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  1. In the clip 'in the busy summer, queues can get up to 45 minutes'. How those have changed along with the prices. Hello 120 minutes for Fury and Vampire.
  2. It sounded like he wasn't really happy with the project. Sounds like Merlin wanted to have VR tech in this attraction but the tech severely limited the creative freedom that the digital content company wanted. I think he is right, it is going to be a few years until VR reaches an 'optimum'. Another rush to have a 'worlds first'?
  3. Same thing happened about 30mins before closing on Wednesday. Reoccurring problem?
  4. Yeah, another bad day. Animals were the best part of the day. Pretty much gave up with rides after the first hour. Waited 50mins for Vampire after getting in the queue at 10.05...
  5. So, 'working hard' is the ride still sitting there with nothing being done to it. Yes, maybe they are waiting for parts etc. But then when Dragon Falls, Fury, Griffons Galleon, Scorpion Express, Ratllesnake are all broken/breaking down on the same day, which do you choose to fix first...?
  6. Good question, just passing on what I heard from a member of staff.
  7. I think I posted earlier in this topic but rumour is that Samurai is currently working but Merlin are not letting the park open it yet.
  8. If anyone has not watched the tour video that Zach posted above, you must. The land looks fantastic. Will be even better walking through it in person with the dinos and rides in operation.
  9. And a final construction blog update here: https://paultonspark.co.uk/lost-kingdom/2016/04/5667/lost-kingdom-construction-update-april-2016 Shows off Velociraptor entrance, Flight of the Pterosaur theming, completed Dinosaur Encounter fencing, and completed play park. On park today, I believe all the rides in the area were testing and final cleaning taking place. Not long until press and preview days.
  10. The problem is, this has been the situation for years. It's not a one off. The park should be able to get two trains on each coaster for the start of each season and each day if needed. If you're having issues year after year, something needs to change.
  11. At the moment the train carriage itself is wrapped in tarpaulin. The next steps will require moving and working more closely with the carriage and so the tarpaulins will be draped over the scaffolding instead. For weather protection and secrecy. You can see how the scaffolding is angled so rain runs off.
  12. Hallelujah! Second to last day of the Easter holidays but at last... The pessimist in me says that it will be back on one train again from Monday though, seeing as schools are back.
  13. The animatronic dinosaurs were testing today - movement and sound. Looking very impressive. Testing is also continuing on Velociraptor. The tunnel on Flight of the Pterosaur has now been fully built and the painting finished. Hopefully the scaffolding will be down soon and final testing resume. It's all very exciting!
  14. Chessington today... so bad. I need some time to reflect before a fuller post.
  15. It definitely seems more wild this year. Guessing more or bigger pipes along the trough too.
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