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  1. How busy is it likely to be a week on Thursday?
  2. I don't think anyone else has pointed it out, but the first press photo, it looks like it's not a completely solid bag, it looks like at the front of it, it's some sort of mesh material, which looks like it wouldn't completely remove all vision, but just lessen it so you would still be able to see some details.
  3. How busy is it likely to be tomorrow; how long would some queues get?
  4. Oh, that's better than I expected. thankyou. I understand you can never know. Last time I went was AP day. So yeah, I hope it's reasonably quiet.
  5. Sorry, but what would your definition of medium be. Because mines probably different, seeing I've only been at peak time before.
  6. There is a lot more than height to take into account, weight of a full cart, angle of decent, speed of lift hill, plus probably a lot more.. My guess would be around 63-64MPH. I'm pretty sure it'll be the second fastest in the park..
  7. Does anyone know how busy it´ll be on 21st May? In case you don´t know thats the saturday before half term.. I dont want to know the queue time of Vortex at 1:24pm or anything silly just how busy it´ll be
  8. 1. TH13TEEN2. Stealth3. Nemesis4. Oblivion5. Rush6. Inferno7. Fury8. Falls9. Loggers10. Rita
  9. Dummiguy


    What the difference between Glee and Justin Beiber?Justin Beiber makes sh*t music, Glee makes music sh*t .
  10. Dummiguy


    My 85 year old grandma has a crush on 50 cent...
  11. Dummiguy


    Ok, I'm so proud of myself after tonight. I will not forget that convo in a hurry <3
  12. Dummiguy


    Don't we already know that if plans are approved it's going to be a B&M?
  13. Talking about Falls, it was down today just to let you know.
  14. Dummiguy


    Legoland has just been on Watch Dog for the huge amount of wasps.
  15. James, you may have overestimated Furys capacity 2,000 pp/h isn't really that realistic
  16. Sorry, I don't visit Chessie much what sort of queue times would that churn out
  17. Hi, I'm probably heading to Chessie this Sunday and I was wondering if anyone has an idea of likely queue times, it would be a great help and also how availability like?Thanks
  18. Dummiguy


    Ok ill try to get an iMac, the most imeadiate problem would be telling my parents; my dad would go mental!
  19. Dummiguy


    Ok thanks, I've wanted an iMac for a long time. Do you think that instead of a refund we could just get my money back and maybe use that to go towards a Mac?
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