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Zombie Hunt

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Though not related directly to The Walking Dead, Zombie Hunt forms part of The Year of The Walking Dead activities. Th experience runs July 21st - September 3rd.


Details are still vague at the moment, but with Thorpe releasing a new map, and them starting marketing, we are getting a bit more detail to piece together. The vague idea seems to be an outdoor laser quest type thing, where you get to shoot zombies. It'll be based somewhere around Platform 15, and be suitable for families.





It appears in particular there will be 'characters' within the experience as well, which could make it a lot more exciting and interesting:



I'm really looking forward to this - there's certainly a lot of potential for this to be a proper little gem of an experience!


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Here's my prediction of what I think will happen during the ZOMBIE HUNT ATTRACTION

So we know that it's very likely going to use the Platform 15 route,

safety briefing: so you'll start off With a briefing at the ticket office on the Old CCR Platform and here you'll be given your weapons and then you'll start down the Path

CCR Platform-CCr Abandoned Train: along this path I reckon there will be A Few Actors Portraying staff members of  Courageous Citizens Recruitment group and then you'll be told to watch out for the Zombies and then you'll arrive at the Train and Maybe the Flame effect will go off and the conductor zombie will be roaming this area alongside a few others

CCR Abandoned train-Creek Village;; along Here I reckon there will be some Fake zombies on the rocks and some creepy audio with maybe 2-3 actors along the Path,And then You'll arrive at the house at the start of the creek Village scene ( Platform 15 2017 edition)

Creek village Area: when you arrive at the house you'll be met by a  Courageous Citizens Recruitment group staff member and you'll be told to shoot the zombies and make your escape,you then enter the House and I reckon there will be Zombie Manikins and Zombie sound effects and as you go through the Village scene behind the house they'll be Announcements saying the zombies are behind,keep moving and then you'll reach  the Pitch Black tunnel (Platform 15 2016/2017 edition)

Finale inside the tunnel: I predict that you'll be met by a Courageous Citizens Recruitment group staff member and you'll be told to escape through the abandoned tunnel,you'll walk inside the tunnel and it will have lights inside (the zombie hunt is recommended for Ages 8+) and there will be Zombie sound effects,Some fog Effects and then the Zombie Hunt ends with a Announcement saying the Zombies have been defeated please exit quickly and then there will be some train noises/Explosions sound effects/fog effects and you exit the tunnel

after you exit the tunnel you hand in your weapons)


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SINCE Zombie hunt opened in JULY 2018,I've had 15 Runs on it,and I can defiantly say that the Attraction has gotten better as the day goes on,considering zombie hunt has only been open for  13 days,it's defiantly Getting Better,please be aware that ZOMBIE HUNT FEATURES PAST AND PRESENT FRIGHT NIGHTS TEASERS/REFRENCES


The pre show: it's a decent scene and sets up the storyline well

scene 1: Zombie Granny: the granny scene is a reference to BLAIR WITCH (FRIGHT NIGHTS 2013-2016),I've almost been whacked with the walking stick

Scene 2: toilet zombie: can I say recently I've had some extreme run throughs on this,considering I was the last person through of the day,I've had toilet roll thrown at me

SCENE 3: THE DIRECTOR: this scene is a reference to studio 13 ,this is a scene which when zombie hunt first opened,it was a bit hit or miss,but recently just like the toilet scene,I've had some extreme run throughs,I've almost be whacked by the director,I've been corned by the director,I've been followed all the way through the attraction by Him/her

Scene 4: the Boyfriend: this scene is a reference to MY BLOODY VALENTINE from fright nights 2013-2015,this scene has been a strong scene since opening,I've even been chased all the way through to the finale the actor in this scene

Scene 5: the Conductor: this scene is a refrecne to PLATFORM 15 FROM FRIGHT NIGHTS 2016-PRESENT,and this scene is another hit or miss scene.

Finale: this scene is a really good scene which keeps getting Better,it's not your average CHAINSAW FINALE,I've some extreme encounters in this scene I've been cornered by the chainsaw zombie and depending on the actor,this scene can be the best out of the whole thing



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So I did this for the first time the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised. 


Zombie Hunt is a fun, funny, family-friendly scare attraction. There were kids in my group (I'd hazard a guess that they were as young as 6), and they enjoyed it all - even the very loud ending.


The main problem is that it is very formulaic, and there aren't enough actors. It's 'walk into scene, actor appears, shoot zombie, move on' six times. Something like this should be more 'free', with a lot more characters (given the space they had, 15-20 actors would have been perfect imo), giving more scope to 'hunt' and take advantage of the laser gun system more. I'd also have liked more of a score system involved, but I imagine the tech involved in doing that is beyond the scope of the clearly limited budget this had.


So yeah, all in all, decent little attraction which hits the spot. But there's room for it to have been SO much more.

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