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So to start the blog off, here's a joke

The Conservative Party

Anyway its sadly nearly Halloween, meaning the parks close for off season! :help:

So I guess its back to rocking back and forward in my room til march..

Image result for rocking back and forth

So I've reviewed a few events over Halloween, so I'm going to do some awards to recap my Halloween Season!


Best Theming/Costume Design

Honourable Mentions- Dead And Breakfast, The Cellar, Altonville Mine Tours

Winner- The Final Cut

What haven't I said about The Final Cut?

The theming is fab throughout, and the Sci-Fi costumes felt very well done.

Especially if you're a film buff like me, its fun seeing all the references to classic Sci-Fi Movies.


Most Improved Maze

Honourable Mentions- The Colony

Winner- The Big Top

The Big Top last year was admittedly a plane crash. At first even I didn't want to admit it.

The maze just did not work, the open spaces made scares a tad awkward, and it felt half-finished as well.

This year the maze seems like a whole different attraction, with some changes the maze now sits as one of the best in Thorpe's offering.

The maze itself feels much more frenetic, with the intense strobe section, to the well themed rooms towards the end.


Worst Maze

Dishonourable Mentions- Bloody Mirror, The Cabin In The Woods, Hellements, Donald Trump's House Of Horrors

Winner/Loser- Platform 15

After doing some run throughs of it recently, I've came to the conclusion this is the worst of the year..

Whats the point of having a long attraction if nothing happens for 90% of it?

It just drags on, and unlike The Colony for example there's not much to see for most of it..

The ending tunnel takes the cake for being the worst scene, its long, and you'll probably not see a actor!

The theming is OK, but a lot of the attraction is just nothing.. Nothing..


Most Original Concept/Theme

Honourable Mentions- Coven Of 13, The Final Cut

Winner- The Paradise Foundation

I love originality in scare attractions, it really sets a attraction apart from the rest, which is what The Paradise Foundation did!

The Paradise Foundation is a gore infested theatrical journey through a controversial surgical clinic.

Basically the idea is that the rich pay for the 'bliss' treatment, which involves the poor being surgically operated on to give there happiness for the rich.

The maze throughout has a lot of gore, including disgustingly disfigured costumes that actors wear.

The maze overall is something quite different to anything else I've done this Halloween.



Most Intense Maze

Honourable Mentions- The Paradise Foundation, Altonville Mine Tours, Chop Shop

Winner- Sub Species: The End Games 

Sub Species breaks the boundaries of what actors can do in a maze.

I was split up throughout, faced sections of the maze on my own, and was constantly manhandled and pushed by actors.

The maze has a intense crawling scene, periods of complete darkness, and had me on edge throughout.


Best Roaming Actors And Atmosphere

Winner- Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest

The Atmosphere at Tulleys is unmatchable, with a range of brilliant roamers and two music stages, its really brilliant!


Best Scare/Halloween Event
Winner- Screamland Margate

This award was very tough to decide.

But I've decided Screamland was my favourite event of the season.

The great atmosphere, the four brilliant mazes, and the heavy load of creativity in the mazes is something special.


Anyway thanks for reading me ramble in this blog!

Have a spoopy halloween frens and fellow geeks :crazy:

What events have you been to this Halloween?


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