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The Challenge #1



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  1. 1. Who's Picture Do You Like The Best?

    • MonsterDan5
    • JoshC
    • DummiGuy
    • HoltJammy16
    • MiniShinny
    • ThemeParkMad
    • Jake C
    • Mikey T
    • Gandhi

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I don't know because there's no sort of reward system maybe allowed to vote for themselves the week?

If everyone votes for themselves, it may be only 1 vote for each entry :PRegarding the prize: Why do you need a prize? It is a bit of fun!Otherwise it is only going to cost James money and it is something he has a passion for.You choose to enter!
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I quote myself :P

I am planning on releasing the result and next week's Challenge at 8.00 tonight

Indeed I do/did vote, well I did this week. If there was a small amount of votes as there used to be I wouldn't, but considering we've had 14 votes I felt I would put forward my opinion :DI also think there should be a prize, maybe I should hand deliever it as well :PJust over an hour left guys... How about a small teaser about next weekGet your creativity caps on ready for your "job" :P
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