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Legoland Deutschland

Matt N

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Legoland Deutschland has announced that they are building a new €15.5m coaster in 2023, that will be the first of its type in a Legoland park: https://www.themepark-central.de/legoland-deutschland-neuheit-2023/
The ride will be located in a new themed area between the holiday village and Land of the Pharaohs that will also contain another attraction. Nothing else has been said other than the budget, the fact that it’s part of a themed area, and that it’s the first of its type in a Legoland park.
There are no real rumours, but interestingly, I’ve heard both an SBF Hamster Wheel (suggested within the above article) and an S&S Axis (a European park was said to be building an S&S Axis for 2023, and nowhere else is currently showing any obvious signs of being the park for this) suggested. I wouldn’t have initially gone for either of those, personally, but given we’re seeing Chessington and Legolands in China building B&Ms, I think just about anything is possible!
I’ll admit that my mind initially leapt to a launched B&M like Chessington’s and the Chinese Legolands’, but would they call that “the first in any Legoland park” given that Legoland Sichuan is also due to open in 2023?


What do you guys think it could be?
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A recent article was posted: https://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/guenzburg/guenzburg-das-legoland-baut-in-guenzburg-eine-neue-achterbahn-id61789116.html


It suggests that the new coaster will "briefly go upside down" and that riders will sit either side of the tracks. That would certainly suggest a B&M wingrider, and it adds more fuel to the fire that they have developed a 'junior' version in some way, suitable for a lower height restriction. It would likely be the same set up as Chessington's one too.


Also, an inverting roller coaster at a Legoland park. I never thought I'd see the day.

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It's just so...weird. 


Like I could almost understand the decision with Chessington if they wanted the very specific factors of a shuttle, launched, winged coaster, and it was something that B&M were in a position to offer. And then to duplicate that across the portfolio once the R&D and tweaks were made makes sense. But to have junior wings pop up at Legolands, and them basically be...kiddie wing riders is confusing. 


I mean, Chessington getting a shuttle, launched wing is still confusing too.


But yeah, these investments are just so out there and filled with "huh?". I'm really intrigued to see how they develop.

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So track is now complete on this. Annnnnnnnd it has not one, but TWO inversions?!





What is this thing....


It's very odd too, as it looks like those inversions will end up being taken at a slow pace. Meaning lots of hangtime. Not something I'd associate with a 'my first inversion' coaster, which is what I'd expect from a Legoland park adding a coaster going upside...

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