ride each of our big five coasters once, scan the QR codes located in the coaster queue lines, decipher the creepy code-word, quote it at the Megastore for a FREE exclusive Feared 5 wristband."
  11. Platform 15 appears to be getting a new finale this year, with wooden walls being installed at the end of the tunnel! Really glad to see that the park are taking the time to add to their existing attractions this year after last year's... event.
  12. Walls are starting to go up in the Loggers queue line for the brand new maze.
  13. The Fright Nights page on the official website has already been updated to show that this year’s event will have over 10 scare mazes and zones. Good to see the park listened to last year’s awful feedback and are valuing quality over quantity...
  14. Thorpe x14 Towers x3 Chessington x2 ... Not exactly a huge list. This year's been busy so I've been mostly unable to visit anywhere new, or anywhere that's really that far away. Hopefully that'll change next year... hopefully.
  15. L7123456

    Logger's Leap

    Remember it was the Star Ball last night. I wouldn’t look into it that much..
  16. What I'd like to see next year: - The Big Top. Removing this maze was a huge mistake. The show wasn't bad, and the roamers were fantastic, but the maze was the best I've experienced at Thorpe in the 5 years I've been doing Fright Nights. - Platform 15. Despite the mixed opinions, I really like this maze. It's a great attraction. Go back to the 2017 storyline (it was far better), fix up the broken effects. The ending also needs work. - Living Nightmare. Not a fan of it personally but I don't see them removing it for a good few years. The theming is the best at the event. - Saw Alive. Sure, it'll be 10 years old next year, but it's still a good maze with some great theming that always seems to be popular. - Scrap Do or Die, Dead Creek, Blair Witch and Vulcan Peak. - If a second Walking Dead horror maze has to happen, have it down the DC/BW path and in the IAC area. The Terminus cannibal theme is a good one it just hasn't been done properly yet. - One/two brand new, preferably original, indoor horror mazes. - Amity High returning with more theming about the Stealth plaza. - Containment gets scrapped/updated with new rooms and puzzles. - A show in the Dome. A Studio 13 themed one could work; the director and his cast and crew filming a scene for his latest feature. Have some audience participation, humour, make it more a fun experience than a scary experience. Realistically... P15, LN and Saw will all return. Containment will remain unchanged. If the park have any common sense Big Top will come back too. Vulcan Peak could stay and get an upgrade and Dead Creek could be extended down all the way through Blair Witch. I don't think anything major will happen, as much as I want it to. Fright Nights needs to have a huge revamp at some point in the near future. Maybe for it's 20th anniversary, preferably sooner. But it really needs a huge shakeup if it wants to compete with other major events in the country. Hell, it needs a shakeup to compete with some smaller events in the country!
  17. I need to voice my honest opinion. This year's Fright Nights is the worst I've ever been to. Compared to last year, which in my opinion was damn near the best year of Fright Nights in the now 5 years I've been visiting for, this year is shocking. I've tried to squeeze as many positive aspects out of this year's event but the truth is there simply isn't many. A positive to start: Platform 15 is genuinely great. In my opinion it's the best it's ever been. The cast are fantastic, set is fantastic, even the tunnel is scary this year. I have to say as well, I have had some great runs in Blair Witch too. Admittedly this has definitely been more hit and miss and yes, it is VERY short. But as a maze in general, it's okay. This is where most of the positives end for me. Zombie Hu... I mean Dead Creek Woods. It's lazy. It's there just to say it's the park's biggest lineup ever. Quantity over quality is a phrase said many times in this thread and for good reason. There's no set, there's... nothing. The cast are great and are trying their best to make a poor maze the best they can, but you simply cannot fix a poor maze, no matter how good the cast is. Saw Alive is Saw Alive. I don't mind it, the theming is fantastic. I don't find it particularly scary and I've done it so many times at this point it's just boring. Living Nightmare is Living Nightmare. The extreme version was terrifying, and the maze really should be running at that intensity. Obviously not with the amount of actors it had during the extreme run, that's not possible. It's short, Negan has gone and walkers just are not scary. The sets are brilliant but that's about the only redeeming quality. Do or Die. It's worse than Sanctum. I'm sorry, but it is. Sanctum was bad, but it was funny! The cast threw in some brilliant improv dialogue that made the maze just great fun to go in, as bad as the theming and overall scare quality was. Do or Die is Sanctum, but with all of the fun sucked out of it. Black walls, awful Chop Shop rip off soundtrack, very little scares. Sure you go in a few shipping containers but literally nothing happens in either. To be fair however, the bus scene at the start is pretty good. As a whole though, it's very unimpressive. I'm not even going to talk about Vulcan Peak because it's actually disgusting that it's even allowed to operate. It's the worst scare attraction that I have ever done in my life. Seriously, who the f*ck thought it was acceptable to open that? The Big Top: Showtime is just depressing. Why is it not a maze? Why? Why!? I don't understand why it was decided that the best at the park for the past two years should go? I'm all for the idea of a show in the Dome but it should not have been The Big Top. The best part is hearing the soundtrack blared in the Dome. Saying that, I do love the roaming team this year and again, I'm all for having a set of roamers but it should not have been Big Top. I can't judge Amity, Screamplexx or Containment as I've not done them but I doubt my opinion on the event will change. Sure, 7 attractions is a great idea in theory. But when only three of them are all indoor and four of them are either partially or entirely outdoors, it doesn't work. And when the majority of those scare attractions are the lowest quality of scare attractions in the country, it doesn't work. It's quite depressing that the worst maze at The Howl, a low budget scare event on a small farm, is better than all but one of the mazes at Fright Nights, one of the biggest scare events in the country.. I've tried to see as many positives in this years event as I can, but the truth is there is not many. Platform 15 is genuinely great and I have had some good runs on Blair Witch. Those aside... well what can I say? I feel sorry for the casts that have been put in some of these mazes, they are all great actors but the quality of mazes they've been given to work in is simply awful. If the lineup remains the same next year with no sign of improvement, I won't be going back. And I won't go back until the improvements that are desperately needed are made. Bring back The Big Top, scrap Vulcan, Sanctum and Dead Creek. Bring back longer, quality indoor mazes that we had in previous years! I would much rather the smaller lineups we've had in previous years which have had quality mazes, than the bigger lineup with the absolute dire quality we've had this year. I'm going back tomorrow, for no other reason that I promised to go with friends months ago. Should've convinced them not to waste their money and go to Tulleys instead. I'm honestly more excited to get a Bacon King meal from Burger King than I am to go in the majority of the mazes. At least a burger is enjoyable, unlike half the mazes the park have installed...
  18. In all honesty, I don't know why Containment is extra. Presumably as it's a timed experience and is far longer than the mazes (10-20 minutes depending on how quick you solve the puzzles.) It's worth doing if you want to get everything done as it is good fun and the puzzles are fairly challenging from what I remember; unsure if it's changed at all since 2016.
  19. It is still a long black tunnel with a pretty naff finale, but the tunnel itself did have actors, sound and effects on Saturday, so hopefully they keep that up. It really makes it better!
  20. My thoughts exactly. The high price will hopefully put people off from buying them, resulting in a much quicker normal queue and a quicker fastrack queue for those who pay. I'm pretty sure I was there on the day of the meet, just not at the meet. The Platform queue wasn't even going up the Loggers staircase and it was an hour long, purely because of how many fastrackers were waiting...that's no good. Hopefully that's not an issue this year.
  21. Given that the media night is tomorrow, and the event officially kicks off on Friday, they really are leaving it late to announce it, if it's even going to happen..
  22. I have to disagree. I have disliked it in previous years but in my runs last weekend, there were actors in sections of the tunnel that really did make it scary; you cannot see them coming because of how dark it is. The sound effects and fog are nice additions too. It's nothing amazing, but it's far more interesting that it was in 2016. The finale... is probably the weakest out of all of the finale's Platform has seen in it's 3 years. Hopefully improvements have been made over the closed days and it will be better tomorrow evening and for when the event is fully operational this weekend.
  23. The maze was the usual hands-on-shoulders when I went through on Saturday? I feel it would definitely work just as well as a free-flow attraction, if not better. I've never been a fan of HOS mazes..
  24. Share the Fun vouchers can't be used at Thorpe Park from Friday 19th October. Premium passholders do not have to pay the £1 reservation fee but it guarantees entry. Saturday 27th will be busy, possibly at capacity; I'd recommend you reserve a space to avoid disappointment. All the mazes and attractions are free to enter with the exception of Containment which is £8.
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